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I believe one or more of your clients is stalking me, defrauding me and attacking me by abuse of the electronics used in your onstar program. The fraud is that I have an absurd 'illness' at a 911 emergency that does not end night or day. If founded, I request you send the electronic confirmation of illegal activity to the Little Rock FBI as well as to Detective Micah Hall at the Saline County Arkansas Sheriff's Office. NOBODY should have a 'bead' on my car. I am a single female age 40, two college degrees and self supporting. It's a fraud and is illegal felony activity. At that level electronically, it should be easy to send the abuses electronically to a law enforcement agent. My Arkansas driver's license number is 907400993. These scoundrels may have also abused anything bar coded: ID badges, passport, library cards, credit/bank cards as an e-link.

BEWARE ONSTAR CUSTOMERS- I have utilized this service for several years. However,on my most recently purchased vehicle I did not authorize Onstar to continue services to my account when the 1 year free subscription expired. However I was told that I was made aware of this when PURCHASING the vehicle 12 months AGO although I did not sign any agreement, select any plan or provide billing information. So if you don't tell them "no" this means "yes" and they do not have to receive your "yes" or confirm you received the "alleged notification" advising you of this. Instead, if they don't hear from you, this means "yes". REALLY????? So ONSTAR took it upon themselves to locate a credit card they had on file from a previous vehicle I purchased and began applying charges to that credit card without my authorization. When questioning the billing supervisor about this, he stated he would have to refer me to the "terms & conditions" agreed to when purchasing my vehicle, which did not require my signature or authorization in order for them to legally place charges on my card and the "terms & conditions" I allegedly agreed to gives them permission to use "any card" they have on file for me. I consider this to be illegal and fraudulent and will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and any other resource available which will hopefully result in a criminal investigation. WHAT HAPPENED TO INTEGRITY AND HONOR??? IS GMC SO DESPERATE FOR MONEY THEY HAVE TO LIE TO CUSTOMERS?? SHAME ON YOU GENERAL MOTORS FOR SCAMMING CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS!!! I HAVE MOSTLY OWNED GMC VEHICLES BUT REST ASSURED, MY NEXT PURCHASE WILL NOT BE A GMC PRODUCT!!! Needless to say, they will never have me as a customer again.

Horrible customer service and poorly trained tech support. Rude and uninformed. Long wait times and each time you call with the same problem it's like starting over. What a nightmare! For the first five months it worked sporadically. Turned out it had been installed incorrectly. Then I was told it was my iPhone, then it was there software problem, then that they had to change my Onstar phone number which they did. Then some lights went on and I was told it was the backup battery. They sent a eew one. I had it installed. Still did not work. Now they rip out the old one, install a new one and it works! For half a day that is. Then the same lights go on, I call technical support and was told it's the BACKUP BATTERY. At this point I am so done I had the dang thing removed and put in a navigation system. Additionally, these people repeatedly disconnect you,usually after you have been on hold for a good twenty minutes. Tese people ae no accountability. What a fraud!

Back in April of 2012 I called to see how many minutes were remaining on our phone, was told 534 no mention of it expiring in 2 weeks. My reason for checking our minutes was we were going to be in Canada and Alaska and needed the phone (our track phone doesn't work in Canada). Back on 5/01/2012 we stopped at the Northern Rockies Lodge At Muncho Lake Provincial Park in BC to fuel our diesel truck using our credit card, which wouldn't go thru, so I went to the truck to call them and was informed that we have zero minutes. So for the next 6 hours that day we spent talking and getting disconnected with your custoomer service department. It was a very depressing day. Finaling my husband asked to speak with a head supervisor, which took almost another hour before we were able to get back our minutes. If we had an accident in a remote part of BC we would have been in deep trouble. We were relying on the OnStar. Your customer service people were very unprofessional, especially when said they would call back and we never heard from any of the (5) representatives, always got a new person. What and how can you rectify this matter to make us continue with your service. contact us thru email (calcal1us@yahoo.com) Calvin Brown

Okay I have 2 cars with OnStar my 2009 Pontiac G8 GT I had 499 minutes remaining so I added 100 so I wouldn’t lose any now all of a sudden I have 0 minutes remaining? How so you add 499 + 100 and get zero OnStar? Second I have a 2003 Monte Carlo SS I had 100 minutes until October of this year now all of a sudden I have zero on that car too and haven’t used a single one since October of last year. I paid for the minutes but OnStar either won’t give them to me or takes them back without telling me.. OnStar why do you take my minutes?

I just wanted to toss my hat in as a counterpoint. I have subscribed to OnStar on and off for 9 years and have always found customer service to be acceptable to excellent. Billing questions have always been answered reasonably quickly and even when I cancelled as I sold one vehicle, I had no issues. (Cancelling XM was another story! Yikes!!) Anyhow, I use the turn-by-turn feature some and enjoy the piece of mind their emergency services provide and will continue to subscribe in all future vehicles that are OnStar equipped. Cheers!

