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This company called our office to sell us a franchise when I advised them we were not interested she was VERY rude and hung up on me.

Poor Serice

Repair hot water heater...8 days later, still no hot water. The technician has rescheduled several times because no parts avail ! Its pathetic!

poor work

They were here twice to repair clogged sewer line. They said pipe was broken underground and it would cost 1200 dollars to fix. They laid new lines and we still had the same issue. Found they fixed wrong line and had to replace another section. While they did not charge for additional repair, they should have fixed it right the first time. Subsequently we had the line dug up and found they used inferior/incorrect coupling and it was broken. Had to pay another company 1000 dollars to fix. Still waiting for them to return our call.

Total Ripoff!

We asked to have a sink installed, and they sent a tech who really didn't know what he was doing! Scratched our brand-new Corian countertop in the bathroom (which we had to have refinished) used the wrong caulk and didn't even put the washers back on correctly. And, to top it off, they would give us nothing back on the exhoribantly high cost of the install. If you want to save money - and your nerves - call someone else!


New hot water heater...10 days later, still no hot water. The technician has been out 5 times! Its pathetic!

under the table

called mr. rooter for a sewer back up problem....the guy showed up, worked 2-3 hours, left a mess, cut an un-necessary hole in a pipe (buring the carpet below) did more damage than good, then asked to be paid "under the table"...now I'm trying to find somebody reptutable


These are the worst scam going today, this company sells junk and charges double the price to install. The person doing the install is supposed to be a trades person but is not. They look to me like this is the first hot water tank he has ever seen. When the job is finished the soldier joints leak, other appliance are damage almost beyond repair. They leak water all over the carpet removing the old tank, damage the wall of the home bringing in the new tank,,it just keeps getting worse. I would NEVER use this company again for anything,,never

Evil people

They quoted $3200 to put in new pipe to fix a clogged shower, claiming the snake wouldn't work. Later I called a plumber recommended by a friend...$98 and 15 minutes cleared the problem. These people should be investigated.

This company is a fraud! I am a widow and they tried to take advantage of my lack of knowledge. Estimated $5,000 for repairs not needed that another plumber fixed for $550. Tried to make me pay half on the spot. They then tried to harass me by calling State Plumbing Investigator and accusing me of using an unlicensed plumber. They are nothing but liars and cheats who work off of commission. BEWARE!!


I had a main water line replaced by Mr. Rooter in late November. They had to dig a trench in the front yard and remove a portion of the sidewalk. No problem, just make sure you put it back. I was told the ground had to settle-fine, the ground is settled. We had a wet spring, which put them behind. For the past several weeks I have been calling them to come out and finish the job. Each time I get a different answer (We'll be there Thursday, We'll be there Monday, We'll have a crew out there this week, We're short on crew, We'll call you tomorrow, on and on and on. They make up lies to try to keep from having to do work that was already paid for. Do not deal with this company.

Rip Off

They are predators taking advantage of people. Cost of repairs are four times more than most places would charge. I was told of problems to my sewer line near my home which was a lie!! I paid the first repair but am done with these vultures !!

Your warranties are useless

Despite the fact that my receipts for work done by your company have the words "life time guarantee" on them, Mr Rooter of the CSRA (Augusta, Ga.) is unwilling to stand behind thier own work, and will no longer answer any e-mails I send to them regarding resolving this issue. I have contacted the BBBin my area and filed a complaint, and will us social media to inform anyone and everyone to avoid your company unless they want to waste it.


Schaumburg Mr.Rooter is a rip off,unlicensed plumbers trying to sell you work you don't need,very scummy.

Okay I'm connivced. Let's put it to action.

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The Mr. Rooter in the Waterford, NY area is crooked. They lie and they lie and they lie. We know first hand. Beware!


This company has a code for each job. If the "estimator" codes your job wrong...forget any type of adjustment. The guy that came out to do the estimate had no tools or anything to measure with...he took my word that a sewer pipe needed to have more of a slope. He coded the job and described it as "cut existing pipe at to two ends to allow for repair". Well, it turned out that they could get enough slack in the pipe from adjusting an elbow. When I asked for credit because the job was not as extensive as proposed, they said, "we fixed your problem didn't we?" They blew the job out of proportion and it didn't take all that to get it fixed.

They are a rip-off. They install poor equipment, which becomes a money pit because of constant maintenance. They don't know what they are doing.

Mr Rooter CANNOT install septic tanks/fields properly. Don't EVER call them for any kind of service at all. After having a new septic tank and fields installed, i had to have it redone over again by someone else after only 3 years. I paid Rooter around $11,000. When i started having problems, the supervisor avoided taking my calls....I had to pay around $8,000 to have the new fields put in and have the tank turned to a different angle. What a horrible experience!

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