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Thank you for spoiling the the season opener. You people create the situation and then cry when you get caught.


Typing thru my tears my son just texted me his tickets with 2 friends were a scam. So sad he was so excited to see Pats & Dolphins play on 12/15. Traveled to Miami only to find out this horrible news!! How do you deal with this, how do I comfort my son!! 1st pro ball game OMG this hurts so bad. We are huge Patriot fans. I feel so so sorry for them. Such thieves in this world & 3 honest innocent boys. So sad!!!!

give me a shot !!!

my name is jimmy hisle, I am a marathon runner, I am 45 which I know is old for football, but i'm in great shape, I can catch , run, throw, whatever. I would absolutely love a shot at making this team, I feel it would be a great story!! I love the pats, and I live in Indiana !! Connersville, ind. I run about 40 miles a week, and bike about 10- 12 miles a week. I live and breathe patriots !!!!

mr. tom brady the greatest pro football quarterback in nfl histery, he and mr.payton manning,you must remember the german panzer group,and the english colonary men.then all you can do is think of the great tom brady and payton manning,of course musilina w

well;im jeloues.my girlfriend is just nuts about tom brady,she thinks he is the biggest and best looking hunk in the game.and so does my mother.it is true that he is 6-ft 4'' tall, it is true they say ''and i realise that his personality with the ladys is just so real romantic.'i must omit 'i am realy sorta jeloues,but i get by and ,even though, it is true that he broke so many records and he's samart wealthy and lazeyly very smart and ;'it is very true very good looking like most big rugged irish englishmen and germen guys are.

Official interference

While watching the pats and ravens game the other day, brady was running for a 1st down which he would of had ,had not the official be right in his path, according to the rule book, the play should have been done over(i believe it was in the 4th quarter) this is not right at all, but they are fining brady for sliding another time and lifting his leg so the player wouldn't land on him, i am so pissed off that the official didn't give the pats the down again.


Two Superbowls ago I purchased a Serrape with the New England Name, Logo and Colors on it. I am sure it was made illegally without the corporate office permission, however, Its about time I relinquish this warm pull over and let Tom Brady wear it on the condition he and the team go to the Superbowl and win it this time. I will pay all shipping charges.Copy the 49ner's last game and green/bay-& you will win. You might even have to play them.

Clearly this site has little, if any, recent traffic. I was trying to find a way to send a message to Mr. Kraft. The announcers you hire for preseason games are an embarrassment . They should not be announcing peewee football. They are not accurate to the extreme. Surely you could do much better. Perhaps they are the cheapest available. They should be! Seriously, they are terrible AND YOU KNOW IT !

Hi im Jack i live in florida im one of your biggest fans and never missed one of your games and always wanted a product , if you can send something to 8650 boyton beach blvd. boyton beachfl.33437.

Hello, my name is Brenda Bachelder and I live in Naples, Maine, I was wondering with all of your fans out here in the world, is there anyway you can maybe purchase the rights to Erin Brady Scarf and have some made up so we can buy one of them it was beautiful and I would be proud to wear it, or maybe Erin can have it patterned and have them made up it would be a big seller.. Good Luck in the Super Bowl..GO PATRIOTS... Thanks Brenda

Why don't you do something to actually help your country... www.Infowars.com www.Prisonplanet.com

The direct deliberate helmet hit to Viking Quarterback Brett Favre by Patriots player Myron Pryor is a violation of fair play and Pryor should have been thrown out of the game. I hope there is a big fine agains Pryor and he has to sit out at least 3 games. Patriots have always had a reputation of "dirty" players and coaches. the fans booed Favre as he left the field.......poor sportsmanship by Patriot fans. Do not come to Seattle and play dirty!!!!!!!!!

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