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Terrible customer service. Outrageous hidden fees. After being charged 10.00 to cash a check on my business account, I was told by the supervisor in a rude way, "this is a business'. I asked for her card to file a complaint and she made sure that I had her correct name. I was told that I did not get a receipt for the 10.00 check cash fee. I told them this was terrible and was basically from them that this is regulatory. I would love to sue of these fees.

Worst Bank Yet

This bank's customer service is the worst. I don't believe anything they say. i say ditto to the other listed complaints like the bank not wanting to admit errors in bank transactions, rude service or no service at all; the person I spoke to on Monday is suddenly not available for weeks; the unsubstantiated charges for transfer fees and late payments were not addressed even by corporate---although I have in writing from the bank's offer, a letter that says no transfer fees will be charged; additionally, after writing to corporate via certified mail to dispute late charges I am not responsible for because of the bank's error, I have heard nothing. When I call the bank, the reps treat me like scum not a customer and to boot, they closed my account and threaten me with additional late charges/fees if I do not pay an erroneous account balance that I have written about in complaint in detail. Go figure; what kind of financial institution is this. I want to file a claim in court against them. Has anyone had any success doing this? Who is the owner of PNC?

your website has not been working for months now...you need to straighten this inconvenience out as soon as possible, or you will be losing a longtime bank customer. i am sure i am not alone

stole money from my ira

took out ira in 1988 at local bank which has become you. I have been through 5 Banks and your the only Bank that has stolen money from my account in the name of service fees. I have requested for my money returned and to cancel my ira since it is so costly for you to service.

worst mortgage bank ever

mortgage was sold to this bank.i have only had headaches and wasted time..they are unorganized and don't communicate within...i have to fax 4- times every year my proof of insur..they threaten every year insufficeint coverage it takes days to clear up and at one pont 2- months and a week off work...it is repeating again i'am changing mortgages co..can't take the stress

I had to get an account at this bank since it's the only one on my college campus. This is the worst bank I have ever encountered. Besides their awful hours (who can get to the bank from 9-3: no one because they are at work), they won't make your paychecks available right away, and you have to wait 10 days to get a new debit card. They lost my paycheck in their ATM machine and locked my account. I had to wait 10 days for a new debit card and to access my account. On another occasion, I couldn't cash my paycheck because they said I overdrafted. I still had $8 in my account with no pending charges, and I had to wait an entire day to spend any money because the paycheck won't be available until the following day. Needless to say, the only reason I am excited about graduating college is so that I can walk into PNC and close my account. There are 143 reviews on this page, and PNC has 1 star. That's the worst review I have seen of any bank. Obviously, there is something wrong with PNC Bank and they need to consider some serious modifications to their system. I will do anything I can to prevent my friends, family, and anyone else from having to deal with their utter nonsense.

PNC Bank Customer Fraud

On October 15th 2012 I made out a check to my Mortgage company WellsFargo in the amount of $956.00 and I placed the completed check in my mailbox to be mailed out to the institution. The next day I noticed in my bank account a check went through for $856.00 and it was made out to a person named Creed A. Cole. I immediately contacted PNC and filed a report and in addition filed a police report that same day. I did not authorize this check or any check to anyone named Creed A Cole. This check was fraudulently changed and possibly stolen from my mailbox. The bank and police department have said they would investigate the matter. I have been in constant contact with PNC Bank trying to get this matter resolved and to receive my money back. They continuously have dragged their feet in this case, ad today I received a letter in the mail saying that my request for reimbursement has been denied due to the fact I do not have proof the check was altered. I immediately called the bank and notified them I in no way shape or form authorized this check and my proof is that the mortgage company never received their check in the mail! Then I asked if they had looked at any video evidence at the branch where the check was cashed and they told me they had not and that it may have already been deleted! How can PNC not investigate whether there was video evidence and also say that there is no proof that the check was altered. I have never made a check out to Creed A. Cole, the handwriting is not mine on the check, and I have never in my life put the word OTHER in the "for" column like this fraudulent check had.

Milford Ohio Branch

This is the time for "giving thanks" beyond the fact that we are celebrating Thanksgiving. My wife and I feel this is also the occasion for expressing gratitude to individuals who have been kind, polite and professional. We write specifically about three of your employees at PNC bank in your Milford, Ohio branch. We won't try to enumerate the specific occasions of their kindnesses---there are many== but simply to hope you are aware of their humaneness in the treatment they provide your customers. It is rare but they remind us so much of times when genuine human contact and consideration were common. Best wishes. Jim and Vicki Gaffney

Customer Service Collections

During Hurricane Sandy we endured some damages to our property. We contacted these people for help. They seemed helpful at first, but after several errors on their part they abandoned ship. They then refused to acknowledge that they made the error. A total Nightmare. They are in the business of lying. Stay clear of this bank. The worst bank ever we have ever delt with.. Totally inadequate at all levels.

