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Dora the explorer is cancelled

Are you canceling Dora the explorer on the 26th? Please put one last episode on the 26th?

Dutch Sinterklaas

Nickelodeon USA seems to have a problem with our zwarte piet because a few people want the world to believe that black pete refers to the slavery. Zwarte Piet can be seen all over the world in different shapes and dates back hundreds of years. Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) brought to the States by Dutch immigrants, came from Turkey and bought child slaves and gave them their freedom. So our Sinterklaas is a celebration of his kindness towards them.

Nick News - Coming Out

I just watched this show with my 12 year old. I also work at an elementary school in California. I thought the show was fantastic. I thought the children were so incredible and applaud them for standing up for who they are. People are people...we all bleed red blood. I think this show should be shown at middle schools around the country. There will always be ignorant people who really just don't know or understand. But hats off to Nickelodeon for airing this show. Hopefully it will reach those who haven't come out realize that they are not alone and to those who don't "understand it" to have more compassion for people that are different than themselves.

Nick Hotel

This is one of THE worst hotel experiences I have had in a long time. I spent $900- on a 4 night stay and was given a dirty room, broken elevator ( I was on the 5th floor with 2 small children and a senior citizen) loud, noisy, and no water park. I spoke to Robert to give me complaints about the elevator and was given a $150- gift card on the day I was leaving so I can use in one store on the resort. Hotel staff was rude, didn't speak English, could not provide necessary information. I could go on for hours.....My trip should be refunded by your hotel it was so bad.

Henry Danger

Appalled, disgusted, and horrified! Shame on you, Nickelodeon! We were trying to enjoy the movie Henry Danger with our four and six year old daughters, when at 8:40 pm, this movie displays an innocent baby in a height chair that all of a sudden turns green in the face with red eyes and starts to speak with a demon possessed voice! How could you do such a thing? Godless, shameful and completely inappropriate! We will be sure to spread the word. You have lost us as viewers. Make no mistake the people making the decisions to play this garbage will be held to an eternal accountability.

Nick at night commercial

My 2 year old daughter loves watching full house while she is going to bed. Is it nessecary to have this zombie commercial on a kids station?! It scares my daughter to death and she wakes up screaming and sometimes can not even go to sleep. I get the whole family table concept, but using zombies is doing nothing but scaring children and i am sure i am not the only one. Please remove this commercial!!

Nick at night commercial

It is possible to remove the nick at night commercial with zombies? My girls love Full house and their tv is set on sleep to shut off at 9:30pm. But they run screaming when they see that commercial and some nights, have nightmares.

big time rush

can you bring back big time rush? it was such a great show and why hasnt the band gotten nominated for the kids choice awards 2014? someone needs to fix that!

Please Consider Our Offer!!

Hi how are you? My friend and I would love if u ha e a new television show we thought of and we people would love its called Secret Sensation! We would also love if it protray our lives and we star in irt thank you and please consider it! Lots if love!

Cancel movie night

Please cancel movie night because I can watch full house right away. Full hose is my favorite show. Sunday movie night is a waste of time. Just cancel movie night pronto. Thank you.

Don't Cancel Spongebob

Hi. I'm 15 years old. I haven't been around too long. I grew up on the show spongebob. I watched it everyday with my older sister and my little brother. I know its planning to be cancelled on January 28th. Don't do it. Spongebob is not just another stupid cartoon that last about two months. This show has been out just has long has I been alive and I love it with all my heart. I don't think you people understand how many people your going to upset my canceling the show. So please, please reconsider the decision for a fellow goofy goburt

Make a he channel

I think nickelodeon should make a channel that has all the 90's nickelodeon shows. I guess y'all have been making new shows for the new generation but it's kind of taking away the people who grew up on nick favorite shows. So I think you guys should make a channel that has all the 90's shows that runs 24 hrs. Instead of us having to wait until 12 on teen nick to watch them

I angry dad

I was just watching Dora with my daughter & this episode was about captain hook & Tinkerbell & Now she is confused & I'm irrate & I think Disney needs to get involved because Now they made all the carachters Hispanic & my babygirl has everything Tinkerbell & @ no time is the carachter been brown hair & brown skin so ther is a big confusion with all this. I nor my children are predjudice & never been we all support Dora but this is a juge disappointment to all of us & should be too Disney & possibly a lawsuit.

Cancellation of spongebob!

Kayso I just heard nickelodeon is canceling Spongebob?!? You guys cant do that! Spongebob is a classic hes been around since the 1990's, and if you guys cancel him, you guys are gong to ruin the child hood of many people big and small. Even till this day i rush home just to watch him and im 16! Your never to old for spongebob!

Disconnected in an abrupt manner from the woman by the name of Dwane.

I called up this company to propose a business idea, and was promptly told that Nickelodeon wasn't accepting any show or product ideas from anyone. Without even so much as an eyelash, I was promptly rejected from the conversation as my phone disconnected from the call. I am furious with customer service experience, so I am writing an official letter to the corporate office about this issue...and I hope no one else experiences such erratic behavior from their staff!

ivwant a show nickelodeonwho do i contact

I want a show!


I babysit 5 year olds on the weekdays and they love spongebob. But when this Nick Studio 10 comes on they ask me "put spongebob back on." and when I tell them they have to wait a little they start crying. And lord knows how annoying it is to calm down 5 year-olds

Nick Studios 10

I believe this production of a "show" is a complete waste of time, money, and air time on television. It is senseless and interrupts shows that actually matter. If the actors/actresses want to be the modern day "All That", then they need to do a better job. In my personal opinion, it should be taken OFF the air and all the time, money, and energy can go somewhere else in the corporation.

Nickelodeon’s Studio 10 really makes me not want to watch Nickelodeon, the channel that I have been watching for years with my son. I hate these stupid inturuption to the shows that I am trying to enjoy. Studio 10 plays during the show & commercials is too much, it’s like there are two shows playing at once! it's very annoying and is starting to upset my son as well! Please do something about that show! it's not entertaining at all, it's dumb!

Nick 10 studio

I have been a huge spongebob fan for 10 years and just puttin it out there, the new episodes are terrible. Also stop interupting spongebob with that pathetic nick studio 10 stuff, its not even close to funny. Please play more throw back spongebob , because the new stuff isnt bareable.

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