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Very Sad SAD

I bought a MOTO G phone and have been having big problems I have asked repeatedly over and over for a REFUND and the phone is 2 months old. needs reboot and wont down load also this is a rude person in the relations dept. so I went to my AG office to file a complaint so no Refund they have the phone and I have nothing wont buy a Motorola phone again

You're all mistaken

You're reviewing the wrong Motorola. The phones are made by Lenovo now with Google patents. The cordless stuff is consumer products that are throw away not repairable. Professional two way radios are Motorola Solutions

South african Contacts

Your web site in south Africa has telephone numbers that are not contactable. I have a cordless phone I need servicing in Cape town. How do I find your service agent in cape town south Africa. Your web site needs serious attention

Motorola XPRT

I bought a Motorola XPRT and for the first two months it worked great. Then the phone startedd to heat up when it was in use. I called and told customer service that i wanted the phone replaced as it was still under warranty and they told me they couldnt do that unless they could not repair it. I have used almost all motorola products for 14 years. I was a fire fighter and all of my radios were motorolas along with all 3 of my fire pagers. I guess it doesnt matter how loyal of a customer you are they dont care about you. I highly reccomend NOT EVER buying a motorola product. If one of there products is offered to you for free still DO NOT take it! They are all junk at motorola and so are the products!

STAY AWAY FROM ANY MOTOROLA PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a phone from them 2 years ago and ended up throwing it out it was such a piece of garbage and ended up buyig an Iphone. When my contract with verizon was up for renewal recently, I decided to give them another changes because I loved the Swipe feature and I purchased the New Droid Razr. After 3 weeks the phone completely stopped working, wouldn't turn on or charge....just dead! I informed Motorola that I wanted a new phone replacement since I was still within the warrenty. Come to find out that the warrenty period began when I ordered the phone from Verizon. On July 23rd I sent the phone back to motorola for repair as this was my only option. After 2 full weeks (they claim 5-7 business day turn around)I finally get a phone back. However, this time the phone heats up to 109 degrees when charging,freezes and is again non functioning. I call them the same day I received the phone back (august 6th), and they instructed me to send it back. I informed them I had no intention of paying for shipping as I had just spend $400.00 on the phone 3 weeks ago and paid the shipping to return the phone the first time. After arguing, they finally sent me a label. I sent the phone on August 6th using the FedEx shipping label they emailed me. August 7th I get a Fedex confirmation that the phone had been received by motorola. Two days later on August 9th, I get an email saying they never received the phone. WHAT? What the hell is going on. I called them yet AGAIN on August 10th SCREAMING, and spoke with a useless Customer service rep who hung up on me when I asked for his supervisor. I called AGAIN and spoke with a Warrenty person who's only excuse was "it can take up to 48 hours for the phone to be logged in after received in the warehouse" I explained to her that the phone was received IN YOUR WAREHOUSE ON AUGUST 7TH could provide me with no information except to say, we are researching this! It is now August 10th and I have been without a ph

The ATRIX, simply the best gadget on the planet. Keeps me connected, play my games but best of all it has taught me how to use IT. It's teaching me! Lol. This smartphone makes apple look positively outdated. It will put Tablets, Lap /Desktops firmly in their place. Awesome awesome awesome. Iam the cool guy in any room or company.lol Thank you Moto Frank O'Neill Scotland. "Motorola" he da main man.

I purchased a Motonav TN765 18 months ago, paying top dollar $350+ only to find Motorola does not stand behind their product. Even though this model is still be sold by 3rd party vendors Motorola is no longer selling this model thus does not feel the need to support their past customers with the power cord needed to use this product. You have not only lost a customer for life, but you can be assured that I will be getting the word out, DO NOT BUY MOTOROLA THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY LOYALTY TO THEIR CUSTOMER ONCE THEY SOLD YOU THE PRODUCT. BUYER BEWARE!

