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deceptive advertising

I been looking at the entire printers module for the past 5 months offered at $2,800.00 suddenly you raise the price to $3300.00 and offer a 25% off labor day discount? Your back to the original price of 2,800.thats deceptive advertising. How about I say this on yelp or twitter.

Pottery Barn Furniture

We ordered $5,000 worth of bedroom furniture & received pieces that did not match. We spoke with 3 "Furniture Specialist". The 3rd "Specialist" said that the others told us what we wanted to hear but not the truth. We have missed two days of work, been hung up on by the delivery team because they didn't want to come back. They were tired after a long day, understandable. Sounds like the Pottery Barn needs to stop contracting out their deliveries. This is unacceptable at every level. We have the names and times that we called. They are supposed to be recorder so I can send more details to corporate. As a consumer I would not be deceived by the name of a company. The Pottery Barn just lost a long time shopper. Sincerely, Disappointed

terrible customer service

I have had an outstanding messed up order for weeks and weeks. The item number was wrong so the wrong color was sent. Every attempt to get the correct one sent has failed. Multiple phone calls, multiple emails, promised arrival dates, and I still do malt have it. Ugh.

I ordered all my back to school stuff almost a week ago and PB Teen told me it would be here on the 15th. But it turns out the lazy people who work at PB Teen did not ship my stuff until the 15th. This means it will not even be here for the first day of school. The first day of school means everything to me. PB teen kept advertising to gear up for the first day of school with PB Teen. I trusted them with my back to school stuff, but thanks to their laziness and terrible customer service I will never support PB Teen again.

Cotton throws

Hi, first of all I LOVE each of your stores! I have a Request: Each year I look for a cotton throw to purchase from you, And sadly they are always acrylic or wool Can you please make cotton ones for 2015 They would be so lovely You can buy acrylic everywhere But truly , cotton is comfy!!!! Thank You so Much!

missing headboard

I ordered a quick ship headboard on June 27 and have not received it yet. I have called 8 times to find out what is happening and have not been able to find out. I wrote 2 e-mails that have gone unanswered. I needed the headboard for guests on July 26 and it is now July 24. I furnished my home in Florida using decorating services but now I don't think I will look at Pottery Barn again.

12 Days of Christmas Serve Ware

We absolutely LOVE the 12 Days of Christmas serveware!!! I ordered the pieces on-line....they came in on time, in perfect shape and at a great price. Will order more pieces if they have them again this Christmas.

Store policy

Store policy sucks! I paid for a set of sheets and they took the the money from my credit card immediately. When I returned it they said they will return the credit to my card in a week or more. So now I don't have the merchandise or the credit at this point. That does not seem fair somehow.

Double charged

I purchased an item on line and my bank account was charged twice. I sent several emails but the representative told me that it is normal practice for pottery barn to put the purchase amount on hold twice to ensure they get their money. I was also told if after a few days the bank still charges me twice I can contact my bank to fix that. That is unbelievable, I have never heard of that before.

no sofa order?

I tried to order a sofa a week ago in Eugene, Or I've talked to at least 4 people maybe 5. They could not get my order straight. I knew just what I wanted and just lost faith that this is a company can deliver when they cannot get the order straight. I am worried about what they have charged on my card.

Sleep Study Defects

HORRIBLE!!!! Shelves are made of pressboard which break under the weight of books. But here is the best part. Pottery Barn refuses to send a replacement self even if you offer to pay for it. So In short you pay $2000 for unrepeatable junk. Customer Service made it clear they don't care and its not their fault. I have purchased many thousands of dollars from them and they still refuse to offer any solution. Last Dollar Pottery Barn will EVER get from me!!

Coupon codes

Very frustrating that you can only use one coupon code per order. Causes me to choose either free shipping or 10% off, but I can't use both? Tried calling and chatting neither were able or willing to help.

Customer service

I had the best customer service at Roseville galleria pottery barn this morning. Maggie went above and beyond and spent a lot of time helping me get what I wanted for my baby on the way. She was patient, helpful, and friendly. I hope this gets back to her manager and to her and she somehow gets praise. Probably the best customer service I e experienced in a long time. Thank you.

Elephant Mobile

A few months ago I ordered over $200 in merchandise from online for my nursery. Everything came in fast except the elephant mobile I ordered which was on back order and not expected to come for 4 months. When I finally received the item I was excited however when I opened the package the piece that holds the mobile was bent and wouldn’t hang right. I contacted Pottery Barn customer service and the only solution they gave me was to send the whole thing back and wait again for the backordered product or go to a local store to exchange. Well the store was sold out of the mobile so my only solution was to send back the whole thing. I emailed once again to explain the situation and ask just for the piece that is bent. I did not want to send back the whole thing and wait because by the time it comes the baby will be here. All I got was the same answer. I can’t believe a huge over priced company can’t afford to make their customers happy. I spent $50 on this mobile and this is what I get and on top of that the mobile was not impressive at all. I would not recommend Pottery Barn at all going forward. I am done chasing an acceptable answer and will just learn my lesson and never do business with them again. A few years ago I registered at Pottery Barn for my wedding and now for my future baby I was planning on registering there but have changed my mind since this. YOU WILL NO LONGER GET ANY BUSINESS FROM ME!!!!

The Manhattan Beach store customer service today was terrible. I have purchased many large and small items throughout the year from this store. I live very nearby in Manhattan Beach. I will never step foot through the door of this store ever again.

I've never dealing with PB again.

My friend ordered an ivory blanket for me as a gift on Dec 17, 2012. I haven't receiived it yet - the end of March 2013. She has called numerous times and now I've called once. Each time we call they tell us it'll be another month. This is unbelievable. In the past I've been satisfied with PB... NOT anymore. Who's running this company??? Obviously a ship of fools.

PB Catalog April 2013

On page 137 of the catalog mentioned above, the American Flag is displayed improperly. The union should be in the upper left-hand corner when displayed as you have the flag. Please learn to treat Old Glory with respect!!

Terrible Customer Service

Do not use their in-home designer. She knows not what she talks about. I tried to order new slipcovers in September, based on her suggestion, and 6 weeks later received the wrong slipcovers arrived. It is now February and still have not received the correct ones. Go somewhere else if you want anything somewhat custom. They do not have the resources or know-how. Their customer service is terrible and if you have a major problem, I suggest you call corporate and demand to speak to their president. It is an incompetent bunch for sure!!!

Lacking customer service and knowledge

So glad I purchased restoration hardware furniture!!! Just reading theses reviews, I will not shop PB. I'm just waiting for pillows that never got shipped out. They don't know what they are doing at PB, company won't last long at this rate. Hope their employees don't end up working with me!

misleading sales

Pottery Barn has had big signs in the stores and on line proclaiming "up to " 60% off duvets. I visited two stores in the Columbus Ohio area and checked the web and found not one duvet for the 60% off. Most were 20% off. I really like Pottery Barn and have been a loyal customer but this type of misleading/false advertising negates all the good service I have received in the past.

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