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This company as well as Staples belong in the same category for customer service, AWFUL and ignorant. If I could I would rate them in the negative column.

I went to the location on Providence highway in Boston ma. They're horrible costumer services. No one knows nothing about anything. I didn't get my discount at the register because the cAshier was on the run outside for a cigarette. After I notice I didn't get my discount I aproched them and they were very nasty about helping me. I always go there and I always spend $100.00 or more, but from now on I will NOT ever go to any petco stores. Too expensive too.

Customer Service is terrible

I signed up for a repeat delivery order but before I did so I called customer service and asked when will the charge be made. The man told me I wouldn't be charged until the day of shipment. So I made the order. Here comes 2 days before the date of shipment I picked, and I get charged. I called the customer service number which is overseas somewhere and I get nothing. All they could do is cancel my repeat order and see if they can try to stop the shipment. I wanted a refund and they couldn't do it. This was the worst customer service I ever encountered. Now I will be switching my dogs food again and going to a local non-corporate pet store to get his food.


Return was never credited to me after two months of calling. I had to sue Petco in small claims court to get my money back. Even now, 5 months later, I am awaiting payment.

BEWARE of Petco Products

After I gave my dog a Multi Tastic Oral Care Dental Bone, she became seriously ill and had to be rushed to the emergency. Almost $400 in vet bills later and smelling the bones, the vet instructed me to get rid of dental bones and contact Petco. I did both. Petco couldn't have cared less.

dragon owner

I buy food for my bearded dragon. When buying worms, there are more dead than alive in the carton!. Happens over and over, and all they say, is sorry.

run as fast.as you can

Stay away from ads for Internet sale. Will gladly take your money and tell you product will be delivered in 7 days. Several days later you will get a email saying back ordered. Try dealing with the Phillipines it's a joke rude and ignorant. Customer service has left the corporation. Only driven by money

Indian meal moth

Got a bag of cat food and a Bag of dog food from the 6090 West Behrend Drive Glendale, AZ 85308 Store When I open the bag it was full of Indian meal moths, Took the bags back and the new ones also had the same bugs. Best thing is now they are all over my house THANKS PETCO! btw your store is full of them too!

horrible to work for

I agree with "can't say" Petco is not great to work for, all corporate cares about is grooming employees selling extras and how high the numbers are. I care about the animals. And making customers happy and then the numbers will rise. My store recently had a general manager change, the store has gone to hell. Its sad to see but nothing anyone can do. WAKE UP CORPORATE PETCO!

Are you kidding me?

My husband just brought my dog home. we had an 11 appt made 2 1/2 weeks ago. they told him it would be 2 hours. (he's a westie) he waited 4 hours and went into the store and they hadn't done anything but shave parts of his back. (westies have long hair) he asked for the dog back and was charged $15 for nail trimming. Joke is on us, because he paid it and the dogs nails hadn't been touched. took pictures and now i'm going to contact corporate office. What a joke!!!


I am upset and disappointed that the groomer in Portland, Oregon- NE Glisan store was unable to work with my Shi tzu. He is a mellow little character. She refused him service. To me that means that I am no longer a Petco shopper. Sincerely, Adele S

Never go there

Never again! Your Kingman AZ store is the worse! Do You hire anyone over 15 years old? Called to get my dog groomed, How busy are they? Put hold, I waited and was told to call 911.I just wanted to get the dog groomed! You do such a poor job!ohsu

Price increase

Not sure if Petco will read this review so I will be very breif...In the last 30 days, I have seen our local Petco in NWA raise their prices between 15% and 20% across the board... I understand the need for price increases to help offset supplier increases and manage operating expenses. However; 20% is absolutely ridiculous and we will now be forced to shop elsewhere.

Lack of adequate fish food

This is supposed to be a pet store yet I have to drive past Petco to a different pet store to buy my Oscar food. That is absurd. My fish eats medium cichlid pellets. That is one of the basic foods to carry and they don't have it.

Petco.com horrible service!

This is one of the worst companies I have dealt with online. I was supposed to receive a shipment of live fish today that ordered online. The fish did not show up and I do not have a tracking number to trace them. Any customer service number I call goes to a call center in the Philiipines where the reps are totally clueless and refuse to connect you with anyone in the US. I will never buy anything from them online again!

Petco.com horrible service!

This is one of the worst companies I have dealt with online. I was supposed to receive a shipment of live fish today that ordered online. The fish did not show up and I do not have a tracking number to trace them. Any customer service number I call goes to a call center in the Philiipines where the reps are totally clueless and refuse to connect you with anyone in the US. I will never buy anything from them online again!

Preganant women Beware

My wife had a problem when she was at Petco in Orange,CA She is 7 months pregant. When she addressed the managment about the problem, they treated her so bad that she was shaking. GOOD GOING PETCO....

worst customer service ever

Tried to call in order to check on an update. Customer service did not take me seriously, all I was greeted with was a bad attitude. The whole time I was talking you could tell she only wanted to get me off the phone so she could go back to talking with who was ever giggling behind her. This is the worst company I have ever hurd or seen, the only people you get are eather very lazy or very un professional. Recommend to go to another pet company, one that actually cares

Upset customer

I was appalled to see many dirty cages and with my 20 year old who is aspiring to be a zoologist, pointed out dead fish, and other small vertebrates are laying dead in cages on other trips to this same store; that were obviously not kept up for many weeks. She has reptiles and voiced concern to me about an iguana near death and begged if she could buy it, where we just don't have any room for more reptiles, was disgusting. He was obviously sick, she said the temperature is impossible for his to shed properly! This Petco is in Greenwood IN, not far from Greenwood Park Mall. Pretty much children are hired to care for these exotic animals. There are older people in the store on some occasions but I have never seen anyone older that 18 at the register or caring for the animals. Need to get a handle on the care and humane treatment of animals in this store. Uncle Bills pet stores were in just as bad of shape when we went to obtain a kitty a few years back. I am x-military and you need to take a lesson from the armed forces and FIELD DAY THAT STORE!!! CLEAN it with a fine tooth comb! Get someone in there that has an animal degree to over see that store, hire vet-techs and pay them a salary that is reflective of what they do. How sad to purchase an animal and have a child become attached and have it die. My children may be grown, but that is no way to live in the first place forsaken in a cage where no one cares if the animal lives or dies from day to day!

cherry picking

I went in on a Sunday to the Orange location on Katella in city of Orange Ca. I did not have an appointment, but they were familiar with my dog at this grooming location. I asked if there was an opening to trim and shampoo my medium sized dog. The red headed girl with glasses named Sara said she will check. So she went to the back for a out 5 minutes. Meanwhile there was a couple there before me that had an appointment with a large dog. It was their first time and they did not have their shot papers to get their dog accepted in. So after 10 minutes of me standing there a groomer came up from the back and took a look at my dog through the glass and I heard her groan. Then the red headed girl Came out and i was still standing there waiting. Then i saw a hand from the back knock on the glass partition to get the Sara's attention to go to the back. When Sara came back she started paging for her manager who was no where to be found. Then she looked at me and said we can't take your dog today. And right in front ofe she refused the dog of the couple that had an appointment due to their lack of paperwork. She asked them for another appt , they refused and said they are going to another groomer. I then asked her if I could take their spot and she said no. So 25 minutes went by of my time and then I get a no even though there was a cancellation right in front of me. This is not the first time I have had issues with this location. I will not ever go again.

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