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Great article! Thanks for sarnihg your thoughts on corporations vs startups.I can understand your opinion of not liking the bureaucratic processes and slow moving arms of a large corporation, but if you'd like the opinion of someone who's studied the mechanics of bureaucracy (i.e. internal controls), they really are necessary for a large corporation.As you mentioned, in a startup, people make decisions on an individual basis most likely, you're forming procedures as you go. That takes a special kind of person, and that's probably why HubSpot has such awesome benefits and works so hard to attract the right people. In a corporation, unfortunately, some people are incompetent or downright thefty. Following seemingly pointless internal control procedures ensures that when they AREN'T followed, theft (or just stupidity) can be caught and corrected.Unfortunately, the people establishing these procedures, the executive team, can just as easily be incompetent; hence your frustration with good advice not being followed at a large corporation.Which brings me to my point, which is: congratulations on having such an awesome job! You clearly thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, which is a pretty rare quality (not to mention exceedingly valuable).

first. Great question.The short anewsr is (most likely) yes. However, I highly recommend you read this post over at Blogging Basics 101 to understand all the details.We should all tread very, very carefully whenever copyright/trademark

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