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Bad place to work

Worked in corporate for years. Current management just couldn't be worse. They have driven a good company into the ground. The board of directors should be ashamed of themselves to keep such a poor management team in place. The comments from customers are scary and should be a wake up call to them. Obviously as long as they are filling their pockets w/ money they don't think it's important enough to fix the problem. Stock trades at below $4.00. What a joke.

Bad experience

I loved NY & Co and shopped there frequently even though the closest one to me is about 30 mins away. I went to the NY & Co in greenwood, IN today to return a pair of dress pants that were too small. First return I've ever made. The woman behind the counter was polite and asked my for the phone number in order to proceed. I politely let her know that I don't hand that personal information out. She proceeded to tell me, "I can't make the return without it..." I was confused and dismayed as to why my personal information was require to make a return. After several minutes of going back and fourth. She finally honored my return but make it known she was not happy and doing ME a favor. I am very disappointed with my experience with your and do not plan on shopping at your store in the future. I hope my experience can be used as a learning experience


I am an employee at New York and company and I take both my job and time seriously. I am tired of having to wait on the managers at my store and I'm tired of dealing with their mediocrity. They seem to place stress on the associates but barely meet their own requirements. I say this as an employee that is dedicated to the customers as well as the brand.

e card nightmare

Do not buy e cards....they do not work at the store register, and custoner service did not help.....irritated!!

Love the Associates

Recently visited the Peacaen Land store in Monroe, Louisiana and had great customer service, young lady by the name of Chuncy helped me. I really enjoyed my visit and will be returning every time i visit

Refused to work with me

I opened a charge acct while xmas shopping last year in order to buy my kid a coat. When I got the first bill I called right away to report that the due date did not work for me. NY&CO flat out REFUSED to change that date. As a result, I have made my payment but had to make it late, according to the date when I get paid. I have been charged a $35 late fee every month and now that they have added $140 of late fees to my accout overthe past year, I have no choice to cancel the account and may I add that I have hated and resented this company's inflexibility to it's customers needs. I hate this company and I flat out refuse to ever shop there again


I am just writing to let you know how frustrating it is to use your store coupons lately. I guess you have changed your policy and have way too many restrictions on redeeming your coupons. I have been shopping at your stores for many, many years and have spent thousands of dollars on your merchandise. In the past your coupons were accepted on basically all your merchandise except clearance; now there are too many exclusions!! I do not appreciate you offering and sending awesome coupons, but when I go to redeem them basically everything I chose was excluded. Because of this new strict policy you have implemented on redeeming coupons, I will be spending my clothing DOLLARS at other stores that do not hold so many restrictions on coupons!

Unacceptable customer service

I went to shop at NYC, and the lady at the cash register asked if I wanted to donate to St. Jude, I told her I've already donated and not today. She then asked if I would like to place another donation on my credit card, I told her no thanks...and said unless she would like to give me one of my merchandise for free. She than proceeded to ask that they also take loose change and I could donate my loose change. At this point I was very upset,.. as she tried to say just asking. Her rude couterpart was staring at me as though I was so heartless for not donating to this charity. I asked her why she was looking at me so rudely, she stated "I'm not even talking to you...just leave". I thought the customer service was absolutely unacceptable and the repeated begging for donation was so unfair to me as a customer. I will never shop at that particular store at the Summit mAll on Akron OH.

Customer Service

I think that NY and Co. needs to work on there customer service, if you don't have customers there would be no business. I have had a bad experience with them recently, resulting in them not sending me my merchandise nor giving me back my money. I think I'm going to shop somewhere else, don't need this kind of service. Shame on you NY and Co.

return policy

This is the worst customer service experience I have ever experienced.

Horrible horrible

I placed an order online from some clothing and was charged for an item that I did not receive. I was not only charged to ship the item back but they are giving me the run around on reimbursing me for shipping the item back as well as the credit for the item I did not receive. So basically I am being charged for an item I never received! I am furious and am real close to calling the Better Business Bureau.

Horriable Quality of clothing!

I am writing because I am a very frustrated customer of NY&CO. I have been shopping here for many years and has the years go on, the quality of this companies clothing gets cheaper and cheaper. Every single pair of pants/ shorts that have a hem in them, comes out. They say, save your reciept and bring it back. The closest store to my home is 40 miles. I am not making a trip to buy clothes only to wash them one time and exchange them....are you serious? All there shirts are way to short in lenght. Everything shrinks and this place is disgusting me terriably. I purchased a new shirt sat. Today is Tues and the hem is already falling out. I will be calling coporate today and letting them know how I feel.


I have shopped in New York and Company since I was a teenager when it was Lerners, about two weeks ago I went into one of the stores and had an accident, I was told that someone from the corporate office would be contacting me it has been 17 days and I haven't heard anything from them, I guess if I would have been very nasty someone would have called by now.


I have been a loyal NYC customer, going back to when they were Lerner. The SSL, Lydia at store#926 has absolutely no customer service skills. She is rude, disrespectful & doesn't understand the concept of one company. I'm going to return everything that I have bought from NYC w/in the past 90 days & do it all at this store. I will never visit this store again.

Physical therapist assistant

The most horrible customer service I have been provided. I tried making a purchase at new York & comp. located at riverside mall and was denied the purchase due to not providing my personal information. This is ridiculous! I spoke with the manager and she acted rude and interrupted when I was speaking. NEVER again will I shop at new york nor reccomend it.

Lost a customer

New York and Company used to carry tall sizes for a while and I really liked a lot of their clothes. Over the last few years, their clothes have shrunk and the employees deliver sub-standard service. I spent 44$ today on jewlery and my friend over 50$ on clothes. Later we remembered that she had the coupon we both received via email this morning of spend $50, get $25 off. Upon our return to the store, I was not allowed to use her coupon, because I had deleted mine on my home computer. The sales clerk was very ignorant about it, claiming that we didn't get the same coupon, mine must have had a lesser value. Upon returning home, I retrieved the coupon and planned on returning to adjust my receipt. Purchasing another piece of jewelry to bring my total to over $50. The more I think about it, the more I plan on simply returning everything I bought and avoid New York and Company all together in the future, because I do not feel like dealing with such rude sales people.

How Thinkgs Have Changed

FYI- I always could count on New York & Co for quality clothing at a great price.The price is still great although your stores and quality of merchandise has declined like the economy. And your stores are a total wreck!! I worked retail for many years and I can say the management and associates of your Town East Mesquite TX. location are atrocious. No better at the North East Hurst TX location. For real??who hires these folks? So sad, I think your investors who I see are many should opt out of this one. Its a train wreck!!


The company sells great clothes, but the people in management in the Southridge store in Milwaukee are terrible. They talk about their personal lives and ignore the customers. I don't know what happened to the other people in management, but they should come back.


If you want to shop in NYC at the Woodlands mall in The Woodlands be warned that the manager and her assistant are just about the worse I have ever seen.Beyong rude.One register working in the store and about 9 people in line. The manager said there was nothing she could do about it ,I beg to differ she is the manager. The store is never neat looking and to the point it is dirty. Will pay off my card cut it up and never do business there again.


I was shopping looking for some work close . I tryed to get help to find a shirt I found in my side . After trying to chase down some one to help I was told no we have no more . After looking threw the stor acouple more time I found a table full of the style I was looking for. There was about 9 people working and only on young lady help my find my size and color . ( long brown hair with glasses ). I know its called New York & com. But the were acting like they were working New York fashion week. I have done there job for years and wouldt never treat people like.

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