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Folks, not all Rack Rooms are like this. The best way to complain about the particular store is to go to the RackRoom shoes website to the contact us area. Tell them all about your issue and the store. The human at the other side of the email can read, analyze, respond and/or inquire to the issue. At some RackRooms evidence of the purchase on a bank statement and the shoes is all that you need. We prefer the receipt when possible. We may not be able to give you a refund but we can replace the shoe with same or different. Unfortunately in this day of age merchandise is not made like it has been in the past. I have seen that in certain apparal that use to wear great but can disinigrate in a few washings. If the person suggests you don't buy the same shoe (heed their advise) It does mean there is a design flaw and they have seen more than one come back. Instead of fussing on a website. Call the store and ask when the STORE MANAGER will be in. Go to the store manager. If the store manager doesn't help, ask for a customer service contact. If they lie that needs to be addressed because there is no reason to fear a complaint if the store is in the right. There is a phone number but with legitimate and not legitimate complaints this may not be that great. The quickest way to compliment or to complain about any company is to go to their website under the contact us button. Email can be recieved and responded too quickly without confrontation and it can be forwarded to the involved parties.

I recently purchased a pair of shoes for my daughter at Rack Room Shoe Store in Waynesville NC. Two or three days later the shoes started falling apart. I purchased the shoes on a friday the following monday I was in the store buying a pair of shoes for one of my other children. I showed the defective shoes to the store manager. He told me if I could return the shoes with the box or the reciept I could replace them. As luck would have it my wife had thrown out the box and the reciept was in it. I was able to provide my bank statement showing I had made a purchace, at rack room shoes, for the price of the shoes. I was given a song and dance about the bank statement did not show what I had purchaced at rack room shoes although the cost of the shoes was identical to what was shown on my bank statement. Waynesville NC is a small town and rack room shoes is the only shoe store in town. I will drive to the nearest town that has a mall to purchace my shoes in the future. I will never purchase any of rack rooms overpriced defective shoes again.

I need to know what is the number of coorporate of w shoes is a emergencie that people they give a wrong number of coorporate w shoes

WORST after sales service I have ever received. Does anyone know of an email address for someone in Customer Services who will actually give a damn?

Rude...Rude...Rude...poor customer service skills...not helpful. When I asked to speak to the manager, this little girl told me that she could help me just as good as the manager. But if she had been paying attention to what I asked her in the first place instead of texting, she would have understood when I asked if they carried a certain brand of tennis shoes. I hate to go into a store where the associates act like you are bothering them when you ask questions about the products that they carry. Evidently she does not realize that purchases from people like me is what pays her salary. If all Rack Room store associates are like the one that I encountered in Sanford, North Carolina, I will never step foot in another one of their stores.

I bought a pair of dress shoes from Rack Room. The shoes lasted about 4 weeks at most and I work in an office and set all day. The shoes are falling apart now. Rack Room has got to be the worst shoe store ever this is not my first run around with them eihter. I will never return to there store.

I signed up for text alerts ONE day to get 15% off a pair of shoes and now they will not stop texting me. I have contacted customer service multiple times to no avail. I even called the store today to see if someone might be able to shed some light on the issue and an extremely rude salesperson said, "We're really busy,can you call back later?" I asked to speak to the manager when I then heard her ebonics filled description of what I had just asked her about on the phone. The manager was zero help also and when I told him that the previous sales girl was rude to me-he hung up. This store is completely unprofessional and I do not ever plan on shopping there again.

