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My son went to the Newport RI location and spend 8.35 for frozen yogurt. He was never asked if he had a rewards card, nor was he offered one. I was waiting in the car outside. He is 16 and if a parent was required to open the card then he should have been advised. This is poor customer relations for a high priced item. Not going back. I rated one star only because I had to rate to get this posted.


Pinkberry Roosevelt field in Ny Longisland is a nice place nice team members but the manager is very rude and he doesn't follow Pinkberry rules I worked at Pinkberry before it's as many toppings you want he told me it's only 4 and refused to give me more when I clearly know the rules he had a attitude and they way he treats employes is sad smh he needs to be fired

Closing early

I just wanted to make you aware that I have come to the pinkberry in midtown Miami several times now. The posted close time is 11 pm and showing up at 10:45 there always closed inside, and refuse to open the door leaving several customers standing outside trying to get in.


At the store in Brentwood....Goshen Ave and San Vicente a sign next to the Smoothies says: $1 off Smoothies today. The price on the board says $4.95. When you go to pay for the Smoothie...............you are charged $4.95.........................the $1 (which makes it $395 ) is NOT given to you unless you ask for it!!!! Seems like dishonest advertising. The salesforce is trained to do it this way at the corporate office.....they told me.

REALLY......You stopping carrying the CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Really.....BIG MISTAKE !one of the BEST FLAVORS! if you are going to get rid any flavors go with PLAIN....BORING! PS by the way the Hazelnut/chocolate you replace for CHOCOLATE ...............CAN'T TASTE THE CHOCOLATE AT ALL!!!!!!!BAD CHOICE!

This is the second time I've written to the headquarters... I've been to pinkberry several times since then... At least 5 times a week. I can honestly say as I stand in a line 40 deep with one person serving.. One at the cash register and 5 floating doing things that can wait it'll be my last day. The customer service is terrible and it's too bad. This is a great product but I have other oPtions and this is no longer one. Blue black square west Hartford ct ... Absolutely unacceptable!

I go to the pinkberry in El sungundo 4 to 5 times weekly. Most of time time my experiance is good, however Saturday Nov. 26,2011 at 3:00pm i always order the large.This is the second time I did not recieve the correct amount which is 13oz.. I tried to call on numerous occasions and no one anwsered the phone. I would like this matter handled ASASP! THANK YOU, JOVONNA 2323-445-6991

I love pinkberry Healthyhilary Greenwich Ct Healthyhilary show 518 376 1619

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