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I don't know what happened beweetn the last version of Office (which I hate, but use) and this new version (which I also hate, and ended up deleting and going back to old version) it is completely unstable. This is not new to MS Office for Mac earlier versions (2004 etc) also crashed regularly, without saving your data, causing heartache and loss of data. That was generally fixed with MSO:M 2008 but guess what, the problem is back in MSO:M 2011 Very unstable frequent crashes, and ultimately I had to delete this completely from my mac and reinstall my older versions of MS Office. Not ready for prime time (even though it looks nice once you open Word or Excel). I would avoid this for now until we hear if this is fixed in future updates.

Great web site and excellent artclies. I noticed your site which doing a search on bing. If you ever need a plumber then please check out my website to find a local plumber in your area by search by zip code or by state/county/town.

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