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Pru-Fox really is the worst real estate outfit in any area. Its realtors are in-your-face, out-and-out liars and seem to enjoy their reputations as such. I don't know why anybody would use to buy or sell. Go ahead and try a Pru-Fox realtor and find out for yourself. However, you'd better be ready to shell out for a lawyer if you do.

Steer clear of all Pru-Fox offices. They are real pits of vipers! What is it about these places that attracts such unsavory characters? Consider two such characters I encountered in dealings with Pru-Fox's Margate, NJ branch. First, there's Mark Arbeit, a Pru-Fox realtor who represented me and my wife in our purchase of a house over a leaking underground oil tank. Before Arbeit became a "Realtor to the Stars," he was an assistant elementary school principal but lost the post on account of some, uh, indiscretions about which you can read in The Washington Post archives for June 20, 25 and 26, 1987. Doesn't Pru-Fox do anything to "vet" the "Sales Professionals" whom it gives access to its clients' homes? Then there's my seller, who was also represented by a Pru-Fox realtor. This seller is a doughy, Bernie Madoff-wannabe mortgage broker who was busted in a "Catch a Predator"-type sting run by some sheriff down in Florida. He thought he was messaging a little 14-year old girl who turned out actually to be a big 54-year old deputy! I wish they'd video-recorded that rendezvous! Look-- moral of my story is that you should watch your back when you're in any Pru-Fox office and take a shower after you leave one. Better yet, just clear of them!

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