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I was going to watch this on TV but I missed it so I bohgut the DVD. Well worth the price tag and you can get it dirt cheap off of play.com. A bonus about this is Shidc58d Nakamura being in it which I found out he's been in a few things I enjoyed a lot (The voice of Ryuk in Death Note and Jet Li's final opponent in Fearless).Also if I remember correctly you were the one that got me listening to Supercar by recommendation. Great band.

I caught this on TV a while back (iirc it was on BBC3 at an unltharey hour of the night) and, despite my lack of interest in sport generally, I thought it was fantastic. The contrasting personalities of the two leads throw up all sorts of insightful pieces of philosophy regarding the spirit of fair play and what it really means to win.My sense of competitiveness is non-existent so rarely appreciate sport in any form, but in truth Ping Pong isn't just about table tennis it's about so many other aspects of life too. The scene where Peco stands on a bridge and screams I CAN FLY! in ear-shredding Engrish is utterly priceless!

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