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I made a customer complaint to customer relations and it was awful.I feel that those in charge including the supervisor thinks your beneath them.I do not ever plan on shopping in one ever again and really hope no one else does then just maybe they will see who keeps them employed.

Horrible Service

Old Navy at Franklin Mills mall had no management on staff, they had an associate that incorrectly returned clothes back to a family member's credit card when I wanted to evenly exchange the gift. I was told the matter could not be fixed and the only way to resolve the problem was to collect the money from my family member! Then you call the customer service hot line and get NO HELP!!! I will NEVER shop at Old Navy again due to this experience. There should be a manager onsite at all times so that when associates make mistakes they can be fixed, so that your customers do not suffer!

Poor customer service

Returned items at the Franklin Mills mall in Philadelphia Pa. Louie store manager ignored me for 10 Min, as he was on the phone with a personal phone call. Store just opened up for the day! Old Navy needs help with there customer service. Will not be back!!!!

Rude manager

Everytime I come in the store the manager of the Burnsville center mall likes to tell at her employes I feel bad for them and I know that she is a rude manager and if I where her employes I would quit you need to fire her now!

offensive commercials

I am sure your company didnt intend to but your new comercial with professional woman getting distracted at work because there is a sale at Old Navy is extremely offencive! Really? You feel that women are that flighty we cant do our jobs if there is a sale on? Shame on you,


I shopped at your store in the Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach SC. I will probably never go back. The employees were rude and were so busy talking among themselves that no one wanted to take my money for my purchases. I am local in this area not a tourist and will make sure I don't recommend this store.


My family members and my self Love old Navy Clothing On January 31, 2014 on a Friday my Daughter and I was SHOPPING like any other CUSTOMER. Two of your employees Was Following Us. (Profile us") (as Minority's ) This behavior is on Unacceptable All people should feel Comfortable Shopping in your Old Navy Store's The location of your old Navy store is in Huntington Station NY 11746 ......... Store 00773

I spent my $20 super cash coupon I received around Xmas. I bought 3 pairs of pants @ $29.50 each. On 2/2/14 I returned my Sweetheart Skinny jeans because when I tried them on again at home I realized there was an 1-11/2 inch gap in the back. A belt did not remedy the problem. I returned the unworn jeans and was only given a refund of $22.84 back. I told the manager that my refund should have been $29.50. But because when I purchased 3 pairs my $20 super cash was applied to all three pairs @ 6.66 each. I actually spent over $50 with the 2 remaining pairs of pants and should still have received a full $20 discount. The manager couldnt override the discount so I only received a $13.34 on my over $50 purchase. I doubt I will shop Old Navy in the future.


Apparently Old navy along with gap and banana no longer except personal checks as a form or payment...in this day and age with all the fraud happening it is shocking to me that you are going to try and force me to either charge my purchase, use my debit or come ready with cash in order to make a purchase at one of your stores now. I was in line with a lot of clothes today and left them there for this reason. Sad, very sad old navy headquarters!

Customer Service

Me and my family went to Old Navy in Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 and an employee by the name of Karina L. took the extra step to help us around the store and she did it all with a smile the whole time. She was also the first employee to greet us at the door. She gets a A+ from me and my family. Thanks Karina L. for a wonderful experience at Old Navy.

Old Navy

Very disappointed! I drove over 50 miles, round trip Sunday morning for the sale items from my Sunday newspaper, (items were to be on sale starting this same day). I was there first thing and you were OUT OF STOCK on ALL three items! The employee told me that had put that stock out a couple of days ago, when they received it! WHAT!!!!!??!!!!!! Doesn't seem fair to me. I followed the rules!


Your ads using the word holiday in place of the word Christmas, appeases about 5% of the population, and aggravates, agitates or insults about 85% of the population nationwide!!! The other 10% couldn't care less! :o( My assessment is this was a bad business decision!!!

thanks for making me look dumb

thanks for sending me a coupon to use with my credit card and then making my credit card unavailable to use the counter. The cashier said my information didn't match the account information. The account was probably closed because it wasn't used enough. It raised the cost of my receipt by $15:00 .thanks if thisis the way you want to treat your costumers, I'll take my business elsewhere.

I was at the Stockton, Californis store on Wed December 11, @ 6:00 and had to wait with 20 people in line for checkout for 45 minutes there were two cashier trying to figure out a return I asked if there were other employees who could help and they told me they were the only two in the store. UNACCEPTABLE IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE FACT THAT ALL MY GIFTS WERE THERE I WOULD HAVE WALKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad service

I was at the old navy in lakewood washington at the Towne center, the associate there are terrible, they will be at the bad corner of the store talking stories, like really!!!! They can't do that on their break time or wait until they are off.

old navy at oakwood mall

Ive put in an application for oldnavy and everytime I call to check the status of my application,they take my name and number down and say they will call bavk and never do...when I call again they tell me call again and when I do they put me on hold to the hiring manager then hang up in my face....I dont understand cause they really need people and they dont wanna hired nobody there's alot of people that need a job...old navy only have like 4-5 people working there...

Scam in ordering

I ordered online and it was never disclosed that they take payment up front and then bill again when ship merchandise. Nice to have all the interest accruing on that money until release back into your account. Scam artists!!!

customer service

My daughter and I received horrible service from a women named Chiori at the San Francisco Flagship store on Market Street. I have never written a review online for anything until now. The way we were treated was so horrible and it left me in shock and my daughter in tears. I believe Chiori was her name and I was told she is a store manager. Her behavior left employees around her shocked and embarrassed. No employee should have to work with management Chiori and no customer should ever have to go through was my daughter and I did. I am hoping to receive a formal apology from Old Navy or I will be compelled to seek further council concerning this matter.

The disrespected worker

I am tired of walking into your kings plaza mall store to see a young lady that work for you that looks to be 12 years old being treated like she doesn't deserve the opportunity to work there. I see her manager breathing down her back every opportunity she gets. Funny thing this young lady made employee of the month. Is there something wrong with that picture? You guys need to step out from behind some of those corporate chairs and take a look into your stores talk to your workers not only the managers and high position workers but the lower ones as well. I have stopped shopping at your stores because in everyone there is always one worker miss treated and things going on that is never addressed by the higher up people because those that it is being done to need their job and are afraid to report it!!!!!!! You guys have position bullies!!!!!!!!!!

Poor service

Hello old navy your store in pearland Texas poor poor service we will never go back ever

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