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NSTAR is a great company and keeps the outages to a minimum and restors power as quickly and efficiently as possible. People dont understand that getting the power back on isnt as easy as flipping a switch. It takes a lot of work from the men out in the field to get powered restored and although inconvienient, every company is going to have power outages.

- love it! so true it's something you coannt fathom until you're THERE. As for the photo, brilliant. Foxiest working mum i've ever seen and those kids well, i bet they hated this photo shoot, specially Amelie!

this is the worst company to deal with. i have been trying to contact a supervisor for over a year with no luck, the workers put me on hold for an hour then come back on saying that they are all busy. these people spend more time dodging their customers it would be easier to come out of hiding and deal with the problems.

Every summer I loose power. Today I worked for 12 hours and come home to no power. I came home @ 6:15 pm and no power until 8:50pm. I am tired of this outages year after year. Somebody has to be held accountable. I will not net this go unanswered.

every street in my neighborhood has electric power but ours which, get this, is all underground. No one to talk to at Monopoly giant, Nstar,........this has to be illegal!? NStar has no right to be the only electric company on cape cod, my congressman better look into this.............

I had a customer service person come to my door an hour ago because our bill was overdue due to layoffs and the service person was the rudest person to ever come to my door. I was making a payment on the phone and even the rep on the line apologized for the service person at my door because she heard her and how rude she was. The lady on the phone was appalled! I was accused of lying and I was berated for sending my 13 year old to the door while I made the payment. I have been with NStar forever and I am looking to change companies because of this. I have NEVER been treated so rudely by a company rep. EVER!

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