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Very poor service on Washington street Indianapolis indiana


Huntington, Indiana Pizza Hut: Order 2 topping special online..received pizza with one topping.and it was burnt around the edges. Called Pizza Hut and was told online ordering is undependable and just call orders in by phone. They were sorry.. Period. Felt they should have issued a credit for the correct pizza. But, they did not. Papa John's from now on.

not one but every single time

Every time i order from pizza hut on chimney rock in houston texas my food is always late and cold and the manager does nothing about It. I wish someone would do something about it or maybe put a better one in the area or change the workers.

Pizza Hut

I will never I mean never spend another dime with Pizza Hut. I ordered the new flat bread pizza based on looking at the commercial thinking hey great idea for dinner....wrong. The pizza was dry bone cold. Toppings barely on the pizza. Horrible. So bad I had to calk the Pizza Hut. In Doravville Ga. The manager was so rude ..instead of apologizing she began cussing us out. Which made my spouse grab the phone a hang up and more talking over our complaint. I was so pissed I could of went down there and made a scene! But if this is how Pizza Hut runs its buiness with the most ignorant ghetto and rude people managing there stores and representing them. I will never. Ever spend another dime with them. Who cares about a free pizza...what about an apology and earn my return business. Duh. But instead you argue and degrade your customers.

We ordered from pizza hut in el cajon ca worst place ever first time they were an hour late okay cool gave us a credit for a free meal second time wings were raw blood comin off of it okay called corporate gave me another credit the last time I will ever order from Pizza Hut we got our last credit giving them one more chance we found a hair in our wings never again will we order from Pizza Hut worst place ever and I'm going to let everyone know to never order from there!

Pizza Hut Sucks!!

We have ordered from Pizza Hut in Mcdonough, GA several times and we have had a terrible experience every time! It always takes 2 or more hours to get our pizza and when we do it is cold and disgusting! When you call they tell you it left 10 minutes ago, however when you call back they tell you they just have a lot of customers! The assoicates are ghetto and unprofessional and I will never order from Pizza Hut again! Which is dissappointing because they used to be good, however I do not know anymore because it is always extremely cold when I get my food! I will post my experience all over the internet!

Horrible pizza

I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut several times and its like everytime I receive it it tastes like trash..it's always been hard and never taste like its ever fresh and it's like no one ever wants to do there job right..pizza hut used to have the best pizza in town but I see it now that it's not TRUE anymore..Sorry to inform you of that but it's not just me that thinks that it's more people...I mean come on look at all the bad comments.

Horrible service

We are staying at the spring hill suites in council bluffs Iowa and we called the Pizza Hut on Madison ave for a very large order. We have a party of sixty or more. When we first called the specials were 10$ any topping, we were not told they were pick up only .. We placed and order and the amount came out to be much larger than what we had calculated. The people were very rude and did nothing to make us want to keep our order , of a party that large you would think maybe the try to commidate offer a free dessert , they were really rude when we called and said we would come pick it up to recurve the discount that we had been told they said we had 35 min and no longer to get there. We were very disappointed because this is a yearly event . We will no longer place orders with Pizza Hut. And instead of you reviving our business and 300 dollars pizza ranch did

Pizza Hut is very unprofessional they claim I wrote them a bad check 9 months ago witch isn't true I don't even have any checks and they came to my house last night with a manger and two coworkers telling my husband and father I wrote a bad check and I need to pay it yelling outside my condo and park in my nabors drive way I wish I would have been down stairs to hear all this I don't understand why they would do this even if I did write a bad check nine months ago why are you telling people my business I wish I would have went to the commissioner office 5 months ago when they did the same stuff but they refuse to take my order and to make it so bad I wasn't even writing a check my name is a very common name I always get misidentified with my name I always have to let people know I'm not that person who ever it is is 46 years old I'm 28 but I'm so pissed off cause it is one thing to tell my husband something like that but it's another to tell my fatherinlaw that I felt so embarrassed I will not let them get away with this and they undercook our pizza every time we order from there and they refuse to replace the pizza because they said I wrote a bad check 9 months ago so I get nothing back I'm to pissed off to tell the rest but I'm done with them and I will be seeing them in court for discrimination and and for violating my privacy

I ordered pizza last night from the Second Loop Rd. Pizza Hut for dinner at 5:30 p.m.. The person that took the said the pizza should be delivered at 6:38. I called back at 6:45 and they said delivery driver had a number of deliveries and he just left and to give him s few more minutes. Well at 7:30 I called back and asked to speak to the manager. The ordertaker keyed in the wrong address and the deliver driver didn't have a cell phone.The manager then says, "we'll be happy to fix a fresh pizza and deliver it to you once the delivery driver gets back". I asked could they go ahead a start making the new one meaning I paid for the pizza already. She was like," Oh you paid already?!" Needless to say... My pizza was not delivered to me until 8:30. I ordered pizza because it was convenient and I was too sick to cook yesterday. My son has to be in bed by 8:30 everynight. If I wouldn't have paid for the pizza over the I would have gotten something else. I was ticked off I didn't even eat pizza.

