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Touch of panasonic p 31 is damage

Ihave purchase a mobile Panasonic p 31 and after one month its touch is damage . But now along a one month my limt is over because your servise network is very slow and not any responding to me

Customer service is a joke.....

I was going to write to the CEO about my problem but after seeing all of these negative reviews I get the feeling that’s already been done. I’m not wasting my time, obviously Panasonic doesn’t care. With all of the competition out there I’ll take my business elsewhere. What a shame it used to be a good company. They don't even deserve one star.

cordless phones

Panasonic customer service sucks. I have been 10 weeks trying to get a replacement charger that is under warrenty. All I get is "call service center". No more Panasonic products is this home. I have convinced at least 22 people not to buy Pansonic products. I returned two TV's shortly after I found out they were not interested in replacing my phone charger. I hope and pray that one day they go out of business for lack of customer service.

Customer Service

Customer Service is a poor name for the service I received. After a week of phone calls and misinformation, I still did not receive satisfaction for my problem. Panasonic is a huge business and I guess my little $130 phone problem after only eight and a half months of owning the phone system could not be rectified. The "accommodation" was not to my satisfaction and customer service would not budge. Panasonic is now off my list of future purchases.

I have questions T20140901006GS010Z1060014]

Your response was still not the proper answer for a major corporation ... you should forward our query to sales via Panasonic interoffice memo, phone, USPS mail, etc. Panasonic is not user friendly ... maybe your personnel need more training! Maybe your corporate officers and supervisors need to streamline your interoffice protocols! Maybe your personnel need to be replaced ! Regardless, TRAINING and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is critical for a successful company. Too much buck-passing going on at the corporate level. Goodbye, Panasonic !

800 number isn't working

the 800 number is going to an interpreting service...they say they are aware but haven't fixed it and it has been FIVE days. Almost impossible to speak with a human about my order that I am waiting to receive!

Bad Product, Bad Customer Service

Soundbar stopped working after three months of purchase; four months now of dealing with technical (no) support only to be resolved with "too bad" and they will do nothing unless I pay to ship soundbar to them. I have already paid extra for another remote (that didn't solve) and have refused to put the firmware USB into home computer to see what files are there (virus!) when that didn't work. Now its all my fault because "they tried" and "I refused to cooperate" with them. What? Just pay UPS charge to send soundbar back - why do I need to keep incurring costs to get the product fixed or replaced after only THREE months! Wait times of more than 30 minutes just to talk to someone who refused to help (not to mention was hung up on twice). Lesson learned: never purchase from Panasonic again.


extremely disappointed with warranty response, 5 days for customer services and head office to tell me to box up a combination microwave oven for a collection, Collect and take to a service center for repair, why could they just not send out an engineer to repair it. If i could put a 0 rating it would be too much. plus I am a disabled person. been a fun week, do not bye any Panasonic appliances if u need a quick response

I was having trouble setting up the phone when I lost the main screen with date and time to a "voice mail message". I called the free support number, but it wasn't going to be free, subscribe $20/8 mo. When I asked to speak to the supervisor, he hung up! I kept trying and I fixed the phone myself!

Panasonic TS4

Broke after using in the ocean. I took ever good care of this camera and it stopped working while in Hawaii. I mailed it back to the repair department and without any explanation as to what I did wrong, they wanted $180 plus to just start the repair. I was shocked I was not informed of my "mistake" and that the price to repair it was so riduclouly high! $325 down the drain!!! I will never buy another one of their camera or products for that matter. This camera was suppost to be shock and waterproof!!!

Panasonic the WORST!

45 min on hold just to be told they could not give me simple instructions on remote activation b/c I had general model name but not specific model number. Would ot pass me to supervisor. ALL those models have SAME codes for remote activation, deletions etc.!! Idiots who do not care about customers

Junk Microwaves

Bought less than a year ago, normal usage in a kitchen. Breaks. They say that isn't covered. Last Panasonic product. Ever.

Panasonic TV

I have purchased two Panasonic TV's one a 32" and a 55" and both stopped working after 1 year of minimum usage. I will no longer purchase a Panasonic brand anything.

Plasa Service

This company is the worst! Do not buy a TV from them. I bought one for $1500 3 years ago and it blew out twice! The second time the repair was $2500 which wasn't reasonable. Panasonic told me if I took it to a technician they would help me even tho I was out of warranty. I paid $80 to have it looked at then Panasonic declined to help me. Costing me more money towards a new tv. To make matters worse they told me I could just buy a tv on their website. They never offered a real discount even after all the trouble they put me through. What a terrible company. Do not buy from them. They have terrible service!


we have a panasonic plazma TC-P60ST60 TV that is about a month old and it stopped working. we have been getting the run around for about 30 days. all we want now is a replacement!! they claim they dont make the parts to fix ours but keep telling us someone will call back in 24 to 48 hours...its been 30 days and 15 calls and nothing!! HELP!!!!

CD/DVD Player DVDS27

I have owned two of these cd/dvd players in the past few years. Though I have have purchased Panasonic equipment in the past and have been quite satisfied with the performance, I am unhappy with the performance of this particular model. Both units failed after a few years. The issues are, the door will not close when the "close" button is pushed and the unit is unable to read what is in the unit whether a cd or dvd and will not play.


Average at best


Was going to ask a question but after reading the above, I may never get an answer


star crack on panel, company refused to fix. Damage is internal not external and the Plasma is still under 1 year warranty. Their contractor stated that crack in not caused by any pressure,/force from the outside, but inside the tv,

TV went out

I will never buy another Panasonic TV. I bought the 50 inches plasma. It went out 1 week after the warranty expire. The customer support team is no help. I'm telling everyone I know to not purchase any Panasonic product. They give you the run around and do not stand behind their products.

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