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The manager at the Peachtree City location ALWAYS has a nasty attitude!!!!


.of your manager at your slidell La. store Tushana Copeland do you know that she was fired from every job she had for stealing and she has a felony and she your manager go back and look at how many times she used her discount to get shoes for her friends while she was on the clock .

Got to get better

There is a Rack Room near my office and I am always going in to see if there is anything I want to buy. Most of the time I walk out with NOTHING. I recently went it to see the new fall shoes and all I can say is FIRE the buyer!!!! HORRIBLE!!!! I just don't understand how this person still has a job. NOT one good style!! I am putting the store on the back burner.

lincoln square store

Horrible manger tried to get some help with a order and all I got was a I don't care attitude and blatant lies.

Terrible customer service

Went to Wyomossing, PA store with 3 children, the sales associate was clearly aggravated that we were there when the store would be closing in 25 minutes. Was walking down aisle saying to other associate "why, why, why do people keep coming in". He said this so loudly that I know I was not the only one to hear him. I left the store immediately stating the I refuse to shop in a store where the associates are so very rude & unprofessional. I will NEVER go there again.

A Manager who cares

I don't often write reviews,but the manager in your Statesville store,Tiffany VanAllen was so exceptionally helpful and caring that I felt that you all in corporate should know how lucky you are to have her as an employee.She had given me information regarding a pair of shoes i wanted for my 91 year old mother,last week.I called your Charlotte store and after being disconnected twice and told they didn't have time to look for the shoes,I had given up.When my son came to visit we went to our Statesville store and I told . Tiffany of my experience.She got on the computer and the phone and called your store #610 in S.C.'between the two stores they were able to find the shoes I wanted and send them to me.I am hopeing to receive them this week.As far as I'm concerned she is your employee of the year!


The store I greenwood park mall in greenwood indiana is a joke I bought a pair of shoes on July 13 wore them from the store to my car and they blistered my ankle so I tried to return them on Monday the 15 and the manager was such a jerk he said they had to much wear on them to be returned and that I should have wore them at home before wearing them outside. Seriously get a life pal I will never buy another pair of shoes from this store.

closing early is ridiculous

The time is now 8:52 and the store is closed. Park rd store in charlotte, nc to be exact. Clearly states on sign that store closes at 9pm. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

marking an item up

Get a life. The price of the Nike can go up because the cost to buy them goes up, the gas to ship them, etc. The price of merchandise goes up. Nike sells to many retailers , when a company puts in a order the prices do fluctuate. Now admittedly a store will put it on sale and the bigger price looks better when its on sale. Compare prices at merchants. If you are not interested in buying one and getting one at half off compare prices elsewhere. It is not Nikes nor the companies fault. That is retail.Put in your comments on the website and say you would rather pay a fair price for the one pair of shoes. All stores mark items up.

customer service

When you left, you should have looked at them and told themu appreciate the customer service they didn't offer you. This can happen at any retail store even one that usually is at its best. Lodge a complaint through a website these go through channels and end up in the regional and stores email. If a customer can complain about coming into a store at 3 mins to closing but is given help and asked how much longer the store would be open, associate inquired to their needs, walked them to the area and pointed out merchandise (assited them) and then go complain to corporate then someone who didn't assist the person at all needs the complaint.

Terrible Company as a whole.

I just called the corporate number at the top of this page and got a recording with only 2 options....both options returned me to the original message...and round and round. I think I will contact Nike since it is their product that the "Assistant Manager" says they marked up from original price.

Poor Service

I love going to Rack Room to buy my family shoes and usually I get great customer service but yesterday I went to the Rack Room located in Harker Heights,TX and received the worst customer service. Three associates, one who I assume was a manager because he was dressed nicely were holding a conversation from the time I walked in until the time I left. Not once did anyone ask me if I needed help or anything. They were to busy talking about their friends to notice a customer who was the only one in the store. I hate bad customer service and they provided absolutely none. I was planning on buying 2 pairs of shoes but instead I bought none, I refuse to spend my money to give them a paycheck when they can't do their job. You would think since there are so many people looking for a job these days these individuals would be appreciative of the one they have but instead they acted like they would rather be anywhere else besides work. Definitely not planning on going back there again.

Rack Room sucks. Do not go in there unless you want to be ignored or treated like a street person. Go to Champs or Footlocker--anywhere else but Rack Room.

Again, go to the corporate website. If the store could not resolve the issue and it was a legitimate defect especially with receipt and return period it should not be a problem. I know for a fact we don't get into trouble and it is sad if a store is fussing at their assistants and trainees over some very trite thing. The catch is if it goes overboard. Employees abhor people when they lie through their teeth, grass stains on bottom of shoe and such. We should try everything we can before we give money back and that does include exchanging and such but such events as needing the shoe asap can put a damper on that. Anyone who is wearing merchandise that they decides that it hurts should not be returning merchandise. Donate it, its gently worn. Think about helping your fellow mankind. Heels can be used for interviews, an athletic shoe that has been worn gently can be given to a homeless person or children. If you are seeing a cycle of unprofessionalism in a store go to the source and above. I know I do not like calling certain stores as a favor to a customer when there are unwilling employees on the other end that will not bend in the slightest.

