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I have been a Qwest customer at my current address for approximately 7 years. Approximately 15 years ago, I tried Qwest Internet service and was mortified at the poor customer service. I decided I would give them another chance with their new Fiber Optic service. Funny, it is actually DSL. We were promised a phone call in the morning of installation with a time estimate. No one ever called. They then showed up when my wife needed to leave. Instead of offering to come back in 30 minutes, the rep essentially handed her the stuff and left! I finished the installation later. After confirming that the download speeds were not anywhere near what was promised I called to cancel the service only to find that the loyalty department was closed and that I would need to call back during business hours. I plan to instead write a letter to the office of the president demanding that my entire service be cancelled thus ending my 14 year relationship.

Quest has suck poor techs. The only time iv had good customer service was on the phone. Tuesday may 3 2011 I was on my internet looking for jobs n applying. Than all the sudden my internet went out. Iwent outside to see if someone was tampering with the box. And sure as sh.t, there was a quest tech at the box. I called in that wed n they wanted to look inside my home at my cables. I said no its the box not my stuff. Well so they came back may 5 2011 and the tech said they shut me off from the box outside. Well now, I have these weird cables that if their messed up I have to call a tech cuz u need a special tool. Quest sucks and the techs r lazy. The tech moved all my stuff around and the area he was at was treated dissrespectful n trashed . The tech told me the reason they shut me off from the box is so they would have an excuse to look at my cables and change them. Thats fraud if u ask me . So I told them if they bill me ill take it to court, than they said oh u know what mam , we wont bill u. We just needed in n the only way to make that happen is to make u call to gt Ur internet back on . Fraud!!!!!

Qwest sucks and the techs are liers and fraud!!! and they ruined my cables. I know because I looked at the cables to make sure they where good. than the tech comes in, and wala, the cables are junk and ruined. I am calling at ATT and I ''might'' take them to court. I am sorry to say....QWEST SUCKS N THEIR FARUDS!!!!

Let's start this off with the concept, if the customer says they are happy with your service, leave them alone. I have had Qwest for I think 15 or more years with my business. Quite happy I was.Fax line and business line bills totaled usually around $90.00 per month. So when they kept haranguing me with calls to bundle. I would say "no quite happy with your current service." Must have gotten me multi tasking as I listened once...and was convinced to bundle and save. Have been unhappy ever since! Much larger bills than usual, multiple phone calls to get the issues resolved which always seems to turn into further phone calls when the next bill arrived later as nothing was resolved. Their mantra each time seemed to be: "Gee don't know why they did that. But I will fix it for you". Yeah, right. Oh, and don't bother accepting the persons "direct number" to call if you have any problems. As you won't get them.In fact the latest "direct number" didn't even have them in the same state as the person that answered the phone. Its plainly obvious that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Point in hand. I was told when I got 3 bills at once during the changeover,to ignore the single ones as they are now bundled in the current one. So I did.. and just got off the phone with a fellow this morning that insists I am late on paying my bill! When I told him not only was I told to not pay, but on the last round they actually sent me to the loyalty department and gave me a credit. His response: "Gee don't know why they would do that". I didn't let him fix that for me! And to top it all off Qwest has to be the most ungreen company around. Can't tell you how many marketing pieces I get in the mail a week wishing me to try one service or another. I don't think so!

you wouldnt beleive me if i told you...qwest is the biggest ripoff company i have ever seen.

Complete false advertising for their Internet "Price for Life". Not literally "the price you pay for life" but actually only a 12 months promotion price that changes after.

I had my check altered by Qwest which took an extra $300.00 out of my checking account which caused me some financial difficulties. I contacted the US and AZ attorney general and the FBI to have them investigated Qwest with the following crimes; fraud, wire fraud, fraudlent scheme and artificts and feloney indenity theft. I probably have to hire an attorney to take this worst company I have ever deal with to court. I have contacted the corporate headquarters in the past on both of my business and personal account and you get no where with this company. They do a great song and dance and will never commit to any wrong doing. I signed up for there internet special for 19.99 and got took. They said I had to have a landline which I did, but they took this number away and gave me a different number to increase my service to 39.99. Hows that for stealing. I live in an area which is controled by Qwest so I can not any different internet service. This is a monopoly. So you can see this company is the worst I have ever seen.

