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Panasonic the WORST!

45 min on hold just to be told they could not give me simple instructions on remote activation b/c I had general model name but not specific model number. Would ot pass me to supervisor. ALL those models have SAME codes for remote activation, deletions etc.!! Idiots who do not care about customers

Junk Microwaves

Bought less than a year ago, normal usage in a kitchen. Breaks. They say that isn't covered. Last Panasonic product. Ever.

Panasonic TV

I have purchased two Panasonic TV's one a 32" and a 55" and both stopped working after 1 year of minimum usage. I will no longer purchase a Panasonic brand anything.

Plasa Service

This company is the worst! Do not buy a TV from them. I bought one for $1500 3 years ago and it blew out twice! The second time the repair was $2500 which wasn't reasonable. Panasonic told me if I took it to a technician they would help me even tho I was out of warranty. I paid $80 to have it looked at then Panasonic declined to help me. Costing me more money towards a new tv. To make matters worse they told me I could just buy a tv on their website. They never offered a real discount even after all the trouble they put me through. What a terrible company. Do not buy from them. They have terrible service!


we have a panasonic plazma TC-P60ST60 TV that is about a month old and it stopped working. we have been getting the run around for about 30 days. all we want now is a replacement!! they claim they dont make the parts to fix ours but keep telling us someone will call back in 24 to 48 hours...its been 30 days and 15 calls and nothing!! HELP!!!!

CD/DVD Player DVDS27

I have owned two of these cd/dvd players in the past few years. Though I have have purchased Panasonic equipment in the past and have been quite satisfied with the performance, I am unhappy with the performance of this particular model. Both units failed after a few years. The issues are, the door will not close when the "close" button is pushed and the unit is unable to read what is in the unit whether a cd or dvd and will not play.


Average at best


Was going to ask a question but after reading the above, I may never get an answer


star crack on panel, company refused to fix. Damage is internal not external and the Plasma is still under 1 year warranty. Their contractor stated that crack in not caused by any pressure,/force from the outside, but inside the tv,

TV went out

I will never buy another Panasonic TV. I bought the 50 inches plasma. It went out 1 week after the warranty expire. The customer support team is no help. I'm telling everyone I know to not purchase any Panasonic product. They give you the run around and do not stand behind their products.

Have model number NN-T664SFX inverter microwave.The "paint" on the inside right corner has bubbled and is starting to flake off.When I called customer service they told me they could offer me a new microwave at "loyalty" price which equates to 10% off.The microwave is about 2 years old and I've never had the inside of any microwave bubble and flake off.Stay away from this microwave.

Panasonic TC-P42X5 36"

I called in to get my TV fixed after I just bought it Feb. 13,2013 cuz it has malfunctioned and I was told the repairer would come to my house and fix my TV and had to be told by the repair person that I would have to bring it in to the store and then I called the customer service to ask and they said the repairer is right I would have to bring it in and that was the first time I was told by anyone other than the repairer. But all this time customer service never told me anything .of the sort. And I still don't have my TV fixed

Panasonic sucks

Four people said they would fix our TV which is still under manufactures..... It has been five days since three people said it was covered... We have spent days on the phone with them getting no where.. There customer service people lie.. The managers are even lie to us. They say one thing and today it is another. Three different people said it was going to be fixed still on the phone with them Five days later, we are still waiting. Don't be fooled these people suck and lie my tv is only 10 months old

Discrimination in Marketing

A big thumbs down to Panasonic.com - I bought a TV in Canada and registered it. Panasonic.com started to send me offers via email. Understanding that they would charge duty to Canada, I was trying to order and ship to a US address and they wouldn't accept my Canadian Credit card. BOOOOOO when I called customer service they said too bad, so sad - sad enough that the marketing campaign will have me buying other brands and not Panasonic in the future

I have not got my check

It is board member Ramel Scott Bellamy ,New York state ID number is 905 876 182. I sent some new work to the company and I have not receive my check for $25 billion dollars in cash I all so lost all my contacts.in the storm in far rockaway queens New York 11693 apartment 6D.You can contact me at this number 1(718)945-9699,and you can send my check to this address under. Ramel Scott Bellamy 26-46 2nd street apt 5B Astoria Queens New York 11102. I all so need a new apartment with 10 bed rooms 4 of them master bed rooms walk in closets bath and sower separate, 4 full bath room ,4 living rooms in one , and 5 kitchen in one, and 5 extra rooms ,a computer room, a video game room for children 5 and up, and pool table room, a movie room, Basketball court N.B.A size

Do NOT buy Panasonic

I should have known better from my last experience, so I'm the only one to blame. I sent myu phones to be repaired and they have fallen into the BIG BLACK HOLE Panasonic calls Repair Service. I've been calling for MONTYHS! only to hear excuse after excuse, mostly lots of jargon that has NOTHING to do with me. I'm contacting my attorney tomorrow.

Panasonic Inverter micro oven

I purchased Panasonic Inverter Model#NN-T66455Fx- July5th I was heating a bowl of soup,I heard a loud sound,the glass tray exploded into 3 pices.burnt soup every where.I called and called panasoic customer service(talked to Kerryanne,she took all information told me to hold the phone she would have her superviser talk to me never came back to phone)

Panasonic 55" Viera Plasma

After 17 months, the plasma panel on our 55" Panasonic Viera failed and shorted two circuit boards making the TV worthless based on a $2,300 estimate to repair the unit. Panasonic and Best Buy both acknowledge there's a problem with the VT30 series sets however the best Panasonic will do so far is to offer a "Loyalty Discount" whereby I can purchase a new Panasonic TV from them for another $800 plus sales tax. Suffice to say I declined their offer and will be purchasing another brand from a retailer other than Best Buy. I strongly recommend against buying anything with the Panasonic name.


Panasonic DOES NOT Stand behind their products. We bought a TV from them. 16 months later the entire panel board fried. It was $325 to fix and they refused to fix their own product. I spoke to ppl at Best Buy, the repair shop THEY sent us to, and even one of their own EMPLOYEES said this TV NEVER should have gone out 4 months out of warranty. I am beyond furious! I have made 4 very lengthy, high conflict phone calls to this trashy company and they refuse to do anything about this. NEVER BUY PANASONIC! BTW, they have over 1100 NEGATIVE REVIEWS just in the quick online search I did. It's seems Panasonic doesn't even care if they have the worst customer service in the world. The arrogance!

No Panasonic products for me

I have no review, I just wanted to give you my opinion. After reading the 4 pages of negative reviews about the Panasonic reputation, they have all made their point. From this day forward, I will not even entertain the thought of purchasing a Panasonic product. You, Panasonic, need to correct your issues or get out of the manufacturing and selling of your products. I've been in the service business over 45 years as a technician and a Service Manager and customer service is the most important by product of sales.

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