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Deep thniknig - adds a new dimension to it all.

@RDHow about this a front potter, suh, snlitkueer,steinkuler. Steinkuhler was a beast on defense in the All-Star game, and I thought Ty was a stronger d-end then d-tackle. I think Potter was the most improved while Bo's tutalage of Suh will make him the force we know he can be. Just because we play the cover two shell does not mean we will not pressure the Qb from various directions ie Zone blitzing, straight man overload blitzes, saftey and cornerback blitzes, zone/man weak, strong middle blitzes. Bo does not play the conventional tampa 2. it is an offchute. One of the key positions in any form of a tampa 2 or a cover 2 is an athletic mlb. That is what made will compton a must get. I think we will be suprised at the resurgence of the front four, but don't get stuck calling this a Tampa 2, if you watched LSU,or Nu you saw it was a Hybrid that allows you to emphasize different positions depending on what knid of chaos and what kind of talent is at hand.

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