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papa johns corporate

i have been trying to get my w2 from you guys for weeks now i have called to change my address even before you sent out w2 this is beyond ridiculous how long does it take to change my address when you got it even before u sent out w2

I ordered two large pizza pies at papa johns in Salisbury NC at 6:05 pm and didn't recieve my pizza until 9:20 pm. Will never order from them again.

Not Happy

I ordered 2 pizzas as I always do from the Goldsboro NC store. The pizzas they delivered were wrong. I tried to call back approx. 20 times between 8:15 and 8:40 and no one ever answered. Never again!

newark oh 43055

very bad service is all i can say this is the 2nd time ive ordered never got my garlic cups and 2 cheese cups called the store they said that they would send them out but they never came

payment with debit/visa card

To all who pay for their orders with debit/visa card beware that papa john's takes you 3 digit security code and enter into their system, thus putting your bank account at risk if they are ever hacked!!!!!!!!


WARNING! Papa Johns Pizza is NOT honoring their buy one get one large pizza for free as advertised on national TV. Got the complete run around from the manager in Cumming GA. You have just lost a 10 year customer! Very Poor customer service, employee service and misleading advertising!

Ripped off by Papa Johns

Horrible, horrible experience with Papa Johns. We were overcharged and when I went into the store to talk to the manager he told me there was nothing he could do about it and I could go online and write a bad review. Customer service is the one of the worst I've ever seen. I will never step foot into a Papa Johns store again.

papa johns countrt

This is Papa Johns Country! One nation, Under John, with pizza & service, for all.http://youtu.be/EWa8WLcucxg

I've never been so disrespected

I ordered a very large order and a soda today and when my order came back with no soda I called and asked that it be brought to me.. I was called a liar and told to suck it up basically... If I had my way the store would be shut down immediately. I strongly suggest someone get that place under control... The food is okay but honestly little ceasars is right up the road. Id rather eat cheaper and right away than wait 45 minutes to be unsatisfied.

Crappy pizza

Got a extra extra cheese pizza and there was no cheese on it sauce was showing called the Papa John's we ordered from and he did not care but completely rude you should look into this Papa

cynthiana ky store

we had a family lose their house to a fire which two adults didnt make it and left four kids behind so our store drivers is donating all their tips to the kids and i think these people need to be reconized for this taking away from their family to give to another god bless them and thanks papa johns workers


someone needs to do something with the district manager of Hodgenville. He is disrespectful and is a jerk to his employees. Will not ever go back there until he is gone.

horrible rude service!

I was visiting Washington and took my family to Normandy park papa johns on 1st ave and was treated extremely bad! The waiting time was over 30 minutes and when the pizzas were done the orders were wrong! I'm very disappointed in the service my family and I received. I'm now on the east coast and was thinking of trying papa johns here but since I was treated so poorly I am not sure if I want to pay for services at a company that treats its customers in that manner. Very disappointed!


The Pappas johns off of hilcroft has the worst service ever rude and do not like doing there job at all your in the busy to serve customer's if u don't wanna do your job give it to someone that's appreciative to have one it's alot of people looking for a job that wouldn't mind working

you lost a customer

I have been getting delivery from the Plymouth Indiana store ...now they its too far to deliver 5.64 miles but they will deliver in Argos Indiana at 8.94 ...and the gal on the phone was kinda snitty with me .... will never order from them agean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late food/bad service

Called food 15 minutes late, ordered extra sauce didn't get it, but paid for it, I tried to be nice by giving a tip to the driver then noticed he forgot to give my son the drink so I told him he forgot it, thank god he just forgot in the car. I called the store just to hear excuses, well it's friday? So we don't plan to schedule people for busy days now? I was asked if I atleast recieved my order? So I'll probably not order from you guys ever again. Thank you, Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro Tn

Really ??

I was only allowed to either have the garlic sauce or one little tiny seasoning sprinkle. I was told I could have one of each for an addtional 20 cents. REALLY ??? and plus the pizza was cold. FYI Pizza Hut lets you have handfuls of seasoning at no additonal cost. i am a 100% Pizza Hut customer in Roanoke, VA

Worst Service

This store does not honor the company policy. They have drivers that ask for tips and don't get the pizza correct. Then when trying to reach the GM, the people on duty give you the run-around and no one calls you back. I have decided not to use this company personally or for business purchases either.

bad service

my pizza was wrong and the manager only offered to give me a discount on my next order, when all i really wanted was my current order to be fixed.

Sorry service

I have had the worse service I have ever had on waiting a hour and half on a pizza. I would never use y'all again. Pizza Hut takes 30mins max.

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