00000----stars: from what I read it seams that all the Rack Room Shoe Store are very rude, egotistically, self centered, self righteous, arrogant, superior, conceited, haughty, big headed, overconfident & supercilious. Why do you all torture yourselves. Place a dispute with your Credit Card Co. & stop shopping at the Rack Room Shoe Store. No one shop their, they will just go under. Their is mostly a lower class of people that work their. PLEASE do not get me wrong I believe that not all of the workers are as I stated in the first sentence. Their are some good human beings that work their. I would not take any of what I read from no man nor woman. Start shopping @ Penny's, Sears, Macy's, Dillards or all the major dept. Stores. You can find some great buys @ these stores and they will take back your returns.Thank you

RE: Short haired black saleswoman in your Wilmington, NC Mayfaire Location. My 17 year old daughter was "shopping" in your store about 3 weeks ago when one of your sales women with short black hair told my daughter and her friend that they could not take pictures of the shoes they were trying on and that she did not think that their "mothers" would approve of what they were trying on. She then accused my daughter of being disrespectful and not "Cleaning up" behind themselves. My daughter left the store VERY UPSET and just happen to leave her phone behind, she went back to the store and asked for her phone which you store associate with short black hair had locked up. Your sales woman with short black hair then called "Security" on my 17 year old daughter because your sales associate "though" she heard my 17 year old daughter call her a name. The security guard gave my daughter back her phone and she went on her way. She told her mother and I the story later that night. Now, here is where it gets interesting. I do not frequent your store, but I had the day off to shop with my daughter and wife, we happend to stroll into your store where we found a couple of pairs of shoes, when your sales woman with short hair approched my wife about my 17 year old daughter not being welcomed in her store. What your sales associate did not know was that my daughter told us the whole story, how your sales associate was rude, accusing her of being disrespectful and giving my daughter a lecture in how to be a good young woman.......nice start. #1 Why would your sales associate with short black hair approch my wife and daughter 3 weeks later, why would she approch ANYONE about the behavior of their children?? #2 Why are your sales associates not cleaning up behind customers and making sure they have eveything they need? Why are they telling them what NOT to buy and how to act?? I was blown away at how this sales associate acted towards my wife and I and how she felt like she owned this store. We left the store without raising our voices.....and noticed 30 seconds later that security had been called....yet again....I assume it was called on us. I am NOT HAPPY!!! I will be sending this email to your Charlotte Corporate offices. Chris Latham

I will never go back to the Rogers, AR store again. They are so RUDE up there. The new Management have not a clue what is going on. I asked what happened to the old manager and I was told to mind my own business, by some girl that had a low cut blouse on. I told her that I wanted to talk to her supervisor that is above her, and she told me that he wasn't there. With the old manager not being there, I will be going to the Fayetteville store. I refuse to be talked too like that. Atleast, with the old manager he bent over backwards to make the customer happy. These idiots dont know what the heck their doing, and they just want to stand around and talk about their personal life. I did go into the fayetteville store 7-25-11 and Ms. Erin helped me, and she is so nice I felt at home with her helping me find a pair of shoes for a cruise. She has a great team of people, hope they stay there. As for Rogers store they just lost a customer.

I use to be the store manager for a RRS and let me tell you, I use to love my job, til our region got a new Regional Manager. I tried my best, but my best wasnt good enough in his eyes. I spent my day off in that store, since my asst mgr and my other associates would stand around and do nothing. The D.M./R.M. dont stand behind their store mgrs but they will stand behind the asst mgrs, and the M.I.T.'s and the part-timers. And then, when their are no other mgrs, the company expects the store mgr to work 30+ days 12 hour shifts, til they find some other person to train as a mgr. This is a 30+ training day. I worked 60+ days without a day off and my D.M./R.M. would not give me a relief day. Is this Legal? I dont like to get cussed at especially when I am working my A** off, like my D.M/R.M use to do to me, and several other store mgrs. On the day that I left, I had terminated my one and only keyed mgr, so that meant that I was going to have to work 30+ days, and I refused to put myself into this. So I walked out, and left the unkeyed mgr. This turned the company up-side down. My D.M./R.M. was on vacation at the time. I will never go back to this company, especially how they treat their Store Mgrs. I do hope one day this Company will open their eyes, and get rid of some of the Higher up's, and come down to reality. This company is so Old school. Btw, to the customers, make sure that you check out your shoes. This company made us Crazy glue some womens sandles, instead of sending them back to the vendor. This company really SUCKS!!!! And the store mgrs I stand behind you and all your hard work. I was there and I know how you feel. UNAPPRECIATED!

