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I'm writing this to say that i love your sandwitches, i've been to the one in the strip districk many times. but idid like the one in greensburg but not know. you have lost one of the best bartender you could ever have there, she was good with the customers in everyway. all the people i brought into the place lived her she has quite a following. i'm sorry to say i will not becoming back and niethwe will any of the people i brought in.her name was Diane Trout one of the best around. at one time i would give you a 5 star now probalbly a 2 star. its a shame to lose good employees like her.

Hm,,well, this is interesting. I'm in Pittsburgh right now vntisiig family. I was here last summer and we went to Primanti's for the sandwich . It's all impressive looking but , you're right no flavor. Just architecture and the gimmick of having fries on the sandwich. Great idea but you've gotta add some flavor. And the bread .well, I'm from N.E. New Jersey, right outside of NYC (we have unbelievably good bread) , and that Primanti's bread tasted and felt like Wonder bread to me. Not really fit for a sandwich. Too thickly sliced, too squishy.I loved The Strip and I love Pittsburgh. It's a wonderful city, but that sandwich was more talk than taste.

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