My son and I went in to the Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island branch approximately 3-4 weeks ago. One waitress on, only sat us, never even took a drink order. Never came back for ANY order. People all around us were leaving because they never received their food orders. After 15-20 minutes we left, vowing NEVER to return to this particular location. Not the first time we received poor service; however, I guarantee it will be the last. Your best bet would either be to close that franchise or hire staff who are competent, courteous and able to deal with the public!!

Right now i have to rate pizza hut as a 1

A group of us went to the Pizza Hut on Mckinnley in South Bend Indiana and we were told we could not order a 10.00 LG Pizza and eat it in the lobby. The waitress Alley was so rude because we said we did not care we still wanted to sit down and eat. Talk about someone not wanting to do their job. Its like they thought they were going to get us to leave because we had to pay more to sit down. To make a long story short we sat ate ordered wings, pizza and pop. Once getting our food we never got silverware, dip or refills and we were the only customers eating there, now I know why. I stopped by the counter to pay and asked to speak with the manager and that was even worse. She said their was nothing she could do. I asked for the customer service number and was refused so I refused to leave without it and you will never guess what me and my family encountered the police. BEWARE BEFORE GOING TO THIS PIZZA HUT IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT AND WANT RESULTS THEY WILL CALL THE COPS ON YOU.

Let me tell you about pizza hut I worked at the one @ 3040 wabash ave Terre haute indiana I was the only female manager there I was fired because I was suposable on my cell phone cutting pizza this didn't happen for the last 4 years I had the asst gm call me old and the other empoyees started to do the same it was done in front of the gm I even went to the area coach about it nothing was done on top of the all the empoyees are on there phones 24/7 the gm was always sitting in the office on his but didn't try to help anyone playing on his phone I have filed a law suite against them for many reasons you cant descreamnate because of a persons age

i ordered a pizza from your store on 23 and hennapin ave south it was a pep and sausage and mush room it was realy bad it looked like it was 4 days old it tasted realy bad i was very disapointed with it and got sick after eating a piece of it and i had to throw the rest of it out i don,t think i will be ordering any more pizza,s from you for a while if you have any qustions feel free to contact me and leave me a e mail and please leave me a phone number so i can call you thks

you wana talk abouta really bad experience....OMG...jus to make long story short.... i ordered a garlic bread pizza and on the first bite i found a piece of metal in my mouth and it chipped and made a big hole on my tooth... now i have to see wht happens if they r gona pay for that or not...seriously in pain...and its my favorite food,,,and now im kinda scared to eat it now... : (

I had a call in order. The lady that was at the counter ,didn't have the name on the order right had to call my husband to see what he had order . Not a problem with that finally got my order and went to the car just wanted to check before I lefted the parking lot well glad I did my order was wrong. So I went back in the location to let the cashier know my order was wrong.here come the nasty part they place the pizza that I tool out of the location and place it into a heat bag because it was someone else order after the fact that I told the cashier that I took that pizza out . She placed it back into the bag to be given to someone else. So I called the store to get the corporate office number the manager tried to say she was getting it out of the way . I tried to informed him I was standing right there when the two girls were talking about it was someone else order and she placed it back into the bag for delivery. Very nasty ...

Went to eat at pizza hut in Blackwell ok. We got upwards the end of or meal when we noticed a spider only 5yr olds neck!!!! Told the manager and to me she acted like it was no big deal. She just said well if it turns red or anything to call us. Lucky he didn't get bit cause we would sue.

hello,Iwould like to say the pizza hut in corinth ms was 1 of my worst experience with pizza hut.Ihave been dining with pizza huts nation wide,but this was the worst restaurant you could ever imagine.we sat ourselves to imagine this was the worst n i mean the worst service possible.i ordered the boneless wings n my husband had the lunch buffet.to make this report short n sweet.the waiter took our order n asked what kinda sauce i want with my wings i ordered mild,my goodness that was the worst tasting sauce ever.we sat for at least 45 minutes.when the waiter finally brought my order,i took a itzy bitzy bite n whoa the sauce was 2 hot for me to eat.i had 2 bring my dinner to the waiter cause he did not check on us 2 ask if everything is ok.so i procedded to bring them 2 him,he snatched the basket of wings away from me n responded i'll just takem off.that was very rude he couldnt come 2 the table 2 see if i would like 2 order anything else.so i went up n asked 2 speak 2 the manager on duty lord 2 b hold not even an appolige was given.so i asked 4 the dm number so i could explain my worst nightmare with pizzahut.he gave me his dm phone number n mygoodness i called 2 hear a voicemail.so i left her a short detail of my experience,never the less she would not return my call.it was store #2106.i will never ever dine at another pizza hut.tks a concerned customer

please send corporate manager to Butler, PA , town has 2 pizza huts and are very sub-standard, very poor food quality, they need to visit pizza hut in zelienople, PA they are doing something right, it is sad I have to go to another town to get good pizza hut quality food.

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