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Ten days to wear through a pair of shoes is horrible quality. Will never buy from you again.


On July 28, 2015, around 4:00 pm I Went to purchase a shoe for my daughter at 37-40-74th St. Payless Jackson Heights Branch and choosing shoes on the shelf so I looked at the boxes stacked above and thought I saw what I wanted there. I was trying to put on her feet as I wanted a proper size, suddenly a sales associate name Joane or Gowanski appeared and she started to yell at me, she was so rude and told me that not to mess anything, I told her that I didn’t do any mess I’m just trying to get a proper size for my daughter but she was kept yelling which was totally unexpected and disrespectful. I have never had this type of experience before, it’s totally disappointing because I like to shop at Payless, I find it to be very disrespectful and unprofessional of her as a sales associate, she doesn’t know how to talk with customers. She is the rudest employee ever. I’m requesting to take an action on Joane or Gowanski or else payless will lose their customers.

Bad store policy!

They only give partial store credit for items and don't think to inform the consumer!

closing early

It makes me mad when you go to a store and there closed before it's time..Gainesville tx.

bad boss

the boss ingram mall in san antonio tx there two males boss are chovespigs they like push women around bad for your business in your store badbad bosses!

Dear Sir,

I have been buying shoes from your company for twenty years and have always been delighted with them until this year. I purchased school shoes for my two grandaughters in Aug. 2014 and they didnt wear them till Nov 1, 2014 and they are full of holes . I bought last year in sept 2013 and they lasted the whole Year. What happend??I asked if there was a recall at the store and they said no!!!

Rude Assistant Manager

The Elizabeth City Payless store has a Rude Assistant Manager. I can only imagine how she treats her employees.

Used shoes???

Bought a pair of sandals on sale for $9. What a steal! Until ki got home and opened it up. Security tag still on shoe. What's worse. I turned them upside down and they were dirty!! I pulled the sticker off the bottom, very surprising and disappointing.

Customer service SUCKS

My wife went school shopping a while back in Lethbridge Alberta. We live about an hour and a half away. While there she went to the south Lethbridge payless shoes to get new shoes for the boys. Unfortunately, once she got home, she found that the sales person had packed two right shoes in one of the boxes. She phoned right away and they told her that when ever she made it back to town, they would have the left shoe there. So, today she went in to get the left shoe, and guess what. They didn't have it there. Then the salesman tells her the Lethbridge north store has the shoe. So she drives all the way across the city only to find they don't have the shoe there either, and the salesman at the south store was told this on the phone by the salesperson at the north store. I guess a customers time doesn't amount to much in the eyes of payless shoes. We will never buy there again. I will gladly pay a little extra for some decent customer service.

I was at payless in the Columbia center mall in Kennewick wa. And the associate that helped me was very rude. And didn't seem like she liked her job at all. I over heard her talking bad about another customer in the store. I didn't think that was very appropriate. I went in last week and the customer service was horrible. This short lady with curly blonde hair was very rude. I don't think I'll be going there ever again. I think this store needs new associates that actually love their job.

Rude Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager is very rude she has a nasty attitude I will not shop at payless any more because she is very unprofessional. I walked out of payless and went to Macy,s and brought me some shoes 2 pairs they had a good sell, would not have went to Macy's if the assistant manager was not nasty and rude to me and to others and the employees, the way she talks to them is unreal. Who hired her?


My experience was horrible, the worker was talking back to me and showing me a ton of attitude, and told me to go **** myself, I well never in a million years put a penny into the store. I would give it a 0/5 stars if that was an option. Don't wasn't you valuable time/money on this store, it's not worth it.

The Spiderman Light up Sneakers

I have always bought my shoes, husbands shoes, & kids shoes at this store. But no more. I bought a $22.00 pair of boys Light up Spiderman sneakers for my son. 3 weeks later they are headed for the garbage can. They came apart. This is terribly disappointing to me.

Wonderful and helpful

Went to Payless in Flint, Mi Genesee Crossing location and the sales associates were so pleasant and helpful. I enjoyed my experience and found great buys!

well i work at Payless and i like it so far

Unpleasant visit

Met the most rude person at the Ocean County Mall, Toms River NJ Payless Shoe store yesterday! The rude person was the store manager!


I shop at chicago IL Payless shoes source. Located on 47 kedzie. Poor management. The managers looks straight from the streets. Everyone should get fire on that store!!!

Management does illegal things

How we are treated as a Store employee is awful. The Assistant Manager lies to employees, takes off when the Store Manager is not around, does not give us our breaks as required by law. You might want to check out the Phoenix Stores. We are promised things but they never deliver. Awful!

Payless said I have outstanding check so I been trying to clear,because have not wrote to Playless so if I take something back walmart a bad check up what I do about this? HELP!!!

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