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Kelly File

On 2-19 of the Kelly file, a statement of Mark Levin's was not stated in it's entirety, so thus the discussion became foolish and worthless. He is the best person out there to help this nation through this crisis. Thus he deserves 1) a personal apology from Ms. Kelly and 2) the total statement aired more than once with an apology attached. He does not deserve to be hurt or any negative slant as he is the knowledgeable, educated person that has this country at the heart of all he does and says.

I will not watch Fox News Anymore

I am done with your station. You are as bad as NBC, ABC, CBS and MSNBC. I want the TRUTH! and I can handle the truth. Until you start giving the truth, I am done with you.

Lack of Courage

Since the 2012 election I have seen a difference in the Fox News reporting. Chiefly showing lack of courage to stand up and report the big issues facing our country. It is glaring and us the audience picked up on this change immediately. Your news should consist of great investigative work, news that expose the poor education taking place in America today that I might say is being done on purpose, expose what this is doing to minorities as well as all the people in this country, expose the cities that are riddled with crime. Show the people in the country what the outcome would be like. These are the issues we want the Fox News to address. Be bold, the country is pleading for your help. Hannity hour is fantastic- he is consistent, respectful and demonstrates incredible courage. Thank you so much, Ms. Masados

In 1999, I first began watching Fox, it was new and refreshingly conservative. I used to watch it in the customer lounge at an automobile dealership between customers, I couldn't afford cable and network TV was altogether one sided. Fortunately the other salesmen were politically compatible and it gave me a break and a chance to catch up to the truth, instead of Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw and the liberal propoganda. I am retired now and I am 71 years old, living on a social security check and I still can't afford cable, but I am sacrificing in order to subscribe to it. Fox has been my motivation for doing so but now I am dissapointed and sad that lately Fox is more like a bunch of rats jumping off of the conservative ship in search of a liberal life preserver. It is difficult to rationalize the money and sacrifice for mediocrity, especially when Fox is becoming just like the networks and all the other cable news programing. Just this past Saturday, early in the morning, Fox reported that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords had passed away. Almost by accident, I clicked on MSNBC and they correctly reported that she was not dead but was in critical condition. Fox News continued to rewind on the story "ad nauseum" all week, intermittently commenting and coaching Obama on his upcoming speech and falling in line with the liberal talking heads from every other network, about the propoganda drivel of hate speech. Most nauseating of all is the way Fox credits Obama with a great speech and keeps playing video clips at every opportunity. I watched Ronald Reagan video clips on Utube while Obama launched his latest political campaign to the custom tee shirts in the crowd, while trampling on the bodies of the deceased in the presence of their grieving survivors ... all to the insults of the whooping and cheering of the useful idiots. Phony cannot begin to describe, this charade...and where was Fox? holding hands with left and singing Kumbya. Lately, it seems that Fox is caving in to the lbieral agenda, as if the government is forcing or threatening Fox to do so. It's becoming increasingly tedious to put up with Foxes lack of backbone and I am just about ready to cancel. Network TV dosen't have any more commercials and it's free.

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