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Netflix TV

Far too often we are unable to access a movie which you offer. It will say it is unavailable now. We find that this happens too often

Time for Netflix to upgrade

When will netflix upgrade to Netflix Gold -or Netflix Platinum By upgrading Netflix can attract A whole new customer database. And retain old database To me this makes a great business sense

Quick FAQ

How many employees work at the HQ? Pls respond

Hemlock Grove

Two seasons into an original netflix show and I'm still waiting for the third season. I hope the show continues it is filled with wonderful actors and I do enjoy the storyline. I am a librarian and I can tell you that there are more than a couple of us watching this series.


It is completely ridicoulous to take off ALL 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives. I am only on season 5 and was b=very sad and annoyed to see it was not there. I am paying 7.99 a month and should use my money to the fullest, otherwise I will cancel my subscription if the show is not back.!


I am disappointed that I am a paying customer and the suits series's only goes up till the second series and there are much more yet netflix don't show this.

why is it so difficult to cancel my account going on 3 months now !

Buffering wheel.......

I have been trying for some time now to watch a Netflix series. It is constantly interrupted by the "buffering wheel." According to the news channel, Netflix is trying to make a statement about keeping the internet free. While I appreciate this gesture, I don't think Netflix should penalize its loyal, paying customers to make that statement. As of today, September 16, 2014 I am cancelling my subscription with Netflix.

Cedar Cove

It is difficult to express what a treat it was to watch something with real substance that was wholesome and delightful, and so family friendly. Keep it up.

Bring back Nick!

My one complaint is when Nickelodeon was no longer in netflix. I don't mind Cartoon Network cartoons, but unless there's loony tunes involved, I want my 90s nick shows. If you Guys can work it out, I would be willing to send you both a fruit basket.

I suggest you all contact the better business bureau. After as many horrible reviews on here they will be forced to do something about thrre disgusting n unprofessional business !!


I cut NETFLIX off, they are still taking money out of my account....the movies are sooooo old, when you have to call customer service, forget it, they are rude....

Customer Service

Im mad because they were taking money and I didn't know, so I called trying to explain what happen and the customer horrible agent was sarcastic and impolite. Im done with netflix.

It is February and there are no contribution to black history. Why not include movies like Red Tails, The Help, and The Butler. Black history is our history.

College Student Opinions of Netflix

I write to tell you as a college professor that my current college student audience (semester after semester - 126 students - think Netflix is lame as they only rely on "recommended" choices. They do not know how to reach your archives. I think this is a major problem.

BTW I am a major Netflix fan but worried...

My worries as a college professor is that you do not yet know how to reach the Millennial Generation Demographic. This is critical to your continued success, Trust me.

I AM VERY PLEASED WITH NETFLIX! Their service is excellent and their Customer Service Representatives are very knowledgeable and helpful. Their prices are reasonable and their shipping is quick. I've never had a problem with the DVD discs they send me. If they can please a cantankerous old man like me, they surely can please you!

Video on demand no longer accetable

Netflix on demand used to be a wonderful service. Recently, it is only possible to get the lowest quality, which is all but unwatchable! In my case, it's not a bandwidth issue - Amazon.com and other online channels consistently maintain the highest quality HD stream. I will be canceling my Netflix on-demand service and selling my shares - I'm sure that other subscribers are sharing my poor customer experience, and in the meantime wonder what Netflix plans to do about server speed.

Throttling down our connnections HORRIBLE Customer Service

Netflx is lying and saying that ISP's are the problem for their poor non HD 1080p level of quality. If Google Fiber provides 1000 mbps service, then why is their average connection speed (according to Netflix) at 3.x mbps. (average ISP connection 1,82mbps). I was told by a customer service supervisor I wasn't supposed to have this link they manage when. She continued to tell me the problem was at my house. I hate Liars. http://ispspeedindex.netflix.com/usa

Customer service sucks

They had an outage my first call as a long time customer I was treated like I was a moron they are rude condescending company needs to seriously take a look at their customer service polices and communications

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