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Terrible customer service

I own several Movado watches. A little less than a year ago I purchased the new Bold. The gold has come off one side of the bracelet. I contacted the repair ceneter and sent it to them at my expense with a prepaid return and they want me to pay for the bracelet to be repair. This has not happened on any of the other ones I have so I know it's not me. I also see where many people have complained about the same issue. I will never purchase another one if this is not resolved at their expense.

profound disappointment

After owning multiple Movado watches, I purchased an ESQ for my girlfriend. The crystal cracked within 3 months. I took it to bloomingdale's for repair. They sent it to the Movado factory for repair. I received it back 8 weeks later, at the cost of $180. The crystal has absolutely no protection on this watch and there is a design flaw. Within one week of having it back, the crystal cracked again. I called the Movado customer service center and the representative treated my like an idiot and offered no hope that Movado would stand behind their product and replace the crystal. Movado has lost my business for life....

Stay away from Movado

worst customer service, after $3000 in to watches the movements went bad on both of them, what a joke !, I will never buy another Movado or anything else that they make, ever..

don't buy movado

I have over $2000 in a 2009 white gold and diamond movado. It quit working in 2011. Thinking it was needing a battery I was told I had to send it in for an estimate. I wound up paying $350 for battery, new crystal, resealing' whatever. 14 months later it wasn't running. I wish I would have read these reviews before such a stupid purchase. I guess l own a very expensive mistake.

Worst warranty service ever

So far, their authorized warranty service has had my watch since December - no word whether the repair will be covered, no estimate, no nothing (other than making me feel inferior and unworthy of good service from the time I walked in the door). Movado WAS a good name, what happened?

I received a Movado watch for Christmas. I love it and it is a beautiful watch. However, it is EXTREMELY disappointing to find out that because the watch was ordered online directly from Movado, I now have to visit an unauthorized third party and pay out of pocket to simply have a few links removed from the strap so that my watch will fit. This is a basic service that any other retailer would provide. This lack of local customer service (in New York City of all places!) is really unfortunate.

Do NOT buy a Movado

My watch lasted 3 months before the band broke and it wasn't even worn daily. I took it to a authorized repair shop and they contacted Movado. Movado agreed to replace the band under warranty. That was 7 months ago. Every time I contact Movado they tell me they are waiting for the replacement bands to be manufactured and they move back the estimated date that this will be accomplished. I agree that they make beautiful watches, but that is the only good thing you could say about this company and their products. They are not reliable and don't stand behind their product.

superior price for a paperweight

Purchased a Movado. It is just outside of the warranty period and it no longer keeps time. Sent it in. They said the battery needed to be replaced and thus would also have to pay for the watch to be 'resealed'. Three months later when it was returned to me- it cost about $300. It STILL does not keep accurate time. Sent it in again and was told that the movement needs to be repaired and would also have to pay for the watch to be resealed again. Asked why this wasn't caught the first time and was told that they "thought it was just a bad battery." So now I have to decide if I want to pay ANOTHER $300 to get it fixed properly or if I want a very expensive paperweight. For what I paid for this watch- it certainly was not worth it when the repairs and customer service are so poor. If you are going to invest in a nice watch, unfortunately Movado is NOT the way to go.

Purchased Movado watch about eight years ago. Five years later replaced the entire inner watch mechanism at Tourneau Corner four years ago after the watch stopped working. It has stopped working again. Movado is a piece of manure and I suggest no one buy their sullied, once great brand again.

i bought a watch from a local jeweler then immidiatly shipped out with the army. i got to wear it once. it was sitting in my droor untouched for over ten months. when i went to set the time on the second use the knob just pulled right out. my timex, citizen, bulova, and even casio watches never had a problem. even through countles field excercises. my movado cost more than all of them and has caused me the most disappointment. from the looks of this site and the reviews movado should do some serious reconfiguring of their company values.... can you say THIEFS? it wouldnt be so bad if their customer service hotline would give me someone to talk to instead of machine.....

ocst of new Mavado watch $300 estimate to replace broken band (supposedly a permanent link) $352....I know math was never my best subject in school..but this is nuts!!!! and yes while love the watch not getting fixed and obviously Movado is run by a bunch of crooks!!!