I have read some of these complants by customers & Associates. I totally understand some of this crap that goes on with this company. I use to be a store Manager, and let me tell you the Store mgr gets treated badly. But Who's to say its owned by a GERMAN, that doesn't even know how the associates are being treated by the Home Office higher ups. According to my old Regional Mgr, if the store mgr is working a open - close (by themselves) they are required to take a 30 min break, and clock out and stay in the store. If we are needed we are to clock back in, to help the customer. There were days that I only got a 5 min break. If I stepped out to smoke, my Regional mgr would say that I was stealing time from the company. When my mom was in the hospital dying, my Regional mgr wouldn't let me leave the store since I was training managers and he threatened my job if I left to go see my Mother. I called H.R. and they told me that it was my job to train my mgrs thru thick and thin. Needless to say, I lost my mom without saying good bye to her. The Regional mgr that I had was a total ass, to myself while I was the only one that worked. Never said, thanks for doing what your doing or nothing. If I could only reach to those people that want to work for Rack Room Shoes, DONT DO IT! If your in management, say no if they want you to transfer, the company wont help you out, they usually give you like 3 days to find a place, and then if you say that you cant find a place to live they get pissed off at you. The one thing that I want to say is "RACK ROOM SUCKS AS A COMPANY, AND LEARN TO TREAT YOUR STORE MGRS WITH R.E.S.P.E.CT."

WARNING ATTENTION ALL MILITARY RETIRED, ACTIVE DUTY AND CIVILIANS, WARNING I am A 20 year Veteran and Current SERVICE TECH for another company We SPENT nearly $3900 on furniture. The delivery was nice; The initial set up nice, The QUALITY of what we received IS POOR! The furniture in the store appears to be of HIGHER QUALITY. One of the recliners has a spring coming through the material and the Loveseat has a thread about 13 inches coming out. This is a MAIN THREAD!! Service after the sale is nonexistent and beyond POOR! Customer Service is a joke although friendly VERY, VERY POOR and very misleading. Imagine They put the blame on me the Customer! I was told I would be called 24 hours before the service call to set up a time and that DID NOT HAPPEN! I called late in the afternoon or early evening and the office was closed! My only option was to call back in the am. My spouse had a doctor’s appointment at 0800 so my nineteen year old was at home. The Tech called my cell phone at 0831 left no message. When I departed the hospital at 0918 I saw a missed call so I called the number and left a message again at 1001 I left a message. Even if the tech could not service my furniture he could have returned the call or had the office call me! When I called the 888 number the blame game was on. What is most astonishing is we have a dog who always barks when anyone comes to the door, today magic no barking. I tested the door bell it worked but did not ring while we were gone according to our daughter who had the listed deficiencies and was expecting a ROOMS TO GO tech. Now according to the live customer service rep it is an automated call the day prior and my fault for not knowing this or for not receiving it. I called corporate office and they are trying to sweep it under the rug. I REQUESTED a supervisor call me and was told it would be within the hour or shortly thereafter! Now, it is by the END OF BUSINESS today, 15 July 2011. BUYER BE WARE is all I can SHOUT and SHOUT LOUD and I mean LOUDLY and CLEARLY!!!! IF, I can stop one person from making the same mistake of purchasing from ROOMS TO GO then I will be happy. If, in turn they stop one maybe ROOMS TO GO will understand the customers make the company! The company does not make the CUSTOMER! If and when this is resolved I will be back to give another rating but for now a NEGATIVE (-5) is too good of a report to give. I am a service tech and if I had done this I would be in front of my supervisor begging for my job. This is totally unacceptable from a service point of view. To sum it up with candor and frankness I WOULD NOT have any more ROOMS TO GO FURNITURE in my house even if they were to give it to me!!! I am Walter Ray Cooke JR Hephzibah, GA! P.S. This correspondence is written on a seventh (7.2) grade level so maybe the ROOMS TO GO EXECUTIVES will understand the context.