Onstar has the worst pathetic non knowing reps , supervisors and management they are a bunch of idiots they use to have such great service and it has now went to the pits I am a true fan of Chevy and Cadillac but now I have decided to buy foriegn all becuase of the nighmares I have experineced with Onstar service they cost me a contract that I had been waiting on for years they have made me use tons of gas that I had no money for then they want to renew a subscritption and extend it but it does not work I have not since 2012 been able to get any happy good service from Onstar at all and when you go as far as executive compalints they lie and act as if they are supervisors and then lie to you and they so dumb they dont realize that you have called so many times you know who the hell is who also I use to love canada and since I had to deal with the canada reps with Onstar I hate it all ONSTAR SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do not support or use them ever unless you want to lose everything you have


They won't disconnect my service!! I've called 3 times and they keep saying they are backed up on disconnects- 2 months behind? Do they have that many disconnects to process or is this a tactic to get more $ from my bank account which was a manditory method of payment!? Really, OnStar!?!? Come on!!

Sadly they keep passing the buck on tech problems and now going away from live operators so one needs to buy a GPS system as a backup to their formerly nice working & sophisticated personalized system. Now a travesty of support to naysayers

Worst customer service out there. I have called 5 times and each time been on hold for more than an hour. I was billed triple for my renwel. I was told it would be credited back with in 12/24 hours. I still try to cell to get this taken car of and they answer briefly then say they are having computer problems and hang up!!!!! This is supposed to be a service provided for our safety. It is a scam and I will make sure to let everyone I know not to use their service.

I installed a Onstar in my older buick and cannot get customer service to offer me a plan and get me a phone number,. This has been the 9th day I have been trying adn they leave me on hold 30 and 40 minutes, constantly transferring me to another person. I have installed the mirror (from Best Buy) and their mechanic swears it is not a problem. I have talked to them no less than 10 times and cannot get anyone to get a subsciption to me nor a phone number. I use my car a lot and really need the phone system. It is worst than disappointing.....Where is the $200 I just paid to them. Someone should be looking into this.

Onstar is the biggest scam. I have received, while driving down the road, these continued SERVICE ONSTAR warnings going across my dashboard, then the blinking red light on the rearview mirror. I called Onstar and advised I do not subscribe to their service because I feel they are a scam. They advised my vehicle has an immediate recall notice from GM.; I advised that GM has not sent me any thing about a recall. Onstar advised they are notified first and they contact vehicle owners first. I asked Onstar what the recall was about, they didnt know but I should take my vehicle into the dealer for immediate service, since this was a very important recall. I called the dealership and there is no recall on my vehicle or on my VIN number. I advised Onstart I do not want their services and they should not be flashing this across my dashboard and disrupting my driving. When I asked them for a legal address they gave me a Post Office Box and said there is not physical address for Onstar its just the PO Box, I since found online their physical address. They are a con game. Onstar is a cash cow and cares about money, not customers and lives as their ads try to paint this caring picture of.

The one-star rating is for their renewal process. We purchased a new car with a 1-year subscription to Onstar, ending in June. In Feb. they contacted us about renewing. We agreed, but not realizing the low integrity of this company, we assumed the renewal would begin when the free year ended. Not so. The renewal began immediately, cutting off four months of free service. BEWARE!

My apologies for a "Shabby" performance on my part in my post of 11/19/11. The Executive cited in the post should have read Ms. Joanne Finnorn, Director of OnStar Subscriber Services, not Joanne Killorn. I guess "..careless.." can happen to each of us. Sorry!

Most of the previous posts seem to be right on the money with regard to OnStar's cavalier attitude toward customer billing and charges. An E-Mail message from OnStar, signed by Joanne Killorn,Director of Subsciber Service,arrived in my Junk E-Mail box. By chance I scanned it before deletion and discovered that the message contained a paragraph that cited a monthly charge for renewal at an increased service would be applied to my credit card if no action was taken by me. In my view, it is at best an unethical policy. An E-mail complaint to OnStar on the "Customer Support" site resulted in the most inane corporate response that I have ever witnessed. In response to my complaint, the Customer Support representative provided a detailed list of procedures for submitting a "Suggestion" to OnStar. My counter response is still unanswered. Am not sure what position "FCC", "Commerce" and "The National Better Business Bureau" have taken with regard to OnStar's ethics; but I intend to find out. OnStar, simply put, is a shabbily managed consumer service.

I'm waiting on terminal telephone hold. Yet another game from On-Star's crack business team. On Star is committing credit card fraud and has used my credit card in an unauthorized manner. When I did not renew by subscription some brilliant thief took it upon themselves to charge me monthly using an old credit card on file because they thought I should continue their wonderful service--"you need it!". Even when they were told to cease, they just kept on charging my credit card. They have now been reported to my credit card company and the FTC. Tried getting to a supervisor at On Star but was put on terminal hold. What a joke. The service is great until you have an internal issue. Credit card fraud is a major issue and against the law. I've now been on the phone for over a half hour--I'm finding a corporate number now. They keep referring to this issue as an "inconvenience".

every year I wait to be billed for the On Star, as it was set up when I conected to the service, Angain this year I got a letter stating " our policy is to accept monthly payments by credit card only" Not like General Motors I pay my bills with CASH, if you understood maybe you would not be in recovering from a bail out! I am an Americian living in the US. and would like to deal with the same!

I will never buy a car with Onstar in it. You sponsor Trump and his birther issues.

They do not deserve a star, whatsoever!! I am sick and tired of Onstar. They are crooks and when you have problems...you get the fricken Phillipines!! And when it comes to sharing personal information, I.E. CREDIT CARD, ETC....I AM IN THE U.S. NOT IN THE FRICKEN PHILLIPINES. ARRGGHHHH!!!! I am cancelling both my subscriptions. Customer service is the worst and does not exist in Onstar.

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