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Dinner Club

I can not believe the run-around a person gets when that person can not get on to the site. After four (4) attempted emails, I still can't get on to enter points or claim a prize before December 31st. Good job Stouffers, I won't be buying your products anymore.


Coffee-mate has a non nutritional ingredient (CARRAGEENAN}. also possible cancer causing agent, will NO longer buy this product.. From what I have read, it is not needed in food.... Will let friends an family know of this possible dangerous problem..

Customer service HA HA HA Stouffers WEB site even a bigger JOKE does it ever work ? answer NO NO NO !!!!!! The cost of the food is way to EXPENSIVE for what you get. Customers stop purchasing there goods and they will get the message.

Best food

Want to visit

your advertising is sketchy

Picked up our mail today and see that Nestle doesn't mind advertising right next to Christal's "tease and please" Adult shop in the Red Plum flyer. I was a little shocked at this. I wonder about your outlook on family values. I will no longer be a patron if you choose to advertise with Red Plum, and I will share your new "values" with my friends.

Lean Cuisine

I'm going to be extremely unhappy if I lose all the points I've accumulated if you don't get the Rewards program up and running soon. (1160 plus 300 more when I can enter them) I purchased lots of Lean Cuisine instead of other brands just to get the points and if I lose them I will never purchase Lean Cuisine or any Nestle product again because I won't trust you!

Feeding the World

One of the leading food providers in the world

DISGUSTED THAT NESTLE CONTINUES TO SELL PET TREATS THAT THEY KNOW KILL PETS. I'm proud to say I'm a foodie, and you have lost business from my family for life.

VERY upset! Why did you change your Instant Breakfast? I have been buying it for years!!!!!!! Now, I have this thin can I can't get my hand into. Yes, it looks so much 'sleaker' on the shelf, but not everyone has small hands or the ability to get the '1/3 cup' from the bottom. Yes, I could shake it out, but then you have a mess, I don't care WHO you are!! There also seems to be less in the can for the same price. I live in HI, and paid 8$ for that thing!! Instant Breakfast has more vitamins and nutrients than any other mix out there, but I WILL buy something else if you continue with this 'sleak' product. I think I will end up missing you ......

your products are 100% but your soln plant manager is not ive contacted his office many many time emailed several people to let them know about something i have knowledge about 1 of hi employees sells cases of their goods to a neighborhood grocer i have called over the years but it still goes on i use to work as a cashier at the e.131 st maarket in 131 miles ave for years recently left in my own due to the sick way the owners treat the poor in the intercity she sells thee cases of frozen dinners pizza then he put in his cooler sell it 3xs it worth she syill come in the casees juice whateve nestles sell by case he order thru her how i got her name one of your employees asked did she still sell to the store i told him yes he told me her name was val lee she use to ride with this guy who use to help her bring it in his name wa odie i hear he stopped cause he didnt want to lose his job well he should in my opinin she also sell to the bars in the area and the smaller stores i cant give my name iii hnow her rather well just didnt no last name still dont no odie name i no they at the plant no boyt this i have called over a year ago talkked to several people thats how i no nothing happened hope you look into it thank you

I write to lament the end of the Nestle King Drumstick -- arguably once one of the best frozen deserts anywhere, but now a mere shell, not worth buying. So whose bright idea was it to eliminate the tasty and tactile hard chocolate swirl surprise hidden in the ice cream core? That and the chocolate coating inside the cone and the plug at the bottom is what made the Nestle Kim Drumstick special. The product had continuity. It started with the hard chocolate crown and nuts. The you worked on the ice cream. Inside the ice cream you found the flaky hard chocolate sinews. Then you nibbled around the waffle cone and finally there was still that final surprise - the chocolate plug. The Nestle King Drumstick was a happy tale in itself -- a beginning, a middle and an end. Why could you not leave well enough alone? Why mess with a winning formula?

A huge company like Nestle sitting back and watching the intense "Bottle Water War." Amazing. But as long as it is profitable "who cares". The "Who Cares" program will undoubtly not affect profits for another 5 years or 10 maybe and then you can sell off whats left and walk away. "Its the Corporate Way". The winners can employ the ex employees. OR YOu can take a proactive approach and solve the problems being brought to you be the "Tree Huggers", The "politicians" and - the er-uh-people! Packaging, Plastic,- You know the answer to that one. History is the teacher. Wasting water to make water- three gallons to make one gallon- re cycle Natural resources- Stop fighting the Water & SEWER authorities and work with them

Jay Ruelas San Antonio Auto Rama 9826 Balanced Rock Converse, TX, 78109 Dear Marketing Department: Please allow this letter to introduce you to San Antonio Auto Rama 2012 for which we are seeking your support. I am writing to see if your company would be interested in sponsoring the event. The event would be held on March 16-18, 2012 at the Freeman Expo Hall. This is a great opportunity for your company to receive exposure. As a participating sponsor you will receive: • Company name in announcements • Reference in all promotional materials • Opportunity to include branded item in gift bags • Your sponsorship noted in trophy’s introduction • Free booth space or table to showcase products or services (gold and platinum) Sponsorship Levels: 1. Sponsor-----------Gift Certificates and/or products 2. Trophy Sponsor- $1,000 3. Co- Sponsor----- $3,500 4. Title Sponsor-----$25,000 *Sponsor and Trophy Sponsor receive flyer and noted in trophy introductions recognition *Co- Sponsor receive radio, logos printed on flyers, noted in trophy introductions, free booth space *Title Sponsor receive TV promotion, Radio, newspaper, Website, VIP Ticket In return for your sponsorship (at whatever level you choose) we would display one of your banners advertising your company in a prominent area within the car show arena. In addition we will advertise your company on fliers showing your logo prior to the car event. I would like to suggest that we reach some sort of mutually beneficial agreement that might help us both out. Your involvement will make this year’s event an extra special event. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon. Should you have any questions, feel free to call me. You may reach me at (210) 422-4400. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter at a greater length. I’ll look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering this request. Sincerely, Jay Ruelas

Power Bar Triple Threat Energy bar - Chocolate Caramel Fusion flavor. Where the heck is the Caramel? The image on the wrapper shows this product bursting with Caramel. I got a napkin ready when I opened mine up just in case I couldnt handle the amount of caramel that I thought was inside. Well I was wrong, there was barely any caramel inside. What kind of tricks ae you up to, I will get to the bottom of this.

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