Heartless during Hurricane Sandy - I am surprised and disheartened by this bank. One of its branches, on Route 28 in Raritan NJ, had one of the few operating ATMs in my area. I needed to withdraw gas to buy gasoline - most of the local service stations that had gas only took cash - and its ATM charged me a $3 fee. All of the other major banks waived their ATM fees during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but Its did not. It put its corporate profits before its customers.

I had an account with PNC and was having problems with other accounts, and thought that I best cancel my account with PNC, and open a new one. My account was closed and the new account was issued, and I paid some bills thinking that the account was canceled and it was not. They charged me with insufficient funds up to $215. I talked with the branch manager and he did everything that he could to rectify the situation. From the beginning of the this fiasco I was in contact with the branch and they were in contact with the coporate enity, but to no avail, they went into my account and took out all the money that I had to live off of for the month. I am not sure but this outfit is more about making more money than customer service. I could not get the individual to listen to me and she kept saying that I was in default. I will never deal with this back again. I am sorry this had to happen, but maybe if you become more customer orienated then listening to individuals then maybe you would have better ratings.

The absolute worst bank to deal with on any issue! I had to have a new roof put on my house b/c of hail and wind damage.The insurance check was made out to me and PNC Bank. I filled out all their paper work that was required, sent them MY insurance check to be endorsed and sent back to me. NIGHTMARE!!!!! They kept my check, would not return w/o an inspection on the roof, but, the inspector never called me and when I tried to contact the inspector, HE WAS NOT RECEIVING PHONE CALLS! Trying to get this issue resolved has been the biggest headache I have ever had to deal with. I have worked for two large banks in their call centers. If we treated our customers with this poor quality customer service we would be fired and not in business. PNC needs to review, listen in on and grade their departments based on their ability to handle "escalated calls." Those calls are the ones that should be assessed to make sure they have been handled properly and in a timely manner. If you are going to record the calls LISTEN TO THEM! Read your e-mails and respond to them! I am now calling Corporate Headquarters to try and get someone to listen to me about getting my check for my roof! This is NOT your check!!

Trying to refinace with PNC because our mortage got sold to them. That was Doomsday. At first everyone was nice to the extend, that I almost feelt presured. Now 4 Months later and millions of letters and paper work no one is to reach. The Headquater in Pittsburg does not feel like helping, Jesse Siviy our Loan Processor must be dead, because in 4 weeks he could not get back to us. Eric Hindenach is always on vacation ( no wonder after millions of bailout and thousands in intresst money from customers, he must prefer to hang out in Hawaii). And Bobby Lee, who suppose to be there boss is non ecxistend. So my only conclution is: There BS you. There do not want you to refinance. There keep you so long hanging until the locking period is over and than maybe someone calls and says " sorry the intresst rate went up" That is something the goverment should look in. Maybe the "whistelblower" is the right adress. To Join: will email you about the Classaction Lawsuit. I think this website is controlled by PNC, because my last message never made it on .

Our mortage was sold to pnc. So we not really had a choise. No we try to refinace. Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 Months now and their offer an apr what comes close to a joke. You can not talk to no one. Not on the phone not per email. The worst customerservice I ever had in my whole life. The person (and we know all who it was who gave banks a bail out) should be declared mentaly ill. Buying a car or a house is so pretty much the same. All try to ripp you off.

Hello - Is establishing a group for a class action suit still being organized? I would much appreciate joining the group. I have a very serious situation with them. My email address is joni.henderson@verizon.net. Thank you in advance.

I have been extremely happy with PNC Bank. They put S&T Bank to shame with superior customer service and electronic banking options. I live about 1/2 East of Pittsburgh.

Is anyone interested in beginning a class-action law suit against PNC?

Does anyone know how to get a class action law suit going against pnc?

The absolute worst - hands down. Have forced lender placed homeowner's insurance on my property 3 times in two years at 3x the premium (that they were supposed to have paid, but did not and let the insurance lapse.) I cannot begin to explain how terrible they are. I sent them all of the documentation via fax, they reimbursed my escrow (finally) and then proceeded to disburse the forced insurance premium yet again 6 days after reimbursing me for the same year's premium. Decide for yourself what is their level of competence. All you can do is speak with their mortgage customer service or send them a secure e-mail message through their website. They'll get back to you in 10 days, usually with an idiotic response that you have to again follow-up on and wait another 10 days and get a wrong response again... it is actually quite amazing that they are in business. Thus far they've wrongfully disbursed from my escrow $11,607. It would be nice if I had that money. Instead they use their wrongful escrow disbursements to increase my escrow payment and the cycle continues and you cannot speak with anyone in their "insurance department" to get it rectified- they "do not take calls." Plain and simple - do not do business with them if you can avoid it.

I had some issues with my pnc bank,absolutely is the worst bank i ever bank with,it has the worst coustomer service out of any bank i ever had,the taylor lynette,of the new jersey/little ferry branch she was very rude!and she was talking downto me,and when i walked to complian to the manger norma ramos,of the new jersey/little ferry/branch she was full of attitude and she was no help .and she is going to be the sole reason for me to leave pnc, andgo else where, i cannot wait to close my account and take my money some where else,i will like to go to a bank that actually cares about me!!!

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