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Its all about $$$

Opinion by experience its really always about $$$ and not customers!


I think your current TV promotion is well done, but I vote against any company that shows their cars doing unsafe driving, and your ad is not only unsafe, but mostly impossible. Yet, there will be people who want to try the various moves. As a result I wouldn't consider a Nissan purchase when the emphasis is on unsafe driving.


have a 2011 nissan juke , keeps leaving me stranded! Is "dead" they told me the battery cables were loose, or was the battery ! NO NOT SO! has left me 3 times at this time

My family was almost killed when our Nissan stopped in the middle of the highway. Turns out it was a faulty transmission they knew the problem existed but didn't recall... Just extended the warranty. They their consumer affairs treated us like crap. After they fixed it we had to bring it back to fix again bc they forgot to hook parts back up. My car is a 2010 with 53k miles so I expected more.

Ripped off!!

Went into Nissan and leased a veh which they said I can trade back in a year later as long as my payments were made. Year went by tried to trade it in and found out that wasn't the case. Went to another car dealership and they said I was so far under water no one could help me. I had no choice and had to go back to Nissan to get a bigger car. I looked into another car from different company and they said the car I had is not worth what I payed for it now I'm 18 thousand in the hole and no way to get out of it. I will never deal with Nissan ever again!!!

Poor customer service

After expressing my complaint and concerns, the phone representative was none responsive and asked me what I wanted them to do about it. I told her, and again she asks me what I want her to do about it. I then ask for her manager. She puts me on hold for 5 minutes and then tells me no manager is available! I start to give her my phone number and was interrupted with her yelling, "I SAID NAME FIRST" so I hung up.


Nissan refuses to to help there customers

property tax on a lease

Why is there property tax on a lease vehicle in ma. I dont understand. It moves, its not stationary

I brought a 2012 Nissan Sentra from your West Covina office, in West Covina, California. They (finance) person told me after one year to come back and if I'm on time with my payments WE, can re-finance your car to a lower payment(pmt is 405.00) i thought that was wonderful. Well that did not happen. The dealer treated me like dirt!!!. They kept call asking me what they can do for me?? I went in again and now mud in my face. i will not buy another nissan. thank you.

I have a Rogue, 2012. It is great on gas, ride lovely and have not, as of today, had any problems. I service it at the dealers. I have ran into horrible customer service at the 3 of the dealerships. It is too bad that the car runs great, and the service (sales people) need PR training. At the present, I am looking to trade my 12 in for a 14. Unable to get good service for a trade. Hopefully I will not have to go to another dearlership to purchase another vehicle. Anyone knowing of a better dealership outside of Albany and the Saratoga area, please let me know. Thanks.

new car with bondo

bought a new car in 2011 found out my door had bondo in it when I got hit by a deer . I will never but another Nissan because they will not help me with this issue this is not there problem.

They are horrible! People think they can just keep your money...they owe me for a cancellation from 2 years ago. I think they believe I will give up and keep telling me it must have slipped through the cracks. Well there are NOT that many cracks. I have resigned the paper work 3 times now and still nothing. $200 or even $1000 may not be a lot to them, but it is to me and it is my money! I hate Nissan and will never deal with them again!

transmission on 2013 altima

transmission gone after 86,000 took it to the dealership with jerking and they looked at it cronic nissan in griffin ga and now it wont start at all.


I need some help I have reported to the dealer a few times that my 2014 Nissan Rogue it Idols while I am attemting to take off unexpectedly, I have taken the vehicle to the dealer to be diagnosed but it never does it while the mechanic or the dianostic staff is test driving the vehicle, so they send home to bring it back when it does it again. Please will some one tell me, if this has happened to their car and what action to take?

transmission shot

transmission gone after 86,000. 2013 nissan altima

Awful customer Service Parts

We bought four vehicles Nissan from Wood River Illinois for the last ten years , and last year I brought my truck for just simple oil change and that day my engine was burned due they forgot to put the cap of the oil valve, and they replace my engine but it took them three months to fixed it, and every time I came for my oil change it took them two hours to finish my change oil, and just last week I brought my Nissan Van due to my back door stopped working which this vehicle is only one year old, and after 4 days service department called me to come in due to parts are in, dropped my car to the service area, called my friend to gave me ride, drove 20 miles from my house to the Nissan dealership, spend money for gas, took-off from work and after 4 hours Nissan service area called me they cannot fixed my door due to one part did not arrived, how can you called a customer to come in and not checking all the parts are in before calling the customer to come in and at the end of the day my car is not fixed, go through all of that hassles and my car was not fixed,they are just so unprofessional, uncaring people in Wood river Nissan dealership.

horrbile customer service

After my experience with Nissan I will NEVER own another Nissan vehicle. I previously bought an 06 Altima about a year and a half ago and it ran fine, but I began having issues with the car cranking but not starting. Garland Nissan in Hopkinsville had my car for about 3 months and could not fix the issue and finally told me they were done working on the car because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. After trying to deal with Nissan Customer Affairs, I am still very upset that my car is not fixed and they are not willing to do anything to help me with my issues. Because the vehicle is no longer running (been sitting in my driveway at home for 3 weeks and will not start) I can not trade it in, and I really can't afford to buy a new vehicle considering I am a full time college student.

scary products

Now this bothers me being i jusst brought a 2011 Versa for my mother he dealer was very rude where it wqas bought if your buying in niorfolk keep looking don't buy at a norfolk air port nissan very bad sevice

Crank but no start

Question type: Maintenance & Repair I have a 2010 nissan versa 124,00 miles. It stalled one day, and I have not been able to see the issue. I have good compression, air (new throttle), fuel (new pump) spark (new plugs) crank sensor (new) and timing chain tight, and correct. I have no further idea as to what is preventing the start. PLEASE HELP I am ready to spread the word that this product is a total waist of money.


1997 Nissan p/u towed to dealer after breaking down on highway. Dealer has had the truck for 4 weeks & can't find a part for their own vehicle & want me to find it in a "JUNKYARD"...Unbelieveable after supporting NISSAN FOR 18 years,

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