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Pulte puts their consumers in danger with failing retaing walls at Hills of a Fossil Creek Fort Worth Tx

No respectable community!

Anything goes. No standards are maintained for the residents. A siren goes off seven times a day. It would have to be the US siren capital for it to be legit. The population does not merit seven siren's a day. Trash trucks sound at 5:45 AM and the excuses goes on and on

Pulte's customer service is the worst ever!!!!! They never answer the phone or call me back, I've left numerous messages.

NJ Homeowner

Enjoy my Pulte Home. Contractors are ignorant, disrespectful, lazy, and rude. Leave booze botttles around, water bottles, cigarette butts,paper, all over the property/homes that are built. Tar in the streets, debris, dirt all over while building as we attempt to move into our home and improve our standard of living these barbarian animals devalue it!!!!!!! They have no care for the other homeowners or their newly purchased homes. Would only recommend the home if prexisting and NO contruction around you.Not satisfied with results - left message at corporate level - Havent heard back!!!!!!!!!!

Customer Service

I have been a Pulte home owner for 5 years and very frustrated with the customer sevice and unwilling to make me feel like a proud Pulte Home owner. I called in regards to a leak in our home and was frustated not only with the person I was speaking with on the phone and her disregard to my questions. But feel like the issues I am concerned with should be geard and handled. I wasnt asking for anything but anderstand. The numbers I was given when purchasing my home for contact have all been disconected. To state that you build homes of the future but are falling apart for no reason concerns me.

Visited Vizczya town homes in Jacksonville 3 times in 3 months to try to buy town home. Sales person--Clarissa never called back until I threatened to go to corporate. Very smug and horrible customer service.

'F' rating with BBB

My Pulte home is falling apart and they do not respond, even if you call corporate headquarters. Google 'Pulte Complaints' and yu will find THOUSANDS of complaints. Do your research and you will find virtually ZERO customer service after the purchase and numerous lawsuits against Pulte by state and federal agencies.

Pulte customer

Stay away from this builder. They are the worst. They want to squeeze you for every dollar and will not make the slightest deviation to please a customer.

Worst Service

We built a home last year and have had Putle compltely screw up our ceiling. Now we are being asked to move out of our house for two weeks so they can replace the ceiling. We have three children all in school. terribly inconvenient. It takes more then 7 tries to get a response from anyone in their organization. WORST HOME BUILDER! Stay away!

2nd home bought in Sun City, Giffin,Ga. Had issues with warped bar top before closing, claimed to fix it then countertop popped up from the seam, they came to fix it with another warped piece, would not let them install andwe were told aceept it or don't, thats all they would do. I chose not to have a 2nd warped countertop and went out and purchased my own at my expense. We are appalled at the way we were talked to by a Brad Berkholte from Pulte and vow to make sure this piece of crap is repremanded by Pulte. The amount of stress from both houses we purchased was not worth the strain it put on me or my husband who is battling cancer---shame on PULTE Or CENTEX whoever they go by for allowing this to happen.

I can't believe Pulte gets away with the junk they build. Just screwing the good citizens of this country and raping the land.

I truly agree w/these comments! There are some very serious issues going on w/our home, and I'm waiting to see what pulte is going to do about them?

Dito Pulte was a HUGE disappointment! And no one is accountable............

The worst home builders, get cheap labor that are not legal citizens throw your home up as if it is a cardboard box. Worst customer service, and never accountable.

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