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Dirtiest shop ever

At the Reno, Nv store. This is by far the dirtiest shop I've ever been in. Cigarette butts all over the floor and garbage everywhere. I definitely won't be back.


I have a complaint about Pepboys at 6511 Foothill Blvd. Tujunga,California 91042. Took our car in two separate times, one for an oil change. I was quoted over the phone a price of $34.00 and when I came to pick up the car, I was charged $55.00. The other incident was a complete brake job and was quoted $189.99 by Milton. When we got there, the price had changed to over $500.00.


By far the worst customer service I have ever experience. I trusted Pep Boys to repair my vehicle. Instead they caused more damages, refused to take responsibility, refused to refund my money and asked that I pick up the vehicle unrepaired. I would HIGHLY suggest not using this company. They are unprofessional, unreliable and dishonest. My situation has been going on for 17 days with NO RESOLUTION.


Bad customer service. Just walked into Stevens Creek store and was told that all parts personnel were on break. I was then asked to go to the tire department to get an oil filter. The tire department said to ask front counter, front counter said to ask anyone else in the store. I am going to O'Reilly. Wow

tried calling the pep boys in toms river nj for a part two nights in a row at 7:00 pm and both nights no one answered the phone , i'll move on to another part store now and never use them again.

no one is home

tried calling the pep boys in toms river nj for a part two nights in a row at 7:00 pm and both nights no one answered the phone , i'll move on to another part store now and never use them again.

Almoost 4 hrs wait time for oil change in Streamwood

I had a horrible experience with Pep Boys here in Streamwood waiting almost 4 hours for an oil change ? they seemed to forgot about me even I asked them about my service but this guy admitted he forgot to take my car in and still waited longer after that.This is a very bad experience,they were not even busy and I went there other times for other services and they were very slow also. A tire bought from them last year and supposed to be honored by replace it with a new one as this tire was shreding the customer service guy told me that they don't have that kind of tires and sent me to a different tire store to buy one when he could've replace it with a different brand they have there.Very bad...

Bogus Warranties

Beware Pep Boys and their warranty. Paid $600+ for alternator installation to include warranty for labor just to insure the mechanic actually know what they were doing. Alternator went bad two months later (and 900 miles away) and according to replacement mechanic first install was defective. Pep Boys Service Manager went out of his way to throw up roadblocks to providing a credit. They place the burden on the customer even going so far as to suggest the claim has somewhow been manufactured, as if we didn't have better things to do with our time than hang at Pep Boys. I'm done with this place.


Pep boys on Tara blvd Jonesboro is a rip off..


i have been taking my vehicle to pepboys in san antonio on marbach rd. everytime ive had to return my vehicle because it is never fixed properly. n i have spent thousands. but i go back coz of warrenties. i feel that machanic fixes one thing n breaks another. plz check with this location n seriously review ur machanics. we r what keeps u n business. will be going to media.

STR 0743 Niles St Bakersfield CA

Worst Place in Bakersfield to go...go to oreilly go to Autozone go to Carquest but by God do not go to Pepboys not just niles st but Fst or Planz man thats the worst desicion you can make. Went in for a fuel system clean on a vw Jetta paid $79.99 and just to be told that nothing could be done. Ripp OFF seriously now was told by service manager and store manager that nothing could be done after paying for towing and losing time for nothing. Bunch of incompeetent wanna be mechanics. All theyre mechanics suck really thats a service center wow......WOW.....WOW....hahhahhah please do NOT go to PEPBOYS.....

terrible employees

My boyfriend works for a pep boys on the east coast. I cannot begin to explain the problems I have with this company. Not only do they treat their customers like morons but their work is shorty and not due to the training which is a great program... But instead because of their managers that have hired the worst of the worst of employees. He has come home bleeding for this company for 3 years now putting his back and blood to complete the jobs because of his love for him s community and he is broken mentally due to being bullied by management who let 10 employees smoke for 30 minutes at a time all together and than when he asks for help cleaning the shop they scold him for being lazy. this is why this company is a joke...they let these things go on and on and push out their good employees and keep hiring the bottom of the barell scum

Rip Off

Purchased a lifetime Alternate which is not lifetime at all. Had a problem with it. Went in the employee checked it out and charged us $46.00 for nothing as he said their was no problem. My husband left the light came on again and he went back. The Manger told him he needed a pulley a belt and oth er items with a total cost of $ close to $700.00 which my husband declined. They than told him they would not put the new alternator on with out the belt after it was all done our total was $230.00. They did not even take off the orginal amount pade of $46.00. They also informed us that the new alternated is not life time. The store on route 18 in East Brunswick nj is a rip off and they will suck you dry for every penny they can. there is no such thing as a lifetime warranty

Review Manager/Hollywood

The Manager at Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood,California. I needed Parts for my classic car. I called the store and the lady was so sharp who answered the phone. She knew all the parts immediately without looking up or putting me on hold to check. Never met such a person in a parts Dept.. I told her I have to tell the manager about you how fabulous you are. She said she is the manager, thank you. I said well I have to tell the Higher up about You. Her name is Lucy Ortiz, Retail Manager #604, Hollywood, Calif. Pep Boys. The company is lucky to have her as one of their team. A beautiful smile also. A Gem. Fabulous. Regards, Yvette

Are you kidding me?

My 17 year son went to get an oil change, I warned him about being bullied into work we did not need. He was asked about filters but declined. The bill was $100. He was charged for inspection, emission testing and an oil change. The car had been inspected 5 months ago! Honest mistake or taking advantage of a new driver?


Your company has to be the worst when it comes to customer serviceI have never been treated so badly by a company. I work hard for my money and to have a company like your just take it is not fair or right and I will be contacting legal representation.

You do not deserve a rating one 1-Star. The only reason it is listed is this system requires one to mark at least one. In other words, you are less than a "ZERO". Your employees in Atlanta (Piedmont) are dimwhitted-jackasses. If this franchise was the last place I would HAVE to visit in order to maintain my car, that will be the time for a bicyle. Ugh! The thought of you pisses me off. Driving by one of your locations, pisses me off even more. You jerks!


Bought a replacement tire in march Found out it wasnt put on the rim properly. Made my car wobble on the right side.manager said he dosent know how they could of even balanced the tire.

This company sucks

Wanted front tires rotated to rear as back tires were better but they said best tires must be on back only "company policy" but actually only recommended so they won't rotate for me. This company only wants to sell you more tires. Despicable. I hate to even give a star at all.


I visited the pep boys in garner nc at 730 pm on 5/3/13 and wanted a nail removed from my tire and was told that the store was about to close and that they would be unable to help me so I spent $10 for a can of fix a flat and tried to repair it myself, when a man drove up wanting to purchase a tire and they proceeded to put it on for him. They only cater to the customer that spends the most money? I will never visit another pep boys again!!!

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