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They lie to you to keep your money longer

I've called Paypal 14 different times to be told that I need to call the other division. Waited 48 minutes to speak with manager only to be hung up on. Then I was told they could release my money because of "glich" in the system that wouldn't release my money


these scumbags just keep taking money out of my account. i have been billed 3 times for the same thing .does anyone know where their uk office is ? how do you give a rating of less than zero.

why must i give my credit card to get pay pals number

I demanded my money back pay punk is a pimp for ebayand they must be shut down look at all of the victims this is insane the fight to get my money back is federally wrong in every way I am becoming a criminal ill never get convicted

Used a Visa card for years with Pay Pal..switched to another card for a month...today 7/28/2013, tried to switch back to my original visa card...Pay Pal automatically charged my card $1.95, to verify it was my card, I have used the original card for years with them...but, anything to make a buck...It was only $1.95, but its the principal, they lost me as with Ebay.

disappointed custmer

I'm a very disappointed customer you expect us to pay for what we sell immediately but yet we have to wait and wait till we get paid for what we sold? the purpose of this is a safe transaction and safe products so each parties are paid for what they bought I am very unhappy with this whole company and I will be removing my account I'm tired of the games and the wait that I have to do to get paid for what I sold it's not worth it any longer

Customer service?

Trying to report a fraudulent transaction committed by PayPal, I was left on hold over 6.5 hours so far. I'm still on hold and haven't spoken to anybody yet today. Made a purchase in June & cancelled it due to wrong item. Seller was very kind. Two weeks later PayPal is still pursuing completing this transaction. Two weeks after the transaction was cancelled, PayPal took money out of my PayPal account and paid the seller again?!? WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THIS PLANET!! DOES NOT CARE AT ALL ABOUT CUSTOMERS OR WHAT THEY WANT OR NEED.


I recently received an e mail advising me of a charge that was obviously not made by me to purchase a phone from Australia for shipment to a Mohammed Amlal in New York. I reside in California. Pay Pal was immediately advised of the fraud on June 28. On June 9 I received a notice that Pay Pal apparently decided to go ahead and submit the charge. I immediately tried to contact Pay Pal all to no avail. I contacted my bank and was advised that they had received at least one other claim that Pay Pal had gone through with a charge that the card holder claimed was fraud. Going back to the web site I noticed that they no longer have a dispute listed for me. I attempted to re-submit my claim but on each occasion the robot indicated that the transaction number submitted by pay pal was invalid. I am going to attempt to shut down my accounts with both Pay Pal and their parent E Bay as it seems their security leaves a lot to be desired and their idea of customer service is only accurate if you define "service" as what a male bull does to a cow ti impregnate her. It is almost impossible to get hold of anything other than a robot at this place.

SCAM ! ! !

I accidentally pushed a wrong button and got "Bill Me Later" Now it is 7 months later and bill for my slip of the finger is up to $167!! Yes I called to cancel 7 ago, but they must have lost that call. Lets all get together and file a class action lawsuit!! I can be found on Facebook and am a willing participant!!

SCAM ! ! !

I accidentally pushed a wrong button and got "Bill Me Later" Now it is 7 months later and bill for my slip of the finger is up to $167!! Yes I called to cancel 7 ago, but they must have lost that call. Lets all get together and file a class action lawsuit!! I can be found on Facebook and am a willing participant!!


I purchased something and used Pay Pal. The vendor, Living Social, did not provide the services outlined and I made a claim. Pay Pal sent me an email saying that they had found in my favor and when I provided the proof they required for refund, suddenly they reversed their decision and said I was no longer entitled to the refund. People, stop using Pay Pal! Credit Card companies stand behind their services-be safe and use them instead!

Paypal sucks!

Robs from the poor and lives like king! So many stories of repeated fraud We must fight to win collectively. Disabled on SS frozen funds just another victim of paypal 5 yrs of good service 100% positive feedback ROBBED they should ALL be in Federal Prison One day they will FALL and I so want to watch and rally on the troops! KC's Heart!