When you return merchandise at the buy one get the second one at half off. It affects what you get back. You cannot just keep the half price item. The half price item should go back to the current price listed on your reciept(before it was half off. Think of buy one pillow get the second pillow for a penny. If the pillow is $50 and the second pillow (same style and make) was sold to you for a penny and then you return the $50 pillow you just can't have that pillow for a penny. A store should allow you to exchange the merchandise to retain for the half off. Remind the employee to reaaply any coupons that were used in the transaction if they indeed work and fall under the coupon requirements. Complain to the corporation that you want them to go back to everyday low pricing and that solves all issues of feeling cheated. But customers think buy one get one half off is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I only know when shopping at a retailer that gives you bucks to use at a later date is the merchandise price is inflated. I know a pair of pants that I buy for $24 or less is $32 during these Bucks offerings so really I am not saving anything. The same realization is a bra buy one get one half off. It is also $32 . The best price for it I have seen is like $23, so two of them at this price is much less then the SALE. Analyze your purchases.

I bought some shoes for my daughterat an outlet in Reno n.v. nd sent them to Pueblo Co.there isn't an outlet there can her mom go to a store that sells them shoes nd exchange she live

I have been shopping at Rack Room Shoes at Mayfaire in Wilmington, N.C. since they have opened. I shop for myself and four children. I went into the store tonight with my daughter and husband, I have finally decided to write to you about my experience there in the last 3 or 4 years. The women that work there are nothing short of rude, and disdainful. I was going to purchase two pairs of shoes tonight, but when i went to the register the woman behind the counter approached me with distaste and a mean stare in her eyes, she asked gruffly "are you ready'? I had only been in the store for about 10 minutes and had never asked her anything and she acted as though I'd been bothering her all night. This is typical treatment at this store. I wish you would fire them, all of them, they are driving away business, they drove me out of the store tonight and I did not purchase anything. They all act as thought they have a gigantic chip on their shoulders. I don't get it! I can find shoes anywhere, I refuse to enter this store again S. Keenan 264-4969 (910) September 14, 2012 8:44 pm

I purchased many pairs of shoes for my children for the start of the school year. One pair had the laces torn and partially missing. Looked like a manufacturer defect. No problem. The shoes were still new minus the trip to the dentist office in which the defect was discovered. Went to the store to exchange the shoes for another pair. Still have the box, paper, receipt, and withing return time frame. First cashier looked at them and said she had to get another manager to look at them. The other manager came out and told me she did not sell them to me that way and that there was nothing she could do. I told her they were still new and it was a defect. She told me she could tell they had not been worn, but she did not sell them to me like that... I, needing the shoes for school in a couple of days got agitated. Seeing my anger, she told me I could come back tomorrow and speak with the store manager. Not driving 30 mins home to drive 30 mins back. I asked her for the store manager's, district office's, or corporate's phone number. She told me they didn't have one. Argument went on until she allowed me to exchange them for same shoes. However, they didn't have them in that size. So, I was offered to drive to another store to get them...once again, I am not driving and wasting my gas. They offered to ship some to my house....Great I thought. Would not get there before school started and will not work for me. Once again, I was told there was nothing they could do for me. No refund or exchange. So, I had to argue again to be allowed a refund. The refund was agreed upon but not at the price I paid. So I wouldn't be able to go but the shoes somewhere else without paying more money out of my pocket. Another arguement just to get them to allow an even exchange for the same shoes but in a different color. Really? The shoes were defective! The assistant manager needs to learn how to make the right calls for the business. Oh, and she kept saying that she would get in trouble for not doing her job....checking the shoes before we left

Folks, there is the difference between corporates phone number and the phone number of a manufacturer. If you have a computer that allows you to complain to a website that is totally unrelated to a company, you can go to the actual company website and complain there. Highland Creek is a private brand. The companies address and phone is at the top of this screen. It is very strange that I have taken back merchandise at a retailer I work at that should not be taken back. Also company brands have more profit built into them that if one is taken back for no good reason there is a minimal loss. Recently, I was in a office supply looking for a item. It appeared that only 2 people were working. The cashier said I would have to talk to the other associate. The fact is that associate was selling a computer and she could have asked a quick question that in truth may have gotten me to a area of the store that I needed to be at. I walked the store and walked out, I emailed the company and they forwarded to the store. This brought it to the store managers attention and hopefully to the store meetings agenda. Two other store literally walked me to the area the item could be found at. This was a constructive complaint and hopefully the store improves on it. Stores can improve. If a store won't give you corporates number or claim they don't know it. Request that they call another store, it is not top secret information. The information is online. That is the quickest way to get it.

I bought a pair of highland creek shoes They fell apart 3 weeks later I went back to rack room shoes to get them to replace them they would not I ask for the companys head Quarters phone number that makes highland creed shoes they could not find one or knew where the company was located never again at rack room in oxford ms

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