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I work at a RRS and im starting to not like it at all... Have managers who are hypocrits. We had a meeting Bout being late;call, the store manager was an hour late and didnt call. No food or drink on the floor; they would eat candy and bring drinks. I am 34 weeks pregnant and had to go to the hospital and I went from 20 hours a week to 4 and 5 hours a week. I have rent and bills to pay. Ive been asking them to please throw some more hours my way but she said it was bc of my dependabilty but let me say this I was living an hour.away and they would call me in when no one else would go in but they dont remember that. Im just starting to get very tired of it...

I bought some sweaters and I don't like how the neck streatches when I was them. Do I take them back?? No I simply know not to buy them again.

I stumbled onto this page because I´m researching shoe franchises. I have been shopping at the RRS in Homestead FL for many years now and have been a happy customer. Staff has not gone out of their way to be helpful but neither are they rude. I realize that this is not a full-service shoe store, thus their low prices. I think you need to know what you are looking for. Many products now are made cheaply in China, some are better than others. I buy the same name brands every time and am pleased with the product and the price. And I live in an area known for rude and poor service but have never had a problem here. just sayin´´

lousy store. You don't complain for nothing. Terrible store. Don't shop there.

Unless a hiking boot says waterproof it isn't. If you want waterproof get a gortex lined boot or a hydroshield. You can spray a boot so water doesn't soak in quickly (beads up on it). If you use a spray silicone waterproofing spray it makes a shoe highly water resistant. It does darken the shoe. Hiking boots are not necessarily waterproof. Did you take the shoe back and ask if you can exchange it? Approaching a store in a friendly manner does wonders. This is to some of the people posting. Stop giving stores a bad rap unless they honestly do something to you. Any item can become a manufacturers defect. It's if a store refuses to do something after you have gently worn it is that makes us mad and that doesn't mean a year.

Bought a pair of hiking/walking shoes made by Highland Creek. 6 weeks later they are leaking in the same place on both shoes with exposure to less than an inch of water! Never again Highland Creek. Never again Rack Room Shoes Inc.!

Well I just had the worst shopping experince today while shopping at rack room shoe at north dekalb mall. I was having a conversation with my two sons who were assisting me since their was no help available. The manager eventually came over to help another customer. She then became rude and loud when I told her that I did not need her help and told me on top of her voice to get out and that she was calling security. I then told her no call the police. Security came followed by the police, a compliant was made and a incident report was made. This all took place at about 7:15pm on April 17, 2012. I will never shop at rack room shoes again and ask that other do not shop there. Poor customer service.

I work at Rack Room shoes in Marietta, Georgia and I hate my job to death! My boss is so unfair to me. She treats me like a child and I'm 25. I explained to her that I'm not and I have bills and debt and whatnot. I only went to school once a week at 4pm and she refuse to work with my schedule. Then I needed the day off for a pass or fail day at school and she wouldn't let me. So I didn't show up. I came the next day to get my check and to apologize for not showing because I never did that on a job before. But she was really short and dry with me. And she put me on for one day the following week. Then the next week, she took me off completely. Then the week after, I was on one day again. SO pretty much working once every other week. Mind you, I have rent to pay, utilities, school loans and other misc bills. Making 10 cent over minimum wage at one day every other week isn't cutting it. If she wants to fire me, I suggest she do so, but don't keep playing with my time or my money. It's too rough out here as it is.Being that GA is a "able to work?" state, there's really nothing I can do. But I need to find another job ASAP. This company is the WORST!!!!

My wife and kid went into the Knightdale N.C. store. He tried on a boot that he liked very much and was happy with it, unfotunately he didnt try on the other one. Before leaving every shoe store in my life the associate has checked the sizes and made sure there was a left and right shoe in the box. Well guess what, we got home in Rocky Mount N.C. He took the boots out of the box and had two right side boots. He starts a new job tommorow and needs the boots for work. We call the Wilson N.C.,they do not have the same boot in stock. The Rocky Mount N.C. store has gone out of business within the past month. We drive 41 miles back to the Knightdale store the same day to exchange the boot. Here is where the sad part comes in. The store manager asks if he can help us, We explain the situation to him. He calls the manager trainee and asks if he knows anything about this. He is the one that checked us out to begin with and admitted that he didnt check the sizes or left and right shoe. He laughs about it like it was funny to him, I failed to see any humor in the situation. They had the correct shoe and gave it to us. My wife asks if there is anything he or the manager could do for us since we had to make an 82 mile round trip to get this corrected. He again laughs at us and tells us no. She walks off and I ask him again he laughs at me and tells me no. I was very disappointed and left the store. Tomorrow I plan on calling corporate. I am not happy at all with this experience and do not plan on buying anything else at any Rack Room store ever.

Actually, Everyone needs to complain to corporate websites that they want the companies to go back to everyday pricing. Realize Buy one get on half off is like 22% off each shoe. Penny's is changing their pricing to this. Remember buy one get one for a penny. In the end you were paying an inflated price for the first item and you also couldn't return the full price item and keep the other item for a penny. A pair of pajamas use to be $24 dollars but now because the uninformed consumer thinks SALE SALE SALE those pajamas are $45 on sale for $35. I rather have the pajama at $24. Think about it. This would solve the problem of people worrying about what they paid for an item especially when they lose their receipt. No one would feel cheated. When you return something it would be clear. It would be easier on the retailer as well as the customer. I even saw this at Khol's buy one mattress pad get one free and the price of the mattress pad was what every other store charges for them, maybe a little pricier. So email such stores as Rack Room,Khols,and Payless. Demand going back to everyday pricing. Yes it may not be on sale but everyday is then a reasonable price.

