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I have been with PNC for at least 6 years, they were National City. I had no problem with them until today. My debit card is expiring 05/13 and I called multiple times to check the status of my new card; each time they told me that my new card is on the way. So, today is the last of the month and I still have not received my new card yet. I called again, this time the rep told me that my card was mailed out in April. In order for me to get a new card I have to pay a $7.50 fee to get a replacement for the lost/stolen card. There weren’t a card to be stolen or lost to begin with. On top of that, I will receive the card in 4-5 business days; lucky for me I don’t have to put gas in my car or eat anything for those days. I am definitely going elsewhere!


I deposited money into an ATM on a Friday and was not given access to any of my funds until the following Tuesday which caused multiple overdraft fees. PNC call center told me since the ATM i used didn't accept direct bills my money wasn't in the account. Had i used an ATM that accepted direct bills i would've had access to my funds. I was then told i could not get any of the funds removed until that Tuesday. I call in Tuesday and was told to call in Wednesday. I call in Wednesday and was told that depositing funds in an ATM that accept direct bills still wouldn't have given me access to any of my money and that there was no corporate number to file a complaint with and to call my local branch. I will be closing my PNC account tomorrow and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Rediculous Service

PNC is the worse. I am a new customer who tried to use the bill pay, well, to my supprise all the checks were mailed to me instead of the biller. When I called to complain I got the run around and an apology and that was it. Also, an unauthorized charge was made to my acct that sent it into overdraft, I was charged everyday that the acct was overdrawn to the tune of $76. Needless to say I will be closing this acct. Customer beware.

PNC is the worst bank

PNC is the WORST BANK EVER. The people in the branches are great, but the bank absolutely sucks. I cannot state enough bad things about the online system. Try to find your credit card statements to see what has been charged and credited -- OMG. DO NOT USE THIS BANK!!!!!

Wealth Management SUCKS

Horrible, just Horrible. DO NOT give Wealth MANAGEMENT one dime of your money. tipther complete gmaila general

PNC Bank is Horrible

Made a cash deposit Friday in my account, checked on Monday it was not there. Lucky I had receipt. Called bank branch 9:30 AM and by 12:00 NOON still have not heard back from Branch manager. Somebody in the bank made a mistake but they're making me wait for my money. Called Escalation Department in Michigan, they're working on it. As soon as it's fixed I'm closing the account and moving to another bank. So many things bad about PNC don't have time talk about. They're not modern or efficient.

Online banking statement

I recently signed up for your online banking and love it. My one complaint is not being able to get an online statement and a hard copy monthly. You are forced to chose one or the other. I get the going green goal, but if I chose paper only it's free, if I want both it costs $5.00. That makes no sense! You have the data and me clicking on online statement costs the bank nothing. Seems to be another way to rip customers off and not be a FULL SERVICE BANK. I'm looking around to see what the other banks offer. Maybe they are all the same.

BEWARE...the problem with PNC is most of the people working there are family and friends without any prior banking experience!


I am the founder of a 501(c)3 non profit and have had our account for 3 years now. Our treausrer decided the money in our account was more important for herself instead of helping Veterans with the money. Needless to say she stole all of our money. PNC Bank told me since she was a signer on the checking account, she was able to change the entire account without my knowledge. PNC refuses to do business with our non profit due to her actions-which she has been charged with criminal charges and is no longer part of the organization. It took 9 days and 14 messages before someone would finally answer my calls about fixing this account. Now we are left with bills owed, and donations that we cannot deposit. This is one of the most unpatriotic finacial companies ever. I will never allow anyone I know to bank here as I will tell everyone including going to the news media to publicize how we are being treated due to one bad apple's actions. It is a shame as we have always a substantial amount of money in our account up until this point. Also, PNC never notified me (the person who opened the account) about any issues or about PNC closing the account. I think maybe PNC's policies and practicies need to be looked at further. I will continue to promote the bad policies, bad customer service, and lack of people skills that PNC bank uses.

best customer service ever

I recently opened a checking account with PNC in Grand Rapids MI and had the best customer service I have EVER received from a Bank!!! They do an amazing job, and I know we will be with this bank for a long time!!


We have banked with PNC for three years. We tried to dispute what appeared to be a fraudulent charge to our (closed) checking account. For three months we made called, sent emails, filled out forms, etc. to do our part in resolving this issue. We only asked for PNC's help in making sure that a fraudulent charge was not imposed against us. In short we received notice that if we did not pay the overdrawn amount in cash we would be turned over to collections! Now let me say that we were provided a merchants number (NO name), which was a number no longer in service and that disconnected number referred us to another number ...which was directory assistance!!! We concluded that the letter PNC sent with the merchants number was a BAD number! We are very disappointed with PNC's poor customer relations, by not only the local branch manager, but the corporate offices as well! We would not recommend you use this bank for any reason.

Pay Off Statement

I have been trying for a full week to get a pay off statement. When i call my SS specialist they an not help although it's a SS. They have referred me to other departments. When I call tat number I go through several steps entering the requested loan number and SSN. Then I put on hold and then the PNC system disconnects the phone call. At one point I service rep gave me a number to fax a request to. We have sent a fax request every day this week and have not received any thing.

Disappointed Customer

PMC Bank is a very bad bank. This bank does not have a customer service at all.The managament does not seeem to understand what banking is about. I have nothing but bad experience with this bank. The employees of the brunch I used to go, are very. sure of themselves.They do not listen at all, they are very badly trained. I stopped going to this bank. The corporate offices seem to be very pleased with their achivements.

PNC Stole My Gas Money

Sir I am sure that a couple of hundered dollars means nothing to you but it means everything to me. I am a customer of several years of PNC Bank in Palm Coast. I have my check direct deposited twice a month. My husband overdrew his truck payment account $400.00 for 30 days. Today PNC Bank froze my account that held my gas money $240.00 to go to work, two days before my direct deposit check came in. I begged them to release at least $100.00 so that I could make it to work for two days. They refused. They could have waited for my $800.00 check and took the $400.00 owed, but instead they left me with no gas money two days before I get paid. I do not know how I am going to get work. This is very poor business practise.

the pnc trust department is reprehensible. Without warning, they issued a completely unforwarned hefty capital gains on a disolved trust disribution. A sorry irresponsible group of people.

Lien Release Documents Not Provided

PNC Bank has failed to provide a statement of loan satisfaction, final statement, or lien release documentation despite numerous verbal and written requests. Even after resorting to letters via Certified mail, we've received nothing. If you've had similar problems, file a complaint the Dept of Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) at https://appsec.helpwithmybank.gov/olcc_form/intro.aspx


Help! We need feedback. Your website is still down. Two days and I can not perform my online banking. Your branches say they did not know there is a problem and they did not offer to check on the status.

I am so frustrated with PNC I have been a customer for 30 years even with all the transfers. The online banking has been down for 20 hours or more and no one at the branches even know this and when I ask if they plan to report it they say,;"don' worry it will be up soon". If 20 hours is not long enough for them to report it then,do I want to bank with PNC?


For over seven days now PNC has been sitting on my check and all I get are excuses (Verb, Attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.) as to why they have not made a decision on releasing the funds or returning the check

Terrible customer service. 15 minute or more hold times. Online banking has been down on several occasions in the past 2 months.

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