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Do we have a 'site' problem...do others have problems finding a direct email contact address with PM Int'l to personalise their enquiries? What happened to good and constructive Public Relations that effectively deferred 'Proposition 19' in the 1970-80's...ostriches...they lost a good and loyal employee...but I didn't smoke for corporate photos..and I want to know if any of my contempories/colleages are still alive to visit when I come to New York in September. I was Joe Cullman's era in the mid-seventies when "family" principles were sucessfully instilled, and respected...an appreciative learning experience for a wet corporate gorilla. Claim to fame..weekly product 'marginal contribution reports' via the telephone modem...precurser to internet transfer of management info. Etc ,. etc.

I contacted thier site email due to noy being able to access the site( was invited in Email) I received a curt and non helpful reply that basiclly told me to call Marlboro instead....here is my response to that... Are you serious???? I cannot get on your website and when I ask why you respond with that blatant manusha? Do not, I repeat DO NOT send ANYMORE offers to my email, home or even let me smell the smoke of a Marlboro cigarette again. I have smoked Marlboro for over 40 years, thank you for giving me a reason to switch to a non Philip Morris cigarette. There are many like Sonoma . thank you for helping me switch. M Devine I shall forward a copy to corporate.

I was trying to get online to contact you about one of your ciggerate brands because I was wondering if you could change the pack. You see the Marlbro light special blend offers two different kinds one with 3 stripes and one with a wide single silver stripe...but they are both in the same box. I think that the 2nd one is just as good as a ciggerate such as Benson & Hedges but, I would like if you could provided a box for that brand only. You could call it like Marlbro Lights Special Blend Exclusive, or Marlbro Lights Special Blend Distinct, or maybe even Marlbro Lights Special Blend Single Select. It would make it a lot easier for me considering that every time I go to the store I wouldn't have to be worried about getting the three-striped Marlbros, instead of the one I really wanted, the single-striped Marlbro Lights that I prefer.....If you have any specific questions or want to contact me, my email is HshHappy05@hotmail.com or even IslandVarities2011@yahoo.com . Thank you for your time, Sincerly, Jenny E. Hammers

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