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I was working there and worked 45 hours a week to get paid only 37 every week not to mention all my stolen flat rate hours

not sattisfied with services. after 3 yrs just cant deal with the service anymore.

Why? 1st. Out the wrong oil in. 2nd forgot sticker twice, had to remind them the 3rd time. 3rd forgot to out on the oil cap, 4the balancing was still shaking the steering wheel. 5th put 1 new tire didn't say I needed more than that to keep it from shaking. I pay them to take care of my car, which they failed. Have to find someone else and and start a new trust factor. I paid hard earned money for my vehicle and it will cost me more to stay here. Each time I came I had to return the same day.

After 1.5 hour's the mr tire at mall circle had only managed to change the oil. It does not take 1.5 hour's to change oil on a Toyota. If you want bad service do as I did make an appointment with Mr tire at the mall circle in Waldorf md

Robbing workers

I know 2 people who worked for them and the managers steals other employees work tickets so they don't get there full pay they are thieves to there employees and there customers


Lakewood NJ Managers steal from there employees by taking work tickets from them so they don get fully paid

Mr Tire in Chester

First of all they should hang up the phone before they start talking about the customer. The manager there does not care how he speaks to anybody. He is rude and ignorant. This is not the first time he has been nasty with us. They broke someone on our truck one time and tried to say it was already there. Bad company to deal with.

Refused Service

Store 794 Manager refused service after he was rude and hung up on customer twice. The customer went to store anyway with her mom; and it took them calling customer service and his manager to get him to back off and do as he ought. He was acting like the store was his and he lied. Making statements for which he had no witness and not realizing the customer's mother had a witness. He was told to do as he should which is make the money for Mr. Tire. Bet he will loose the business of the customer's father's car club.

Frederick Road, Rockville, Md Went for estimate. Called back with questions. Service manager Very rude

Cant fix Air Conditioners

They charged me 193.00 to evac and charge my AC system. Telling me they had to add a leak detector. It turns out that the leak detector was factory installed and there was no reason for them doing that, if they really did that. It turned out that the system did not work after they worked on it. I investigated the problem and found it not to have anything to do with the freon at all. The problem was a bad switch in the dash. I purchased it , installed it, and everything is fine. They were ok when it was Vespias. I wouldnt let Mr Tire check the air in my tires now. Sorry Mr Tire. Sorry your techs dont know what they are doing.

worse customer service service was throwen out by store manager in the hagerstown maryland location for asking a question he refused to change my cars oil


so I went to store 595 to get a gasket leak fixed I ended up paying 900 to come back and have the same issue these mofos just took my money and damaged my car and when I called their headquarters all I got was that he could offer me a 25 dollars store credit talk about being ripped off , I would never recommend them the worse place to take ur car for anything and I hope these crocks burn in hell .

I do not recommend any one to go and fix what ever problem to mr tire place they are very dishonest and lie a lot and don't know what they doing another word they are a crocks and that for the store in Rockville MD

worse liars

I had my car oil changed at Mr tire Ritchie highway glen burnie md. too much oil and the car ran funny afterwards. th ey left dirty smuch marks in the car and the brakes they put on was awful 600.00 and new mitchelin tires 800.00. nothing worked right after going to mr tire. they are ripoffs. may the wrath of god punchish them for stealing our good citizens hard earn money

dameged car

took my car to mr. tire 2101 N Howard st. Baltimore MD.to install two tires from the tire rack at the same price mr. tirewanted for one, Picked the car up and thet dameged my shifter. Ripped the boot clean off it mount. I been to this palce in baltimore before but this was the worse.The clerk told me that because he did not see what it was like when he drove it in for me to call the guy he said back it out last. Implying I might be lieing to him. How can the be so careless?

Horrible customer service

Took my car in for new tires, ect. They lowered my car with the door open and damaged the hinges, door and glass window. so far they have offered my an in store credit and took off $60 from the alignment.


I went to the York Road; Cockeysville MD store to have my oil changed and was told 3 repairs were needed totaling $641.14. My mechanic fixed my car for $23.00, 2 repairs were unnecessary, the 3rd misdiagnosed. Too much oil was put in my engine by Mr.Tire and oil slopped all over my engine which my mechanic had to clean up. I saved $618.14 by walking out the door!


Do not take you vehical to Mr.Tire!!! They are incompetent lying theives that will mess up your vehical and lie about it!! See you in court!!!!

Mr. Tire in Pickerington, Ohio, charged me for a oil filter when the coupon stated it was for free, I got charged $14.49, then he tired to make my bill about $67.00. They are not a honest company.

Today I went to store 678 in Woodbury Hgts. NJ for an oil change/filter and tire rotation. I had a Mr. Tire coupon for a 19.95 oil change/filter and rotation. At the end it was $26.16. They charged me 9.99% of my bill for shop supply fee. When I pulled into the store I observed their marquee outside stating oil change,filter and tire rotation $15.99. I did not say anything to the clerk. I wanted to see if he would recommend it to me. He never did. As stated this oil change cost me $26.16. About 3 months ago I used the same coupon and the final charge was 23.82. I asked the clerk what the difference was. He told me that it must of been a different coupon. I have gotten tires and an oil change a couple of times at Mr. Tire. I will never use them or recommend them to anyone again.

I went in to have new tires put on, wanted old tires for a derby car. they still charged me for disposal of my old tires. they also charged me 20.00 for caps for my tires. when I pulled in all 4 tires had caps, i couldnt prove it and this guy called me a liar. So to top it all off their ad said buy 4 tires and they would mount and balance them for free, but i was charged. I WILL NEVER EVER GO TO ANOTHER STORE OF THEIRS.

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