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Great Pizza

We love Papa John's pizza! The customer service obviously depends on management and luckily we have a great manager at our local store. The pizza is the best around and the prices are great also.

Worst experience

Worked for Papa Johns in Cherryville store number 3920 up until stopped receiving pay. I quit 9/4/2014 because I hadn't been paid correctly in over a month and half... Tried to get contact information for Corporate and cant seem to get anywhere.

Bad Service

After 40min, the driver call and when I spoke to him was very rude about my order, he hang up on me, so I don't need this kind the service's, I like so much papa john's pizza, but not the way they do services

Bad Service

Second review, I forgot the store, is 7221 S Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, ca. I will never order again.

Store hours

Worker locked door at 9:40 after I placed order online he said lobby was closed . The door clearly states 10p but he was very rude and said his watch said 10p... Knightdale NC

store 228 in Jacksonville

This store's products are great. The pizzas served here are so much better thsn the surrounding areas. The customer service and hospitality is very well executed. Great service!

My pizza was cold and it was no better than a Little Ceasar 5 dollar pizza. To much crust, not a lot of cheese and the sauce lacked seasoning. Toppings tasted good but just not a good pizza.

Escondido s center city

Place needs an inspection. And new staff.


Worked for the company for 6 months had no problems delivering but don't appreciate being checked out on a run 10 minutes before the order is actually ready to go. All because he is worried about his numbers. - olives spilled on spilled onto the floor one day he just wanted to rinse them off and cook them. - Grand Prairie, TX


I think it's pretty bad when you order a large order is bread sticks and you get one cheese. Guess ill start going somewhere else. I've left messages asking if this is all papa johns or just ours. No answer, thanks Papa - you need better customer service

No delivery

On Saturday, March 22, I placed an online order my order was cancelled but no one called to tell me. Per manager they stopped delivering to this area in September 2013. We moved from another state to the area in October and had pizza delivered from this store several times. We paid for our pizza online but was told we had to wait for a refund. I made a complaint by phone and online. I was told a manager would contact me. I am still waiting. We will find another pizza restaurant.

Worse sevice ever

I called to order a pizza,from the loacation in golden valley mn,which I live not even 3 blocks away and was told they do not deliver in my area, I do not like how I was treated,co head pls shut this location down bad sevice ever!!!!!!!


The Papa Johns in Bowling Green KY just told us they never heard of the KOA Campground where we are staying so they cannot deliver. This is after having to call since we cannot access a menu on their website. We'll find someplace to order dinner but are very disappointed that a major chain restaurant is so difficult to place an order with

Order for delivery they told me 45 to. 1hr the driver got to my door 1hr 28 min later I was calling trying to find out where the driver was cause it was so late and the manger was rude didn't want to give a discount or give me a free soda but no I had to go and get my kids some thing to eat before bed now my kids got to bed late papa johns on bandera sucks never buying papa johns pizza ever again

I wish I could post a picture up but I've received some disgusting pizza from the one in Baltimore,Md on 33rd. street.. I took pictures and is going to show them to somebody in corporate because that was a waste of money.

will never orderfrom here again

We like our papa johns pizza when it's delivered hot. About half the time. However tonight after hearing of a local papa johns driver who was fired for being robbed we have decided that we won't be giving this company another chance. There are plenty of better places to go from now on. Store 1458

bad pizza

Went out for the new cheeseburger pizza. Was terrible. Didn't look at all like the pizza on commercial. Kids hated it. Store was in moline, il

Hamilton St, Somerset Location

An employee was making a pizza, when another employee asked for change for the resister. He walked over to his coat and took out a roll of money. After he made change, he went back to making the pizza. HE NEVER WASHED HIS HANDS!! Do you know how many hands a dollar bill touches in a year? OMG I will NEVER go to this location again in my life.

Every I order from the new Iberia la location. I have a problem and when I call the manager Nathan does not care. It's the worst! And they don't even try to make it right! You have a pizza job it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that customer satisfaction is number 1!

reduced size

So you finally did it. You took your large from 15"s to 14"s. Your menu prices are the same. You have the same specials, but ou are now making a smaller large. Your large is now a medium when compared to most Mom and Pop pizzarias. Your value for the dollar just sunk!!!!. It's a shame. Now you are like all the other chains.

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