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when renewing nu subscription I was connected to a very rude pushy outsource individual. so I will now renew

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I am writing to you for my 84 year old mother. We both love the magazine but she has paid for the magazine but is not receiving them. She received another notice that she would no long receive them until she renewed them. On January 21, 2012, check #10436 for $179.00 was set and cashed for People Magazine. The Control number is 051-2P - 34148, for a 1 year renewal. Her name is Martha Lucas, 139 Hunsaker Street, Fairmont, WV 26554. I have e-mail the customer service@publisherspayment.com twice. 1st Customer Service Rep.#1497 on July 16 and Customer Service Rep#1059 on July 31. They said they are looking into it. She continues to receive a renewal bill for it. I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible and she starts receiving her magazine, and stop sending her a renewal bill. Thank you for your time and help with this matter. Sincerely Betty L. Schmidt daughter bschmidt49@comcast.net

I second what Judy Key said as well. Same exact thing happened to me. Checked my payment history and am current on payments. Your online site is worthless! As a long time customer this is very irritating! Certainly will make me think twice about renewing.

I have indicated on my bill that I am canceling my subsrciption....and you continue to bill me. Please take care of this matter for me. account 271303387. Sincerely, Holly Kristoff

I am a long time subscribeer...pay my monthly installment bill on time...just received a threatening letter: Account Overdue Subscription suspended It has NO PHONE NUMBER...says to got www.paypeoplemag.com....that does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says "you are a valuable subscriber....what a way to show it.....whoever Cathy Long is ( Customer Service...name on letter) is not only incorrect...my subscription is PAID...but she is the ULTIMATE RUDE. Congrats, Cathy. I'll let everyone know the irritating tactics you exercise in the name of customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to cancel my magazines order now! Thank You, Rosemary Goff

I want to cancel my magazines order now! 1616-742-6672: 49504 Thank You, Rosemary Goff

I am sending a letter to the headquarters about how stuip your accounting department is but I dough any one will be smart enough to read it. ROGER EDWARDS

found address but had no luck with your site finding corp directory

The information and customer service is worthless. The PH# printed at the top of the web page will never be answered by anyone

have you covered the wedding of Pedro Taylor father of the late Sean Taylor of the Redskins who was killed in a home invasion,wedding occured in september 2010 if you have not covered obtained all pictures of ceremony etc.,pls contact me 305 386 8018

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