I purchased a necklace and bracelet set from movado about 9years ago from their "BOUTIQUE". I lost the brcelet Saturday (09/08/12). It's sad to say but movado doesn't have a record of my purchase to include with my claim to my insurance company, nor do they have a picture of the unique jewelry they've made to prove that I even bought it from them. THEY HAVE NO RECORDS AT ALL (so "Boutique" purchasers beware)!!! On top of all of this foolishness, I really liked my piece and CANNOT have it re-made. Why you ask??? BECAUSE MOVADO NO LONGER MAKES JEWELRY!!! (in my Charlie Brown voice) AAAAAAARRRGGGGGGHH!!!!! I know I can send my pics to the insurance company to prove ownership but where do I go to prove "VALUE"? The polite yet baffled lady who answered my call, last Monday, to movado corperate office couldn't help me......any takers? OOPS, bad question. After reading these testimonials I THINK WE'VE ALL BEEN TAKEN. :(

My watch has been in repair since April 19, 2012. I received an email from Movado on June 7, 2012 stating that a certain part is still out of stock. Enough is enough! this is poor customer service. I own three Movado watches and I will not buy another one! This company will not stay in business with service like this.

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Please, where is my watch? i sent it for repair, not even 1 year old and still under warranty i know you recieved it on August 13, 2012. Please could someone tell me if it has been repaired. This should not happen. Please cotact me by e-mail @ mjkach123@aol.com this is my 3rd Mavado watch i have owned. I love your product and especially this watch. Waiting patiently!

I would give ZERO stars if I could. This review is based solely on the "less than stellar" (quote from Movado!) service I received after the watch my husband ordered from Movado's website for my birthday arrived in non-working condition. Giving Movado the benefit of the doubt, I thought perhaps the watch wasn't ticking due to operator error so I called their customer service to troubleshoot. The rep immediately said I would have to mail the watch back, which was frustrating in itself. At this point, I expected a simple apology for the incovenience....silly me!! Of course because this was a gift, I did not have the order number readily available and the rep was having difficulties locating the order by name. She repeatedly told me that my husband would have to call so he could get the return authorization number. After several requests, she finally found the order an provided me with the number...still never apologizing. I aske if Movado has quality control that checks the watches prior to shipment. She said "yes, I don't know why they would send one that doesn't work." I sent an email to Movado to explain the situation and advise them that my decision to return (rather than exchange) the watch was based solely on my experience with that rep. After nearly a week, I received a long email that essentially says that if the service I received was dissatisfactory, it is because I was unable to provide the rep with the order number! Somehow I doubt that most people have the invoice number for a watch that was given as a gift, so how do other customers handle a situation like mine? How do they sell such expensive watches and do not even have a system that is technologically current enough to cross reference a provided name to the associated order number? Really long story short....I wanted to share the bad experience I had with Movado's customer service with as many people as possible. The premium prices of these watches do not include premium service.

I purchased my Movado watch less than 5 year ago and it has been in the shop 3 times. Now the pins are falling out on the watch band and "they" say it is do to excess wear and tear. I work in an office and do very little physical labor and when I do I remove the watch. I asked to talk to "they" and was told "they" work on watches and do not talk to the public. Now I have a watch with a broken band and is of little use to me. But, for a cost of $830.00 I can get a new band. HOG WASH. I am going to dispay my broken watch band in my office so all my clients can view how abused the band looks.

I bought a $2,500 Movado watch last October and it stopped working in April. I sent it to the Moonachie, NJ service facility. They had it over 2 months, and yesterday I received it back in the mail and it STILL doesn't work!!! Aside from the fact that I had to pay for the shipping and lost the use of the watch for over two months, an almost new watch STILL doesn't work. I called the service center twice over the last two days, got voice mail and no return call. Very, very frustrating. I have a $300 Citizen watch that is over 10 years old, and all I have ever done is replace the strap and the battery. Just terrible quality craftsmanship and even worse customer service!

Yes, all of the above reviews are true. After paying $895 for a Movado in 2006, the "authorized retailer" tells me now in 2012 that Movado said the movement in my watch was "bad" and they want $250+ to repair that and change the battery...all of which they will only guarantee for a year. Why would anyone pay ~30% of the cost of the watch for a repair? Why would a watch that cost about $1G with tax need to be repaired after only six years of occasional wear? Why would I pay $250 for a mere year guarantee? I have Swatch watches from high school in the 1980s that still work. NEVER AGAIN. I'll go buy a Timex from Kmart. BAD SERVICE. Shame on you.

The customer service of movado group is terrible for a luxury watch brand. If you can't even service your customers right, how do you plan to stay in business? The Woodbury common location for movado watch store has the most RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL staff. They treat customers like they are buying a $50 watch, when my watch was $6000. I will never purchase another movado watch again, only because this company does NOT know a thing about customer treatment, and the staff and service is beyond TERRIBLE!!!!!

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