I am a sales associate for Rack Room Shoes. To put it simply, some of the comments are worth complaining if you were treated rude, but most of these comments are not worthy. When a customer comes into Rack Room Shoes they are to be greeting like so, "Hello, welcome to Rack Room Shoes. How are you today? (wait for response) Can I help you find anything? (wait for response) It is buy one pair get the second pair half off all of our shoes, and if you need any help at all just let us know." I say that every time a customer comes in, and to be honest half of the customers constantly walk away from me as I try to greet them. As for the returns. To return a pair of shoes for a cash refund the shoes must be unworn, with a receipt, and it must be within 30 days of the purchase. One comment stated that they had bought the shoes 4 months ago and they were tearing up and they had not worn them much. I am sorry that your shoes are torn up but you had waiting too long before you returned them. There is no way for any Rack Room Shoes employee to be able to tell what customer is telling the truth or not. A shoe that is returned will be resold, so that is why the merchandise must be unworn. All they can do is tell a customer what THE COMPANY policy is. Another comment said that they bought two pairs and got one half off, after they got home and their family member tried on the shoes they did not fit. they tried to return them for a cash refund and they were told they couldn't get what they paid for them. The reason the employee could not give you all your money back isn't a scam on Rack Room Shoes part, it is a scam on your part. If you try to return the pair of shoes you bought for full price you will have to pay full price for the ones you got half off. Many customers try to scam and return the full price ones later and keep the ones they got half off. So I am sorry that an employee may have been rude to you but it is so the company doesn't lose money. To try this is FRAUD and illegal. In conclusion if you have a problem and are about to get angry at an employee, remember, it's not always the employee that is not allowing you to get what you want, it's company policy and all company policies are made for a reason. I work for Rack Room Shoes and I have gone out of my way to help customers, not all customers have treated me with respect even if I have greeted them when they walk in and when they leave. after working there the past year and a half I have had only two sets of customers get angry with me because I was doing exactly what my employee handwork requires me to do.

Brittany did the store call back or did you? It was friday when you called. Most companies don't have staff in the office through the weekend.

Please contact the store again.

I went shopping at the rrs store in the Greenwood mall after thanksgiving. They had a deal going on that you could possibly win a 2-minute shopping spree...I won. I was so excited but now a month later I still have gotten no call from them about when to come in for it. I drove to the store and asked what I should do and so guy say that he would call customer service for me...I'm guessn that there was never any shopping spree in the first place. I will never be shopping at that place ever again nor will I be recommending it for any people I know. Don't waste your time here!

Veronica Rodriguez at the RRS in Houston is imature w/bad manners and has NO business being a mananger, sounds and acts like a little girl. The store has a revolving door because she is very unfair.

Well, my experience at Rack Room Shoes is similiar to many of the reviews posted here, but with a twist. I purchased a pair of Twinkle Toes "light up" sketcher boots for my daughter the day after Thanksgiving from the Rehobeth Tanger 1 location. My daughter loves these shoes so I agreed to let her wear them 3 weeks prior to Christmas. She probably wore them about 9 times as she has several pairs sneakers/boots/shoes. Within the three week time period, I noticd the sole of the shoe seperating from the boot. I went to return/exchange with the receipt and not the box but was old that it was over the 30 day time frame I advised that it was a Christmas. I then asked for his Manager in which he replied that she was not there and wouuldnt be back until the following week. I asked him what day and he said he did not know. I asked for a telephone number for he store Manager and he told me that I should call customer service. I asked for his Regional director and he advised it was the same as the store manager. I again asked for a telephone number and was advised to use he customer service number. I asked for Corporates number and was again told to use the 800 number. I used my iphone and came across this site. I called the Corporate office and left a message. To my surprise, I received a return call from the Operations Manager, Mr Mcgullian. He was awesome. He followed up with the Manager trainee, Louis, and called me back to tell me I could return/exchange the boots. I ahd to drive back to he Rehobeth outlets, a 1 &1/2 hour ride. When I arrived the Manager trainee was much nicer. He didnt have the size I needed. He called another location who had he size. The manager there, Claudia was very helpful. So this actually ended in my favor however, customers should have to go to such great lengths to receive quality service. Without customers this chain will cease to exist. Thanks to the corporate office for taking a negative situation and making it a positive one.

I purchased a pair of Sachony tennis shoes from the Rack Room Shoes store in Robinsonville, Ms. I didn't even wear them a week when they started coming apart at the side and the toe. I contacted the management at the store to no avail. They all know me in the store because I work in the same mall and they all shop at my store but yet they would not replace the shoes because they said that upper management would not permit them to do so. Upper management didn't mind receiving my money, however! I will never buy another pair of shoes there or at any other Rack Room Store! Talking to anyone about this situation is useless......

come on people...do you really think Rack Room takes any of our complaints seriously. They could care less! All the employees care about is getting a paycheck. Talk to the Regional Manager...you will get a song and dance from him. Talk to Corporate...same song and dance. It is our choice as customer's to not revisit their stores and that is exactly my choice.

Some stores are good, some are not good. All stores need to be on the same page. I was saying if a shoe is three days old, a majority of our store would and should replace it. Leaving a paper complaint allows several people to see it and it can be forwarded. There is a problem if a store won't replace a shoe after three days. There will always be good representations of a company and bad. The key is to make them good and the legitimate errors of a company do need to corrected. The simple issue of text alerts is unsubscribing typically at the bottom of the text and the store should have known that.

Sounds like Margie is a Rack Room employee, maybe a Rack Room corporate employee. Try calling their corporate headquarters or even a Regional Manager for that matter. They will all feed you a line of B/S. There is a saying...what goes around, comes around....and Rack Room, eventually all your rude, non-caring employees, management, and upper management will get their just dues. You don't treat people this way and stay in business long! There is one more time that I will visit a Rack Room...a going out of business sale...not to buy, but to gloat!

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