Qwest technicians continously cut my line or mismatch it at the main box resulting in no phone service at my house. I depend on my land line for Internet. I don't know my phone is dead until I pick it up every minute of the day. If I don't I find myself trying to connect early AM on a Saturday and the phone IS dead. When you call Qwest repair's 800 # you get heavy-accent operators who make their own questions and have nothing to do with your technician problem. They make a customer look like you lack intelligence and the problem is your fault. I takes a good 20 minutes to go thru the Qwest automated questioning until you get so mad you press O for an opertor who comes from a foreign country and has no clue what to say or say things like is your phone connected, is your line plugged in to a wall, try this, do that, etc. etc. and you have to stay polite! Instead of "harassing" you with expensive brochures on how to bundle with Qwest at cheaper prices (yeah right!) they sould concentrate on QUALIFIED, TRAINED, ENGLISH-SPEAKING PERSONNEL AND TECHNICIANS. Breath deep!!!!

Qwest has the worst customer service skills I have ever dealt with. I agree with Dave Ingrahm that you have the corp. headquarters on the website but no way to contact them. Why are you so afraid to put yourself out there. I was lied to by Qwest telling me that if I added another service to my package that I would recieve a $50 gift card. It cost me $150 dollars to buy the equipment and service from you and when I called about my gift card I was told I was not getting one. Funny how the girl that sold me the service had no problem offering it to me to decieve me into purchasing another service from you. When I contacted Qwest the rep was no help and so I asked for a supervisor who was rude and unprofessional with me. Her name was Stephanie and she said her id is 024. I highly doubt that is correct info. How do you stay in business when you lie to people to get them to purchase services and then back out of your promises. I wasted 1 hour worth of minutes on my cell phone and my entire lunch break. What will you do to make things right for your customers and what will you do to train your assoicates to provide customer service you can be proud of. I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

the absolute worst service I have ever experienced anywhere in my life( and I'm old enough to attest to alot). asked to get my land line disconnected and they disconnected my internet, have been trying for 2 weeks to get it back, both orders were cancelled at their end and now I am another week out with nothing but I'm so sorry. each emlpoyee asures me that they are happy I got them and they will fix it, no-one does. Just ended 55 min on hold to be told order was dropped again. With todays economy one would think a company of this size and competion would be more respectful and competant. my company would go under quickly if my employees were this inept!!!

This is the second go-round with the incompetent C/S personnel at Qwest. But this time it involves losing a payment of $109.62! The payment was made as usual over the internet and that being done while I was speaking to a C/S person on my cell phone! It was also the first bill paid after installing High Speed Internet. The bill was quite high and that was the reason I called. Apparently a few other features were added that I did not order! He said he would make the necessary adjustment and my next bill should reflect the changes. It did and actually showed I had a $96 credit and no payment was due at that time. In fact I was told when I called them again to verify that there was no payment due (hard to believe) the male C/S person said I most likely would not be paying anything for about three months. Well here it is a month after that conversation I get an e-mail stating my Qwest Bill is ready for viewing. When I went in to my account online it not only showed Total Due of $58 but a $25 past due bill; a check return fee of $10.35 (it never was a "check")- they claimed for the $109.62 that was paid January 5th online; was on my bank statements for that very same day and deducted from my account. I was never contacted by anyone at Qwest about it and they didn't note it in my account until 23 February! They simply could not get it through their heads that myself and my bank were not responsible for them misplacing that payment. When I - in good fairh as per usual made that payment online and my bank recorded it and deducted same amount from my balance on that same day - the issue was out of mine and the banks hands. If, because of the ineptness of Qwest employees that money was inadvertently (and I use the term loosely) placed in someone else's account or riding the winds in limbo that is theirs and theirs alone to investigate and not put my account on "Hold" for 15 days while they "look" for the vanishing $109.62. I will write to Corporate Hdgts.; report them to consumer affairs and contact my attorney and in the end discontinue all Qwest servces. I'm sick and tired of getting C/S personnel from every state in the Union and countries where English is barely understandable to solve a problem. The last time (a year ago) I had a major problem when I moved from one Apt. in the same bldg. to another and transferred my service, they disconnected service in the old unit and neglected to turn on service in the new unit - someone dropped the ball - again - at Qwest. It took me four days and a C/S person in Canada to get my service finally connected. With the high rate of unemployment and so many people looking for work I am sure any one of them would be grateful for the chance to do a much better job than these Qwest clowns are doing. You think?

