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Loyal Customer

Nike please help, I am in desperate need on a size 8.5 Nike Ballerina shoes. I cant find them anywhere, they are a intricate part of my dancing life and I have worn my old ones to the sole(soul). Please help me

Nike is an amazing company, so as long as Nike stays and I stay, I will always wear Nike clothes. About 75% of my clothes and gears are Nike.

I am sixty years old and have purchased Nikes for the whole family. My kids first sneakers were Nikes. I have never had a problem. I love Nike Air..

Shoddy workmanship

I arrived here so that I could write to Corporate about the pair of shoes I bought in September. Last month the entire front of one shoe came apart. The other one has started. This will certainly be the last pair my family will buy! I also see that many of you have had the same problem.


sole fell off the 2 day

Earl Thomas the 3rd jersey

I bought in Earl Thomas the third jersey two weeks ago I washed it one time because I got something on it at the Seahawks big Al's Bowling Alley, Lombardi trophy showing now I have stuff coming off of my jersey this is not cool. Why is Nike going so cheap on these jerseys I have a Super Bowl 40 jersey which is from Reebok and it is held up all these years looks almost as good as the day I bought it and I've washed and dried it many times where I have only washed Earl Thomas jersey and hung dry it. What can be done about this?


What happen to all your adds after the Spurs win? We didn't see any Championship winning players adds on the Spurs. Should have split your adds 50/50 on each team. You put all your nuts in one bag.


I brought a nike acg for my 22month old son and the sole of the shoe came off.

don't sponsor espn

espn refused to air an ad for Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri because they used the name of Jesus. I will not buy any Nike products or watch espn.


I intended to purchase two golf shirts for my wife at Dick's Sporting Goods in Lakewood, CO on 6/17/2013 but when I looked at the price tag I noticed that "WOMENS" was printed on the tag. I took it to the manager for correction but he said they all come that way directly from NIKE. WOMAN is singular, WOMEN is plural but WOMENS is not even a word. It seems strange that a multinational corporation would make this error.


Who do I contact regarding defective cleats that I purchased from soccerloco? After I was told they would exchange them, I was laughed at my face in front of cistomers and my 14 year old. Now Im stuck with 200 dollar ckeats that are no good, time off work, and a waste of gas and time. After shopping with soccerloco for the past 5 years and purchasing only quality cleats I will be investing in a different company. Stay away from soccerloco-terrible customer service!


I like the website, I am a teacher and my students write business letters to companies like Nike. They find their corporate addresses and write a business subject to the CEO. This website provides them with the corporate addresses.

Military Passes to Employee Store

Nike was very good in taking care of our military by allowing them and their family to shop once a month at the Nike Employee Store. But it was stopped couple of months back. As an active military station in Portland, Oregon away from all the supports we are entitle to in actual base, the once a month pass to the Nike employee store had a positive impact financially. We have to pay lots of bills out our pocket while station away from a military base. I am not complainting but I just want to know if the employee store pass for military will be back on. Once again, I really appreciate what Nike have done to our military and our family.

New Shoe Releases

It is terrible how Nike will be send 10 or 15 pairs of shoes to one store. You know the shoe is going to sell, I see no reason to not send more shoes to each store. I stood in one line and the store said they had 12 pairs, so why did they sell three pairs and then told everybody in line thery didn't have anymore. It's rediculous how people fight, get angry and upset over these shoes because there just aren't enough in circulation. I am 54 years old and I love the Jordan retro 13's, but at this rate I think I will stop endulging. I couldn't get the black and red retro 13's or the black and while one's today. Nike is making it very hard for me to get my shoe groove on.

Great Shoes

I bought a pair of Nike running shoes just before my wife and I embarked on the 500 mile pilgrimage in Spain, The Camino de Campostella. It took us 39 days of walking to complete the 500 miles. I normally have feet problems and anticipated as much on our long walk. However, I had zero problems, I was the only pilgrim that I"m aware of that never got a blister, and the shoes performed perfect. The "Way" was very rough at times with the trail rocky and treacherous. I want to compliment you on your product and inform you that I plan to do the same pilgrimage again using Nike shoes. Thank you.

Nike Flex 2

I bought a pair of womens Nike Flex 2 at Sports Authority 1/18/13 I only use these shoes for indoor works outs, cross training. Tonight during my workout I noticed the rubber sole on one of the shoes was tearing and kept snaging the rug. I called Sports Authority to see about an exhchange was told to contact Nike since it was the magical 30 days since my purchase. Is this something Nike can exchange? Annoyed since I never had a problem with their shoes before.

hyper dunk basketball shoe

Well in January 2010 bought a pair of hyper dunk basketball shoe for my daughter from Dunhams 3/4 way through the season the souls split on the bottom right across the ball of the foot. Shoes didn't even last the whole season. So January 2011 my other daughter wanted same style shoe, couldn't talk her out of getting them. And you got it, same thing happened to her shoes. She however almost made it to the end of the season. Both of these shoes were around $89.00. You would think they would be better made and last more than 1 season. Terrible disappointed in the quality of the Nike basketball shoes. Needless to say I will not be purchasing any more nike basketball shoes again.

Nike free run 3

I am so disappointed in the new Nike free run 3! My original free run sneakers were great! Why would they change a good thing? They need to go back to the original design were the tongue was sewn into the sides! The bone in the top of my foot is killing me. I have two pairs of the original ones, they were great! I am out of $100 dollars and still need running sneakers!


2nd pair of nike air in. 2 years they both have defects right in the front of. The shoe the glue came off. This is the date i bought my shoes 5 -12-12 and the are finished already its rediculouse how much they cost and dont last the shoes from walmart last longer need to know if its possible to get money back it really sucks if i dont get a refund i will boycott nike for now on

I bougth four air of nike airmax and they all got flat within one month. I tried to return them to the store and was denied, i was advised to return back to he the Nike headquaters, however; their web page was not very helpful.. Ill never buy these shoes again i paid $160 for each pair very disapointed.

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