Property Manager

As long as I live, I will not ever use paypal again bad experience it's going on a month and I'm still waiting on paypal to release my pending money I'm going to report them to the BBB so I can get my money I thought this website was security or is it paypal that will take my money. After I get my money I will never use paypal again.

the butchers on the planet ebay and paypal. without giving any reason they have blocked my pay pal and ebay account. paypal with 1265 euro and ebay account with 100 % feedback. unbelieveable. dont know what to do.

I opened a Paypal with selling on Ebay the reason. In the meantime I have used it for puchases (no Ebay). I have tried to dispute 3 items and while waiting I found a 4th. there is no way to contact Paypal that I can see and I see no indication that the disputes are being worked on. I notice many people complaining, what is the problem?

I have been trying to get my password reset and they keep sending me the same email info. I tell them that it does not work, there is some other problem, but still they persist in sending the same email with the same useless information. I found a phone number finally and called, but even then I had to be passed to another dept which, surprise surprise, was closed. They have no idea what customer service is.

I had so much trouble with paypal releasing my funds once my item sold on ebay that I would not NOT reccommend EvER using paypal. I reaLLY fee like I am being punished as a seller because my funds are being held even after my package was confirmed delivery by usps & the buyer has alreay given me a positive review on Ebay. I am so disappointed with paypal! Will not use them in the futre.

I just waited 20 minutes to speak to a PayPal Agent, the reason, a $500.00 refund vanished from my account. After the wait I was concected to an operator whose command of the English Language was so poor, I could not understand what she was saying. I asked to speak to a supervisor. This time 25 minutes goes by, and when I finally reach a Supervisor, they tell me that they seem to be having problems with the History Page for accounts, so much so that my REFUND, Disappeared! I received another refund on the same day, this one for a lessor sum, $25.00 that was in my transaction history, SO WHY WOULD THE LESSER SUM BE SHOWN AND THE GREATER SUM NOT SHOWN? THE ANSWER IS PAYPAL IS TRYING TO RIP US OFF! IT WAS NOT UNTIL I SAID I WOULD CALL THE FBI AND FILE A WIRE FRAUD COMPLAINT THAT THEY JUST HAPPENED TO FIND THE TRANSACTION AND THEN TOLD ME IT WOULD BE IN MY ACCOUNT IN THE MORNING! I DO NOT TRUST PAYPAL AND WILL NOT BE USE THEM AGAIN FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS!

Surprisingly well-written and inorfmatvie for a free online article.

Paypal has more than screwed me. A client paid me a significant amount of money as a bonus, and then a few weeks later a client she had filed a charge back on her (for something stupid and fraudulent on the charge back filers end) and since as paypal says the last place her money was was sent to my account I owe them the 20 GRAND (and the client who paid me never gave me anywhere near 20 Grand) and have also taken 2500 from another account I had after they found it was me then took my husbands account as well. I have been fighting with them via phone and getting no where. The client who had the charge back filed on her even asked why they are after me for the money when it was her account in question and their response is "we cant give you information on her account" she even tried to make payment arrangements to fix it and they give her the same response.

WHO IS EBAY?Every day this disgusting giant Dictatorship, tears away more, and more at the litlte guys human rights. As you can see, they are above the LAW, right here in Amerika! Now they're telling YOU, IF, and WHEN, you're going to get paid! We desperately need, a union formed against this monster NOW, otherwise the next thing you know, IT will be telling you, when you can go to sleep at night! WE THE PEOPLE, have the power! Without us, they are nothing! But, we can only take back the reigns, if WE UNITE, the old American way, and go on STRIKE! And force this despicable giant to the table. We are completely SICK, of them telling us, what THEY are going to do to US NEXT! So lets do something about it, instead of cowering in the corner, and complaining about what they have done to you. We need a UNION against this disgusting monster now! Time to step up, and show them, WHO IS EBAY!

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