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I'd really like a set of these mugs beucsae Simon Griffin promised me mine were in the post, but they never arrived, and the disappointment ruined my Xmas frankly. (If ya reading Si, I know you were probably hung-over the day you sent em but they never showed-up man. Gutted!)

When am I getting an inoiiattvn to dinner at your place? Someone has to give you a book deal!!! I love the whole concept of having fun with food and you are never too old to do this or enjoy it. Your children must be in their element. A few years ago I used to host these Sunday lunches for my extended family and I used to request them to dress up depending on the theme for lunch. We never laughed so much. Then I moved overseas to Scotland and learnt about deep fried mars bars which was no joke - they eat them there.In these doomy times we need to inject fun in every day things like simple meals. I applaud you!!!

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