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customer service was so terrible. Arrived 10 minutes late the photographer had a bad attitude. She was mean.


So slow. At least 5 different groups waiting just to see pictures that have already been taken. All staff is saying is "first day on the job" 3 hours later we are still sitting here doing nothing.

so sad

I was a member for 7 years, but the last time I went then service was horrible! The photographer was so rude also felt really rushed. I really hate to have to find a different photographer but she was really mean to my kids so I will definitely never be back.

Never go

The props where so dirty and beat up looking. My pictures were blurry, backdrop was not straight in all my photos. Had an appt but still waited over 45 mins. The person helping me pick put my pictures was no help and didn't even tell me the specials. The carpets in the place were so dirty they looked black that I didn't even want my kids to sit down. This was the Mays Landing,NJ location.


I went on a saturday took the picture, not so good but i ordered anyway. They said cone back in an hour and i did. They put half my order in the bag said thank u and i left. A few days later when writing my xmas cards i realized i was short 25 pictures. I called them they said yes they have it. They never called me to tell me so now they mail it and 4 days later i still dont have it. Going in for my refund.


Worst experience! I think our photographer was a high school kid!! Their studio is disgusting and falling apart!! They promise same day pictures but I'm still waiting 3 days later!! After reading the reviews I guess it every picture people all over the USA! Do not go to the Bridgewater NJ location!

The worst experience ever ,Old Orchard location

These people are not only not picture people ,they are not even professional establishment ,have absolutely no clue to how to conduct business .Have no consideration of your needs & your time & they over promised and not deliver .Please save yourself a big heartache and go some where else where you are treated & respected for your hard earn money .I would not ever go back & not recommend them even to my worst enemies .

Go somewhere else

I went to the Picture People in Batavia,IL and was completely unimpressed. The photographer would not be quiet about her and her daughter and I was practically told her whole life story. They are completely understaffed and I was just not happy with my experience there. Also, they tried to sell me a $500 package. I would like to know WHO could afford this in this day in age. I just wanted my daughters 1 year old birthday pictures as a memory but I simply can't afford much. They don't make you feel special or to even want to return there. There is something to be said about hiring a private photographer and I will NEVER go to a Picture People again.

This place has to be a joke

My husband paid for these photos as a surprise. I went in to get them done for my 4yo daughter and 3mo son. They knew it was for my children when they called to confirm. We got there and I looked around and seen nothing for a small child. I asked her where should I put my son for the photos and she looked at me and asked if he could crawl... He's 3 months old and very small. Besides I literally watched several people walk on the floor she suggested I lay my son on. Then suggested I take my photos of my 4yo daughter holding him .. Over a concrete floor?!?!? I asked about a refund and was told no. So I went ahead and did the session there the lady didn't try to get my son to smile. She didn't even attempt to pose them. She just stood there so I did it my self I got my son to smile and both of my babies to look at the camera. I'm so disappointed. They were unprofessional and had no clue what they were doing. I'd never suggest this place to anyone.

orpland park illinois

horrible, the people that work at these studio do not have any education in photography at all not even a high school class , they do not know what they are doing, there are high school classes and college degrees in photography, this company hires uneducated, unqualified people to take these pictures and the pictures are horrible. they charge to much money.

4 month old twins

The worst experience ever. Don't waste your time at least when it Comes to the monroville pa store. Save your money Go somewhere else


Don't waste your time! Speaking of time, Picture People are NEVER on time! They are always "short staffed". Even if these pictures were free, you couldn't get me to go back!!! Look at all the reviews before you go. They are true!!!!!!

Family Photo Experience

Had the best experience when I went their to get my son's first baby pics done. Went there today and wanted to cry. They made us wait and were extrememly rude. We had an appointment and they said they were short staffed after we had waited a while. My one year old son didn't make it because he was too tired and kept crying. We ended up leaving without taking pictures. I am very upset with how we were treated and what a waste of time!!

Horrible experience

My family and I were rushed. I wanted to purchase the cd and I did not get a good picture of my 3 year old. I asked them to try to get a good shot of her later and add it to the cd. They took a great picture few minutes later but refused to put on the cd. ?????? Same day, few minutes later since I was not satisfied. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is a lie. I felt more rushed than in a fast food place.

Hard to understand semi-literates

What strikes me is the near total lack of ability to spell and compose even the simplest of sentences, by those whining here. Instead of blowing a big wad of money to memorialize their precious prodigy, they’d be oceans wiser to invest in remedial reading and writing lessons for themselves. This will help (only help, not guarantee) their grizzly children to grow up to be at least a little less ignorant than themselves. Happy New Year to all that have no trouble reading and understanding this.

taking pictures

We had a family pictures planned for a group of 20. We were 10 minutes late of our "appointment" and they refused to take our picture. A majority of the family could not find parking and were circling the parking lot for over 15 minutes. They offered to reschedule for 9:30 pm and we have 4 2 year olds, ya like that works! Very disappointed with the customer service. The workers said even the store manager agreed that they did not have to take our picture. We passed by the store and it was empty. They said they had back to back appointments....interesting huh?

I went the Picture People in the Escondido Mall. On November 11th, I had holiday pictures of my 4 kids taken. Due to understaffing, it took 3 hours to place an order for the cards. The cards arrived about 10 days later with a major typo. Picture People reordered the cards. 10 more days later, they forgot a word so the message made no sense. On the third try, Picture People misspelled the word family. They can no longer guarantee a reprint of cards to arrive by Christmas. I am very unsatisfied and will not go back.

Never Go Here

I went to the Montgomery mall studio and arrived at 6:30pm, it took 30 mins JUST TO CHECK IN. By the time EIGHT o'clock rolled around I was told that we can begin in five mins...the lady then turned around and helped a family pick out photos and had me wait an addt 20 mins! This place sucks and takes entirely too long... only had 3 people working on such a busy night. Save your time and frustration and go to JC Pennys!!!!!

Hire more staff!

I know it's the holidays and many of us are taking holiday photos, corporate should also be well aware of this. Why do they refuse to ignore this and continue to allow back to back bookings that dont allow customers time to view the photos? I am sitting here at the Arcadia CA mall location for the 3rd time, hoping I'm not expected to wait 2 hours again. This is my second and last time having photos taken here! I feel horrible for the overworked staff!!! Especially the one who broke down from the stress she was under!

Ruined my whole day!!

This place is horrible, I've been to three different locations in New York and they all suck. The photographers have NO direction, we had to put our two children in poses. They wanted to put my six month old son laying on the floor wher people walk with dirty shoes. She then wanted him to sit up and he fell over, he's six months old. He can't sit!! She did not try to make my two year old daughter smile. Do NOT go here, better to just take them yourself

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