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Aother horrible company that outsourced their manufacturing to communist China. An example of greed and general corporate stupidity. Will never buy their Chinese products!

Product quality, customer service

Purchased dishes and some were damaged. Partial replacement not full replacement was offered. People in CS were not helpful at all. We are going to withhold credit card payment. Stay away at all costs!!!

There was a time, long ago, your dinnerware was excellent. To date, we still use them on a daily basis. What a great disappointment knowing you too, sold out to China. We will continue to enjoy our USA made and stamped products and seek replacements on E-bay or local Goodwill, and also enjoy our USA made Corelle. Why do you continue advertising that your products are still (made in USA)??? Pfaltzgraff is NOT USA made. Please make the correction needed to your website to prevent Pfaltzgraff from appearing on the USA made search. FYI, Our rating is "0" deceptive.

I bought 8 pl settings plus all the serving pieces of the Pfaltzgraff "Country Cupboard" pattern of dinnerware about a year ago. I immediately noticed when unpacking the pieces that they had that "Chinese Junkware" lightweight feel to them. Some of the dinner plates are warped and rock when on a flat surface. After just normal use of the dishes I noticed chips, cracks and crazing in the finish on many pieces. Now a year later, they look horrible, plates are almost gray with marks in the finish, and I am embarrassed to use them. They are NOT microwave or oven safe, even though they are sold as such. I have owned two other patterns of Pfaltzgraff over the years and this set is of much lower quality than the company used to be known for. I will never again buy anything from this once-respected manufacturer. The company may have saved a few bucks by outsourcing their production to China, but it will cost them dearly in the long run. Judging by the negative comments already listed on this review page, many life-long customers are already gone, never to return again.

Probably your having the problems is that the dinnerware is made overseas now. When they were made here in the U.S.A. they were very high quality items.

My future daughter-in-law picked the Patio Garden pattern and we have been extremely disappointed. Pfaltzgraff has always had a very good reputation, until now. Some of the pieces are already chipped and scratched, right out of the box -- they haven't even been used yet! We contacted the company, who said we could return them for a refund (with our receipts). To make the situation worse, the company is insisting that we pay to have it shipped to them. We have offered to deliver all of the pieces to any place that sells Pfaltzgraff, and even to their Trenton, New Jersey location. They say no, they will not accept it that way - we must pay to have it shipped. AND, when I called the corporate office in York, PA, the number has been disconnected or is no longer in service. My next call is going to be to the Better Business Bureau.

I purchased the "Patio Garden" 32 piece dinnerware set, Starting using it on November 1, 2011 used it a few times and noticed chips and cracks along the edges of some of my bowls and dinnerplates. I paid alot of money for what I thought was a quality product. I'm so disappointed with this dinnerware and I'm sending a letter to the Pfaltzgraff Corporate Headquarters demanding my purchase price back. I vow to keep sending them letters until I get results. Everyone who has had this problem should do the same. If we Unite we can make changes. December 21, 2011 Here is their address and telephone number: Pfaltzgraff CO Corporate Office | Headquarters Bowman Road York, PA 17401 (717)792-3544

I purchased Pfaltzgraff Everyday Taos set. Since I have a large family, I had to purchase four services for four at a cost of $70 a piece. I seem to have the same problem everyone else posting here does. After a few months, the dishes all have chips and cracks. I am very disappointed in the quality. I had an old set of Pfaltzgraff (Tea Rose patter) which I received as a wedding present 25 years ago. I only got rid of them because I wanted to change my dishes. I don't know what the company is doing, but the quality of their dishes has really slipped. I will be writing a letter to the company as well.

I bought an Everyday living set from a kitchen store online and am shocked with the poorness of quality. Not only do they chip easily, but every piece has a big chip after only a few months. Also, the glaze is crackled on every piece. If that's not enough, the mugs interior, especially near bottom, has turned rough as if someone sanded the surface. When we microwave them, they turn burning hot! What else could possibly go wrong?

I have had the Pfalzgraff 'Sonoma' pattern for about a year and am extremely unhappy with the poor quality of the dinnerware - it chips and breaks at the slightest touch! I have had other pfalztgraff dinnerware sets for over 20 years with absolutely no chipping or breaking, so I was extremely astonished and dissappointed with this new set. I will never purchase another Pfaltzgraff product again!

Your "Pfaltzgraff Everyday Early Bird" dinnerware is very poor quality. I have not had it for an entire year and thus far I have had to return several peices of the two setting to where I purchased it,if I still had the boxes I would return all of it! The glaze is cracking on nearly every piece, which is what the original problem was on the peices I returned to the store! I am extremely disappointed with the product! Some of the plates are lopside, most items havecracking glaze allowing stains, and easy to chip make this consumer think twice about purchasing any more Pfaltzgraff products, a name that I always thought & grew up believing, was synonnomous with QUALITY!

Your "Patio Garden" dinnerware set is of poor quality in that all the plates chip very easily. The size of the dinner plates are too large for the standard dishwasher because the width interferes with the dishwasher blades from rotating. Very disappointing product.

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