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Unprecedented betrayal of users

If I could give Myspace a negative star rating, I would. Just visit myspaceshame.com to see what the users think of this travesty, in their own words.

You suck!

Since you deleted my 367 pictures you will be putting them back on my page. I have to say I used to think Myspace might make it throw the years but you suck! I want my old myspace back, I want my original name back, I also want all my pics back.

I have emailed and Myspace said they would delete the account, but they have not. I was a minor when I created the account. The picture up on the account is from before I turned 18. I have asked them to take my account down due to conflicts with possible jobs. DO NOT MAKE A MYSPACE!!!!! I would give 0 stars if I could. This company is awful. No wonder they have been overtaken by Facebook and Instagram.

Pull Me Down Please

Myspace, I want my account to be deleted asap. I have clicked the link which was emailed to me and my account still has not been cancelled. For the last time please can you cancel my myspace account as I am getting really frustrated.

Myspace is a joke, they are deleting thousands of profiles of gamers on their classic site while trying to advertise their new one? Who would trust a site like that to subscribe? Why take your time to make a profile, add your interests and spend your time just to have it all deleted on a whim? My advice to anyone would be to steer clear of them completely, who needs them, some people had those profiles for over 4 years. They don't respond to calls or emails so obviously customer loyalty means nothing to them.

Myspace, I want my account to be deleted asap. I have clicked the link which was emailed to me and my account still has not been cancelled. For the last time please can you cancel my myspace account as I am getting really frustrated.

I have tried every way to contact myspace. I need someone to call me or email me. I have had two profiles hacked and there is way too much information showing on my accounts. It is professionally hurting me. I need to get someone to delete both my accounts IMMEDIATELY. Please call 509292062two It is crucial I get these accounts deleted. tnannyrbelgrave@gmail.com

Hey, que tal! aqui me tienes postdaneo (y con mucho gusto) una vez me1s. Que notable que conozcas gente por estos lares... Bueno, quize1s no viene al caso, pero solo por contar... soy alumno de disef1o en proceso de titulacif3n, y esto que tu haces -ilustracif3n/disef1o- es parte de mi te9sis (no sabes la sonrisa que se dibujf3 en mi cara cuando encontre9 este blog... jajaja), ya que tambie9n soy -medio- ilustrador, asi que, que me1s puedo decirte... un tremendo agrado que me hayas contestado! Pregunta aparte... como puedo conseguir material impreso tuyo de aqued? Abrazos desde el sur del mundo.Salfa muchacho!Mr. Wokapd.- pff que tontera... por un par de "nipples"... ellos se lo pierden

i need to get in tuch with the corporate head office the number 310-969-7400 is a bogus number this is imporent who has a working number that i can contact them?

Someone is hack my myspace account and I want too know what I can do about that now. And I thought that your company had a privacy act and that your company was supposed too protect the people's privacy and I need too know how that I can delete all of my accounts now.please call me at my cellphone 7703740109 asap.And my name is Linda Luis

It's very obvious that Myspace has little or no testing on their site. The performance, and functionality of the site is really lacking. Sad to see a company once so forward and well adapted fall to this level.

You should fire who ever came up with changing myspace , not only fire him or her but cut their hands off so they cant go some where else and destroy some other web site . If you were smart you'd change myspace back to the good way it was befor . Other wise you wont have no one to blame for your company becoming something that was good to something everyone wants to forget about , including me. If the head of that company has'nt seen the comments since the change then he cant blame anyone else when the company in no more . People liked myspace because it was their space , now ! its a space for dumb sh*t . Change it back ! 99% of your user have spoke . NOW ITS UP TO YOU TO LISTEN...........

My ex girlfriend changed my pasword word and my emails password and I can get on. Is there any way that ya can help me or cancel my account so it as not there any more and shes not able to get on. Shes putting this that aint true wont give me my information. Help pleade . I try calling the number to talk to a customer represetative but it says I reached a number unknown. Help tg hanks I have a girlfriend and dont want that myspace account to be a problem. I have a myspace that I use and is under my control and want to delete everything that is on the other myspace name is devin mckendree and is the myspace that the profile picture is me laying down sleeping with a baby. Hope ya help and not ignore the comment. Email me for anything at devinmckendree@yahoo.com

Dear myspace, I Know of a way to get you back on top again. If you care to learn more or want to listen to some of my ideas, I'm sure we can come to an understanding please feel free to contact me anytime through my email: goodbyegraceful@hotmail.com this is not a joke! With all due respect, Anthony

Hello, I had a MySpace account for 2 years. I tried to access your account. Account will not open. The messages are still to come and ask for my email, but unfortunately I can not access. Myspace www.myspace.com /zoberto Please help with this problem. robertoscattu@yahoo.com

hey myspace pain can not get hold them pain get my pass word have to go nuts find this because sech like it better befor bill acini

Myspace I have been a loyal client @myspace.com/michaeljomusic1.I have been Loyal to you all even through the myspace changes.When everyone was gripeing about the change I was supporting the new and telling all to be patient it will be OK. I have been this member since 2009. My album created by me Executive producer: Michael Jo/singer/song writer. And Multi-Platinum award winner,Producer:Mark Stephenson ,Can NOT be Accessed by myself or anyone else for that matter. I have done nothing wrong for my site @myspace.com/michaeljomusic1 to be deleted if in fact this is the case.The details of Why Site @myspace.com/michaeljomusic1 can NOT be opened and or reached, is very unclear in reason to me. I would not do anything to harm my Myspace site,and or have Not done anything wrong in regaurds to my myspace site.Please some one look into this matter.This is the work possibly of a Hacker. when I logg in it says opps could not reach this site could be unavailable bla bla bla. or it says 404-file or directory not found.Please fix this site. best regaurd Michael Jo. Reach me at michaeljomusic@gmail.com.

yea i was on myspace lastnight and out of nowhere it signed me out an erased my name and everything i had that account for years all my family and friends were on there so i think im just gonna go to facebook or something better hope u all have a great day...Oh yea ill be passing the word on of what myspace did to me

Your Phone # listed for your coprorate headquarters is of poor quality in the answering. It gives you option 2 for customer sevice then says login to ask a question. Well you can't log in so what good is it? Hello what happened to good one on one customer service? Secondly, something happened to my password and when promted to login and use the I forgot my password link after you enter your screen name you signed up with, it does not send you a password link or any information to your login email address. This as well is frustrating. Thirdly, someone has hacked into my personal name and is using my real name to someone in PA. So what good is it? If you try and call Customer Service and want help and all you get is push one of 3 options which none are of any use? Hello, wake up guys, this used to be one of the best sights ever. Look at all the negative comments people have written here. Now wonder people have jumped ship to other sights as Facebook, Twitter etc etc? would be nice to see, know if you cared to reply here? sealaunch7@aol.com

Hi, my band has been trying for months to get myspace to change our display name back to just our band name, but nothing happens, we have sent countless email!!!!! Our url is www.mtspace.com/allinaday777 please do something about this

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