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I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm very amseud by the roadkill comment which reminded me of a story that might distract you? Having lived in cities most of my life, I'd never heard of any details about septic tanks except for one. Years ago a friend and I decided to get our Motorcycle license. We decided to make an adventure out of it, paid for the weekend course and chose the cheapest one. We then stayed overnight at a nearby motel.The only one nearby was called the "Shangri-La" and, I kid you not, charged hourly. It has to be the WORST place I've stayed in my life (and I've traveled a fair amount). We left our bags in the car, decided against the shower and only got a brief amount of sleep. We later heard that they had recently checked the septic tank and found a dead body in it (or really, what was left). Talk about some serious bacteria.So, you know, if the guy with the paperwork gives you too much trouble...he might be really good bacteria and, you know, who else will check?

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