Rack Room Shoe store's policy on returned items is pathetic..They "state" on their receipts "unworn" merchandise--so my advise to any of you that shop at Rack Room--Don't buy the shoes unless you are absolutely sure that they are the perfict pair of shoes.If you were to even wear them in your home to test them--Look Out--No Refund...They are ridiculous on there return policy...I will Not shop at another Rack Room again----I will spend my hard earned cash at a store that appreciates their customers.....Beware......Even the Corperate office has No Customer Service Skills...DSW---Here I come.......

I will NEVER shop at Rack Room Again!!!!!! Customer service sucks. I purchased a pair of boots and decided I no longer wanted them after a day(didn't go with my outfit) i went back to the store to return them and I was told the didn't have the money to give back to me this was at 7:00 pm the clerk was very nasty and told me I could come back in a couple of days if I want my money back and I'm holding up her line. I asked her if I could speak to a manager and she told me they were all managers I asked her for their corporate number and she said she didn't know it. I then stood in the line until a customer paid with cash so I could get my money back. It shouldn't matter whether you work check to check the employees at room rack should explain the process to the customer before doing the return if I decide to return something to any store that's my business ..almost everyone's lives check to check now a days

I have been a loyal customer of the local Rack Room Shoe store, 0426 since it opened in Las Cruces. I coach at a local High School so my family and I go through several pairs of shoes a year. For Fathers Day, I purchased the New Balance All Terrain 573 as a gift for my brother. After wearing the shoes for three days, I noticed that the toe section of the shoe was broken and the stiching was torn. I took the shoes back two days later. The youngman, a manager named Michael informed me that those shoes weren't defective that they were running shoes not soccer shoes. He insisted that the shoes had been worn to play soccer. First of all my brother is 57 and his soccer days are long gone. He insisted that the shoes were fine and that there was no way that they could be 3 days old. He insinuated that I was trying to pull a fast one on him. I informed him that I paid good money for the shoes, $69.99 he said no they are on sale $59.99, at this point he had a cocky attitude. He told me to contact the New Balance Company, because he wasn't going to make the shoes good. I really hope that the corporate office takes this complaint seriously and does something about it.

Folks, Ask for the customer service number if a manager refuses to exchange a shoe that disintegrates with minimal wear and tear. Of course some people do consider major wear and tear slight. Nothing is more irritating than a person who wears shoes to an event and then brings them back the next day with some excuse. Four inch heals as a whole are not comfortable and if you buy them when they slip its your fault. There are people calling customer service for the most trite things. So call when there is legitimate reasons. Shoes do on occasions become unglued and should be replaced. Be honest though, if your child wears a shoe day in and day out for three months he has gotten his wear out of the shoes. Folks, Learn about your debit cards. If you return something and you have used a debit card, ask if it is possible to have cash back. If not, it can take up to seven days for the money to get back into your account. So if you live paycheck to paycheck don't buy stuff you are going to return. If you exchange a piece of electronics that costs $200 for a more expensive electronic and store has to completely return the $200 electronic you will have that money not in your account plus the new item so don't do it if you don't have a financial cushion. Buy the item that you want and don't return it.If you do, pay cash. It is not the stores fault that the money isn't in your account immediately. Keep your receipt showing the return, you shouldn't be calling a store and fussing and then not even have your receipt to show there was a return. If a receipt shows a negative amount rest assured you will get your money.

I purchased a pair of Nike Reax shoes at the Calhoun, GA store in Feb of 2011 and it is now June 2011, 4 months have passed and the bottom sole of the shoe is coming apart. I want to add that these shoes have been worn a minimal amount of times, I am a flip flop kinda girl. I took my shoes back to get another pair, I still had the receipt, and the store manager, a kid younger than myself was very rude and acted like he didn't care that I had paid $60.00 for a pair of shoes and they were already tearing up. I will not shop at Rack Room again, even though I like their Buy one get one 1/2 off. If they can not stand behind the products that they sell I WILL NOT SPEND MY MONEY THERE.


I was in the location in sawgrass mills and was treated so

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