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Pope in usa

I just watched Chris Mathews broadcast on the Pope talking about the Pope's message oflove and then he went into a long and hateful rant about Donald Trump. What is with that. We are here to watch the Popel and this idiot, you know, the guy that got a timgle in his leg when he saw Obama. How does he think he is. We want to see the Pope and hear his personal views on Trump. Look, this guy is a an idiot as h\that big headed little freak that is the ace advisor to the presiden. How far did you have to search for these losers. i Don't watch your station because ithink your agenda is way out of line with the Americn Public which would explain your lowest of low ratings and why your station is the brunt of so many jokes, but i Do watch morning Joe as i like Joe's seemingly honest comments. Get rid of that dork Mathews and while you are at it Sharpton, he that incides racial stress. Wake up and get rid of these two low llifes and help to improve your ratings within the educted populas.

what a joke

No wonder the Republicans make fun of MSNBC. When you go online to try and find email addresses and phone numbers, almost every number and address is simply wrong. Clean up your act!

Al Sharpton

Fire Al Sharpton for inciting a riot if you don't I will be the first to start boycotting your sponsors. I will be looking to see who they are and posting them to face book.

Al Sharpton

I will not watch MSNBC again until Al Sharpton is gone. He is Cancer.


I have always watched and believed in this network and its reporting, yet what I have been watching is one sided. One their is no tanks in Ferguson Two the media may be asked by police to be in certain areas for their safety, yet if you want them outside those areas then it is their fault if they get hurt or killed and the media has nothing to stand on for no police pretection. Three what is coming out from this police officer is not what is being pushed by these eye witnesses that said he was shot in the back, yet it shows that is not the case.The other question that man may have been on something. Four stop playing this one side view that is not proper coverage

out of sync voices

We watch and enjoy MSNBC but you really need to figure out why the sound is out of sync all the time. Been going on for weeks here in Bay City Michigan/charter cable. It is the only channel doing this. Like a bad King Kong movie. Kind of makes you dizzy at times.

Race-Baiter Extraordinaire.

How does MSNBC even consider what Al Sharpton does News? I realize his followers don't care about the truth but a reputable News agency wouldn't even consider airing that hate-filled garbage he spews. MSNBC offers nothing for the betterment its viewers, Bashir, Sharpton, Harris-Perry, Matthews and you wonder why you've lost half of your viewers? Garbage in/Garbage out! Simple

Martin Bashir

Alex Baldwin has often proven himself to be a hothead and perhaps suspension was justified but how can you abide the likes of "Putrid Mouth" Martin Bashir. If MSNBC retains his services, then it will have secured its place as a cesspool cable news network.

Are you fair and balanced?

Do you people at headquarters really think you have fair and balanced news? Your programs are a complete JOKE! I am embarrassed for You that you don't see it. Your hosts are rude and direspectful. But again that is how people act when their ratings are in the toilet. Take your programing to amateur night at the local laugh factory , you might get a laugh or two?

Gutter Language

I am disappointed that Msnbc has allowed so many past political shows to become so Uncouth. As most shows use the teleprompter, someone on Msnbc, has to know beforehand what is going to be said. Therefore, it is clear that Msnbc has no line that can't be crossed. The remarks spoken by some of your hosts have dropped down to almost gutter language in an attempt to smear their character. It is always against an individual from the other party. Apologies are becoming worthless and the damage already done. You are creating a very undesirable culture for America.

Morning Joe Producers

Nicole Wallace is not appropriate for Morning Joe. I realize it is difficult to find competent conservative commentators, but she consistently provides a poor quality analysis. Please replace her with a more professional analyst.

Alec Baldwin

You did a good thing by suspending Alec Baldwin. Now he should be fired so he knows how it feels to be shunned. Hatred is a terrible thing. When he makes the comments he makes that promotes hatred and intolerance. I thought we were all of one race - the Human Race.

Crawlers on screen

What happened to the info crawlers that used to give info. on economy, health, entertainment, current topics, politics? They were always on when I got up at 6 A.M. every day except Sunday. That is one of the reasons, I watched your channel. I might be stopping. I would watch them until I left for work.

Politics Nation

I love both Hardball and Politics Nation!! I think Rev Al made a mistake on his 4/4/13 show, when he showed states that have curtailed abortion rights for women. He showed Colorado, when I think he meant to show WY as they only have one clinic available. It is important because I live in CO and I think we take care of women.

Ed show

How can you do this to the Ed Schultz show? We look so forward to his show every night! You should know that several of us are over 50 and relate to him. Shame on you MSNBC!

Tecnically the worst TV channel

Voice and picture have not been synchronized for two weeks. Your programming earns my interest, but your tech staff is asleep and management is obviously indifferent.You are going to lose a large number of viewers including yours truly!


While I enjoy the quality and intelligence displayed by your commentators and panels, I am very annoyed with the faulty transmission that persists over the years. It appears that your technical staff is extremely negligent, allowing frozen frames and blackouts,to occur much more so than other channels. The past ten days, your audio has been out of sync without any attempts of correction, causing me and probably many others to turn to other channels.


msnbc is the most bias corperation in the use. totally unamerican and disgusting.

Wish you had not lost your integrity.

Hey you guys at Corporate--I LOVE your network, always learn a lot, emjoy the variety of colors, genders, opinions and extensive amounts of real, true; smart information that daily flows out to us! And now, finally, you have outdone yourselves: You;ve decided to REPEAT the Fri. PM schedule (well, from Hardball on)! YAY!!! Been hoping, praying even that you'd decide to do this for years. Fri PM is when America shops, dates, gets married, goes to some religious services, and goes to kids games (esp HS Football/ Basketball/Soccer.) Once in a while I even, at the tender age of 66, get a dinner and/or movie date myself! My husband is very understanding about my 'addiction' and is very willing to try to plan around the Fri. dilemna, but sometimes we just can't work it out and y'all lose. Sorry. And yes, we've got Tivo (on 1 set), but it's pretty 'pre-filled' with shows he's addicted to, so I'm SOL. But NOW, not so much...Only problem I've got is that this change snuck up on me tonight, w/o a mention during today's scheduled programs. Even my DirecTv grid still shows "jail stuff" I mean, really, how many imes do you have to air 3 yr.old docs?? And so grim... just run 'em at 3/4 AM, or something...OK? THANK YOU from your not-brain-dead audience!!! It's too important an election, way too important a country, to let the fine programs and info they provide be 'lost' to the late hours. Maybe even consider a re-run of Sharpton since Lawrence is off. I finally got a laptop year ago, and blessedly, discovered the Blogs w/ full length repeats of several of the best. Wish you'd do that for Rev. Al, Melissa and Chris' weekend shows. Wonderful, smart and intriguing on many fronts, but on VERY early, here in Midwest Time Zone. Please consider it. Bet it'd be popular! (And/or show re-runs in aft./ eves.) Well, that's about all I can think of, for now. Except Thanks! agsin! I'm a semi-invalid and therefore very dependent on the Tube and Web for 'my world'. You've made an old Irish red head very happy tonight. Don't change back, PLEASE...:D

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