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I had purchased gasoline and prepayed $10 worth of gas this past week. the pump let me over pump by $13.34. Now this woman at the SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA MURHYS is HARASSING me calling me telling me that i owe them that money that I ONLY PREPAID 10$ worth. Saying they are going to call MY PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT and NOTIFY my boss of this matter and that this is THEFT. HOW IS THIS THEFT? I CAME BACK IN AND ASKED YOU WHAT YALL WANTED ME TO DO.. HORRIBLE SERVICE AND THEY HARASS EVERYONE. STUPIDS I WILL OWN MURPHYS USA. !

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Saturday, July 28, 2012 Please deliver to CEO Steve Cosse I want to advise you of a Racial indifference CULTURE that has developed in at least one of your locations. Since the problem came from the MANAGER I would have to think this is a culture. At or about 2 30 PM I came to your service station Store 6904 located at 6914 Lakeview Haven Dr., Houston, TX 77095. I attempted to purchase $10.00 worth of gasoline and I gave the person working at the window a fifty dollar bill. ($50.00 bill) The individual working that window stated he did not have the change to give me. However I could see when his register opened a large stack of 5 dollar bills and 3 ten dollar bills. I informed the person that IO had observed the aforementioned bills in his till. He shouted a me “What are you doing looking at my money”.. I told him I have eyes so I saw the money. He then went into a tirade using the racial slur of “You People”. I calmly continued to tell him he had the money in his till and asking him to give me the change and let me get my gasoline and leave. I asked for a manager to be called and I was informed he is the manager. He told me call the number on the receipt he would give me to complain. However he did not offer to give my money back. It appeared he wanted to inconvenience me. It appears that this person you have managing your store is not only a bigot but he also appears to be one that WILL NOT TELL THE TRUTH to his customers. After about 5 minutes later he said “You will have to wait 10 minutes and I can open the safe.” Since he had my money I had to agree to wait and listen to him insult me. As people came up I got their name and number so I could use them as witnesses should this matter not be resolved at the Murphy Oil Corporate level. A few minutes later a lady came up and made a twenty five dollar purchase giving him a 20 dollar bill and a five dollar bill and he opened the till again and he then decided to give me my change and let me leave. I then asked for my receipt and again he yelled at me that he had given me the receipt. I continued to ask for my receipt and finally he looked in his hand and he found he was holding my receipt and he gave it to me. • I do not feel I should have to argue or beg to buy your product and get my change. • I don’t feel I need to be detained to buy your product. • I do not fell I have to listen to racial slurs in order to do business with your company. At a minimum this manager should have given me my money back so I could go elsewhere instead of issue his racial slurs and detain me by holding on to my money. I will see what your resolution is for this matter. If your resolution is not satisfactory I will address the problem with Wal-Mart’s corporate office in general and in particular Michael T. Duke Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Lee Scott . if they do not seek redress from Murphy oil and rectify the problem and destroy the culture of Murphy employees using racial slurs.. I will do the following. Start a petition at signon.org getting signature from other Murphy Oil or potential Murphy Oil Customers. Once I have enough signatures to make it newsworthy I will wait for a slow news day and I will then call a press conference at your office or one of your Murphy Oil locations seeking to start a boycott against Murphy Oil and possibly Wal-Mart stores. This will also serve s a platform to let the nation know what Murphy Oil is all about and how Murphy Oil and Wal-Mart responds to the racial culture that resides at that location. With high gas prices I am sure there is a lot of pent up energy just waiting to be vented against companies that charge high gas prices and treat the customers like chattel. With enough news coverage we might be able to get a formidable Boycott started and get your attention or the attention of YOUR or Wal-Mart’s stock holders. But then maybe that is what a new CEO is looking for, a confrontation , bad press and a boycott because of a racial culture existing in at least one of his stations. If that is what you are looking for you are in the right position. Yours truly, Reverend Dr. Anthony J. McBride 6711 Glenray Drive Houston, TX 77084-1067 281-463-1682 ajm1942@yahoo.com

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