I am leaving Qwest and going back to Cox. Terrible terrible customer service. They dont even know what customer service IS! they let their sales reps lie to customers on the phone to get your business and then dont follow through and grant their promises. I was supposed to get a visa rewards gift card for switching to Qwest and getting their whole bundle. When the gift card didnt come, they told me I didnt qualify because we got high speed internet instead of broadband. We never asked for either specifically. If they put us with the one that didnt qualify us for the rewards, thats THEIR fault, but they wont give in and will not give me what was promised, even after several phone calls and hours on the phone with them. I am done with them. DONT SWITCH TO QWEST!!!

how about hiring customer service reps that can understand AND speak english??!!

After my contract with Qwest for DSL internet was up, I cancelled the service. Each month, for many months later, Qwest still sends me a bill. I spend hours on the phone each month with a Qwest Account Specialist who confirms my cancellation, promises the bill will be rescinded, my balance on the CLOSED account is ZERO. But then the next month I receive a bill and we go through this all over again. Repeatedly. I have no idea on what else to do.

In the past year i have expieranced the following. 1 Internet stopped working- called for service 1hr spoke to a foren person whom did not understand the english language but jumped through the hoops and tested the systems via phone was told it was my p c called a geek squad $150 later was told my pc was o k notified qwest they came out and changed there modem problem corrected. Same thing 3 months later and same senario. 3rd time was over billing from $59 to $116 and high speed has been down for 3 weeks found out added charges were for services never requested and promotional package had expired but was never notified that promotoin was for a year as was not on the flyer hummmm. Bill was adjusted back down? promise was made teck would be out by 6pm tech calls 5:30 pm leaves a message that he will not be out am to call againe and jump through the hoops have 40 hrs into resolves today as of 2/14/11 no sevice no answers will be taking qwest to small claims court. Have asked to speak to managers with no resolve as they do not understand english language. Have consistantly requested not to be marketed an have to listen to marketing when ever i call for a minimum of 15 minutes. Centry link/centurytel has bought 51% which is twice as bad as quest.

Called Qwest to fix my phone, then realized some old wires were crossed, so called back to cancel the technician visit, yet they charged me $85 anyway. After two phone calls and talking with a "supervisor", they said their records show the technician was dispatched. They show no record of my call to cancel, so I am stuck paying $85 because a call center rep didn't do her job and cancel my order. What is the best adjective here: extortion? incompetence? fraud? All of the above.

I have honestly never dealt with worse customer service

Edward A. Mueller Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Qwest Communications International Inc. Stefan D. Stein Senior Vice President, Risk Management & Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer Christopher K. Ancell Executive Vice President Business Markets Group Rich Baer Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer Stephanie G. Comfort Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy R. Steven Davis Senior Vice President Public Policy & Government Relations Joseph J. Euteneuer Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Girish Varma Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer Dan Yost Executive Vice President Mass Markets Bob Tregemba Executive Vice President Network Operations Roland R. Thornton Executive Vice President Wholesale Markets Teresa A. Taylor Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

I am absolutely sick and tired of the incompetence displayed by Qwest employees, or rather call center employees. I have reached the end of my rope. If I don't get a reply from a member of the Qwest HQ management team immediately I am taking my issue to the media in Phoenix and Tucson, the Arizona Attorney General, the FCC, and my personal legal counsel. David Ingraham Owner/EIG Insurance 520-466-8530

How ironic that you can't use this site to contact Qwest Corporate HQ. It seems as though you can't contact HQ period. Why are you people hiding from your customers?

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