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Horrible Customer Service

Ordered merchandise on Sunday and paid for two day shipping. As of Thursday evening, I still do not have the package. Customer Service is horrible!!!!!!!! Very arrogant!

irate customer

I got to the check out and they only excepted discover cards! I've been at other locations that excepted checks, mastercard, visa as payment. so I had to put my daughters diapers back on the shelf! when did this start at the parma location on west ridgewood ohio !

Credit Card Fraud

I placed an order in early Dec. My card was compromised by someone who hacked into NM.. It was used illegally. This caused much inconvenience. NM notified me 6 weeks after the event. it was too late. NM will not do anything by way of discount/coupon. They offered me a free credit check! This cost them nothing! I will no longer do business with NM.

NM Credit Card Security

Trying to sign up for NM Experian credit security service as a result of the credit card breach does not work. The web site times out, when talking to customer service at Experian and NM all you get is a hard luck story. Two failures in a row.

Not professional

A worker I know at The last Call Nieman Marcus, Deer Park New York, 201 Arches circle... Called corporate several times just to get a young man fired... I believe its unfair, she did it because she was threatened that he excelled better in the Job. I believe its very unfair. I feel Like calling to speak the truth Because that was a horrible thing to do

customer and work are dirt

I'm an recent employee never was really trained my superior was let go and the list that was given by my superior is not valid. I have been hauled into hr office for doing what I was hired to do and I was scrutinized havin an orderly, fair, and clean station. I went above and beyond the call of duty for a costomer and I was wrong. Coworkers are catty and backstabing so its a losing war. Yes I do use war causeits the best way describe the feeling workinbthere with all the dirty politics.

Cold and Unfriendly

My husband and I took 180 of our top clients from Australia to Dallas on an incentive reward trip and shopped at Neiman Marcus. When we went to apply for our tax refund we were met by a young lady that had major attitude and was so unfriendly. This should not be the face of Neiman Marcus. Senior management need to pay attention to customers reviews as there are plenty of other stores to shop in.


Worse company ever!.. rude and far from customer friendly..


Worse customer service I have ever experienced. I wanted to Run out of that place Glad there was a Saks around the corner they no how to treat people.

Worst Customer Service

I can't believe I have now spent 4 hours trying to get two pieces of merchandise promised to be delivered tomorrow. Then it was changed to the 17th then the 11th. They never check with the "warehouse" to see if the merchandise is in stock. They lie about it being available and then just hose you and hopefully you will find it acceptable to get it when they can deliver it. For what you charge get with the delivery honesty NM.


I went into the Great Mall in Milptas, CA and I was not greeted, was not helped in ANYWAY. Management ignored me the entire time and the associates were too busy talking with each other. I went into the fitting room and it took the girl behind the counter 20 mins to get me into a room because she was too busy texting on her phone. I asked her to get her manager for me since she had other things to worry about. The manager then proceeded to tell me I must have been mistaken because her employees would never do anything like that. I then went to customer service to pay my bill and purchase the items I had found and the guy behind the counter proceeded to treat me like I wasn't good enough to shop there and I over heard two women behind the counter say some very hurtful things about me. I told the guy to cancel the transactions and I closed my card right in front of them and proceeded to walk out very upset. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

love this place

i love the friendly service i love how they keep me posted on new products and and sales i love my neimans contact person


Hope!! My order shows up on time and in good condition, with all these bad experience, I really hope i didnt make a bad decision by ordering from this company.

emails for Last Call

I have tried to fill out the form to say to STOP sending me all the emails. I immediately delete them. There are way too many and they come constantly like every day. I find them to be very irritating so if you could somehow delete my name from the list I would very much appreciate it. I cannot seem to stop subscribing the way they have set it up.

marketing manager

12/30/12 I came into the Neiman Marcus store in Bellevue, it was practically empty, there were only a few shoppers in there. I being one of them. The head manager greeted me and had his assistant show me around the store. She was very nice. I liked the personal attention I received from the store management. I thought that they were making an effort to return to the glamour of personalized attention that Neiman Marcus was known for, from 20 years ago.

Neiman Marcus Fed Ex Smart Post

Neiman Marcus customer service is extremely disappointing. I ordered a Christmas present to be shipped to an APO (Military address) before Thanksgiving, the shipment went out 11/25. You would think that there is no way it would take longer than a month to get to final destination. The arrival date is anticipated for 1/14/13. How is that possible? The excuse is that since it's a military post box it takes longer than the 5-7 business days. I understand it taking 10 days or even 2 weeks but longer than a month. I ordered from Saks 5th Avenue on the same day and within 6 days the parcel had arrived and was in the hands of the person I sent it to at the final destination. It's sad how customer service does not take the time to assist in helping to figure out what happened to the package and what the delay is. They find it more important to brush the customer off with some lame excuse that is not plausible because obviously this is not the first time the customer has shipped to an APO. However it IS the first time through NEIMAN MARCUS. So, let's just say NEVER AGAIN. If you plan on shopping here, I strongly urge you to go with a store that actually takes care of the people contributing to their revenue.

Customer Service would not help me with an item number for a capiz shell Globe light. I need it to place an order. As far as I know it is the only one you carry so finding the item number should not be such a problem. Is there anyone who cares to make a sale enough to check on this? Obviously not Rikki in online customer service.

As one who posted here stated the cheap sample vials used when you get a perfume sample (and getting a sample from them is a feat unto itself) not only do break but they leak as well; because of that I now have a ruined as in no-longer-useable handbag. I was on hold 20 min w/ customer care online only to be told to talk w/ store manager, called and store mgr. gone, called corporate and had to leave a message. Really---for the prices they charge this is the service one receives? This leaking issue is a known problem and they have apparently been ignoring it. I hope I can say they made it right…we will see.

I will be going up to the store and speak with the General manager to get some clarity on their policy and to have this issue rectified. The overdraft fees that I occured on behave of Neiman Marcus negligence should be reimbursed. I will see what the end result will be and re post my comment back on the web. If I do not get any satisfaction I may have to contact corporate and file a compliant.

On August 25, 2012, I went up to the neimans located in Washington, DC to exchange a pair of shoes for a bigger size. I made my intentions very clear to the sales associate. I explained to her that I am not asking for a refund, just a larger size. She looked into the computer for the size that I requested but replied we do not have your size here and that I can order them. I said fine. She then asked for the credit card that I used to make the purchase. i complied with her request. unbeknownest to me the card was swipped. Remind you that I ordered the shoes online and gave her the receipt showing that I initally paid. Why you would reswipe may card a second time? when asked she gave me some (cockamammie) excuse. To add insult to injury my account was overdrawn, this cause my morgage and a few other bill to be return, which led to me having to go to my rainy day account to cover the amount overdrawn. See next page

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