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Worst store and manager

The Valencia store next to the Walmart shopping center is terrible. The manager is some rude older lady whom is very unprofessional. I liked the old management very much, this new manager is just horrible and needs to get fired!!!

Slender man? REALLY???

So, really Part City, you feel the need to capitalize on the attempted murder of a child?? what next. Adolfo Hitler costumes? Isis terrorists? This is how you need to make money? NO thanks! I will shop at Halloween City.


I love the store and the great prices!!!

Anybody home?

No one ever answers the phone at corporate or returns phone calls!!!! Is anybody home? Does anyone work? Who is Vicky Cline? I have left her many messages and no response! So frustrating and such poor customer service!


Why is our local Party City store asking for donations for Childrens' Hospital in Oregon when their corporate offices are in New Jersey. We have a local Childrens' Hospital here where my donations go.

Balloons suck???

Tried to order balloons over the phone (which I have done for the last 15 years). Realize recently I've had to leave a credit card and charge it at once which is just fine but am told now that you have to come in order them in person. The wait on Woodruff Road at this time of year is about 45 minutes. So you are telling me that I have to wait 45 minutes today and then at least 45 minutes tomorrow to pick up a dozen balloons. Having been a VERY GOOD customer for 15 years, I guess I'll have to say adios!!! CRAPPY customer service. I would rate it a ZERO but it won't let me do tht.

Never A Manager to Fix Their Mistakes

They messed up and charged my card, but had no order or record. When I requested to speak to a manager they told me there was none available. They would take down my info and someone would return my call. Never a call, and upon 10 other calls same thing, no management available and they wouldn't transfer me to billing, nothing. There's no accountability, nothing. Worst business, worst customer service and worst follow through take your business elsewhere.

Customer Service

America is the best place for business. Even if you have very bad products, customer service, and the highest price, still, you get some customers. I bought 7 sets of plates at the 10500 Roosevelt Blvd store and when I opened one set, three plates were broken. because of that, I did not open any more packages. So I tried to return it, but they said that they will only allow me to return six packages, but not the seventh because i opened it. Then the manager was very rude and insulted me. She said to go buy a shirt, wear it for a week, and give it back to the store. They even called the police saying that I'm disturbing their business.This is the worst customer service i have ever experienced. I also found better products at much cheaper prices at the local supermarket.

Since when is a check not a form of payment at party city or maybe its because I'm black...wth man. My strip on my debit card didn't work so I have a new one coming and I couldn't even write a check for my stuff. I even leave to get the cash came back And the stuff was a diffefent price then what she rang up before...

ontario mills manager

i was looking for a gift for mothers day for my mother and i found a manager named marie and asked her for a help since she's a manager and all but i guess i was wrong.As i ask her question or if she could check the back for what i was looking for she just did her thing and rolled her eyes at me.already being rude but then as im speaking she leaves and never shows up but has someone else go to me while she talked and laughed with another employee.I was expecting better from this store but i guess i was wrong this store need to learn how to be polite to customers and receive them friendly.we have to rate wow i would give them 0 stars!


On May 4th 2013, I went to Party City in Commack NY. I only needed 2 balloon for my son who was turning 7 that day. When the employee who name is Gabi asked what I needed and I told her just 2 balloons. She told me they weren't blowing up balloons for walk ins until after 4pm because they had a lot of orders to complete . I went in at 10am asking for two balloons. Are you kidding me??!!! Then as I was paying that same girl Gabi had the nerve to tell me to go to Cedarhurst paper to get my balloons. Very poor service. I will not be going back to this store.

Never Got Package!!!!

I purchaced an order April 11, 2013 for my sons birthday. They took the money out of my account but never sent me anything. This is sad poor service.

poor customer service

The party city in round rock has horrible customer service skills the manager name Annette. ..is rude dont know how to speak to customers ...will be reporting her and will not shop there again

Items not delivered

I feel I should have gotten an apology for my order not been delivered. The only the associate said was that she would reimburse me my money. It was my grandson 3rd birthday. 515 Lauren's St. Chesnee SC 29323


Joey, manager of Party City in Chesapeake,Va (Battlefield Blvd) is amazing. He helped me find numerous items... his patience and friendly attitude is great. His knowledge of knowing the products in that store is awesome!!! You should be proud to have him represent your company.

I was at your store on Monroe Street in Toledo Ohio on Mon. Feb 4th looking for a tiara and a crown. They had 29 crowns for a man somewhere in a box and they decide they were halloween merchandise packed away and would not look for them. Do they not know it is MardiGras time and people are looking for crowns at this time!!! I was very upset about this!!! They said I could pay $25 extra and order it online to get it on time for the VFW function on Saturday Feb.9th. What happened to really helping the customer out. Karen E. Seguin

Poor customer service

We took balloons back to the store for return in less than 24 hours and the sales person and management was very rude and refused to take it back. Very poor customer service. Camp Creek Store East Point, Georgia

horrible management

I was hired back in July of 2012 and had management praise me up and down for the great work i was doing. About a week or two into working for the company the head manager approached me and asked if i would like a team lead manager position and that this would happen after the holiday (Halloween). I worked every day possible and then some. Hurricane Sandy hit and i missed two days of work with no power and no way of getting there. I called every chance i got and no one ever answered. I returned to work on my next shift and was told that i had quit which i had done nothing of the sort. I called the head manager on his next shift and told me that i never wanted to work overnight(I was the one who pushed for an overnight crew). I never stayed later or came in early( I stayed every day i was asked). And that i didn't call during a power outage that i was not able to come to work. Also that i left early during the hurricane when in reality i was told by management to leave. A couple of days later i confronted my manager who would not give my terms of release in writing because he didn't know how to do that. Never work for this company. All management ever did at this store was sit in the back room and talk about coffee.

I worked for halloween city in norfolk,VIRGINIA. I was the sign waver,but as I worked there, I saw thar my inthusiasum to want to do more to help my store was met reluctance. I feel as if I was being descriminated because of my wheelchair. My coworkers even ask the manager jim wht can't I be allowed to do more. the assisstant manger voted me for zombi of the week he didnt even want to do that!!!!!! My life is hard enough & finding a job aint easy either but to find 1 & be made to feel like I van't preform like everybody else is just WRONG

I went into the Highland location in Memphis Tennessee to purchase a Halloween costume. I stood in line for about twenty minutes to find out the costume was out of stock. I then had to search the wall for another costume and stand in line again. I finally received a Dark Vader costume for my 12 year old son; however, when I got home there was no cape or belt. I tried contacting the store for over an hour and the line was busy. Because I had to be at work I rushed to Walmart to purchase a different costume. At 6:50 p.m. someone finally answered the phone. I spoke with Michael, the store manager, and was told accessories are not put in the bags until after they have been purchased. WOW! At any rate customers are not notified of this policy and employees do not communicate this information. After admitting the Party City error he told me that he could not refund my money. Really? Hell no if I have to litigate this matter I will because that is an unethical business practice and they received money for contents detailed on the packaging that were not inside. I will never ever patronize Party City and will pass this information along to all my friends and family via Facebook and Twitter! They truly have pissed me off and I will not let it ride.....

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