Bought an Electrify from US Cellular... Had it 1 day, it fell of arm of couch and the screen shattered. Gorilla Glass is CRAP!!! I watched all the videos from youtube, Owens Corning and they beat the crap out of the glass and it survives. Never anothe Motorola product again if warranty doesnt cover this "super tough glass". Its a joke.

My mom gave me a motonav (gps) for a gift. It worked for 4 months and stopped working. After reseting it; no luck. I called the motorola 3 times and I was promised someone would get back with me to try to help me solve the problem. no one called me. I called a 4th day and was told the same thing. I have an expensive GPS and can't get any help with how to get it working.

motorola, i am giving you the opportunity to contact me before i get a team owner to invest in my product, it is related to your products being used in all lines of any sports venue all over the world. please have your product development team get ahold of me, i will not release product info without nondisclosure signed by motorola official represenative. I am looking for 100k, i need one of your headsets for pattern and design, the style the nfl coaches wear, and nascar, or nhra drag races, if they are the same great if not i need vaious headsets for patterns of my product, i can return them when done, but i will use to promote my product, please call me 509-465-4005 chuck williams, you dont want to pass this up, it will profit in the billions of dollars, this is a 50 cent item and would sell for20 bucks, and we can sell to hundreds of millions of people ,teams, etc,call me for info.

Raderman: you always have to Google for the company headquarters, executive offices, CEO's name and phone contacts for the companies you want to complain/want resolution with. I.e., Google "motorola executive offices". Sometimes, get the CEO's name, then Google for their specific phone number... i.e., "John Smith Motorola phone email address". Sometimes this private corporate info will pop-up in industry meeting webpages, events, etc. Then... dial away. Remember to make sure when you call executive offices, to schmooze them with a pleasant demeanor and intelligent questions/requests for resoultion and be specific on how what you want... i.e., "my phone battery is defective and caused a hazardous electrical condition. I request that you replace it with a new one." If they ask you to back your requuest with a letter, do so. Send it Certified Mail and back it up with a fax for seriousness. Then call them back and ask if they received your written complaint. When they deal with people who deal with them in that manner, they yield excellent results. My home is full of brand new replacement products sent via UPS and Fedex because I've mastered and developed my "customer service" approach and researched these execs till I find them to listen to me. Good luck and get what you deserve.

I have purchased 3 high end Motorola bluetooth headsets. During the past 3 years as a Motorola consumer, I have had the ear-band that goes up over the ear replace 3 times and the actual earpiece replaced 3 times. The latest broke within 3 weeks. When I called to ask them what to do, I was told "you have received the maximum amount of replacements, we will give you a one time exemption but you are not welcome to call again and do not expect further concessions on our part". I"m posting here to let you know that Motorola, like so many megladon giant companies employs people who bare speak english to act as gatekeepers to keep us from decision makers who need to know when products are faulty or break entirely. Motorola does not care about its consumers and clearly--as I have been told, will only stand behind their product in a limited fashion and doesn't care that they are putting garbage out onto the market. Infuriating is a word that comes to mind. Anyone know how to get to a real executive who could help or should know that the products are breaking prematurely under normal use? Someone who could take my case and situation seriously? Head of product development, marketing officer, etc? Any direct e-mails or numbers would be great. Thanks

Well I have mixed feelings regarding my MotoNav 765nt GPS unit. Its a great unit and I love the extra wide screen BUT they haven't updated any maps since 2009...its now 2011 When I called MotoNav support all they could tell me is that the company that provides them maps doesn't think its necessary to update year or biyearly. WTF...every other GPS unit Ive had update maps at least every 6 months. Im very disappointed about this and disappointed that I couldn't find any help with support on getting updated maps.


i have the flip side i bought 8 months ago n replaced it 3 times i now need a fourth replacement they will only repair the phone which will take 7-9 days they refused to tranfer me to the top of there headquarter who wants a replacement every two months n they said after warrenty was expired i would have to make n insurence claim WTF i spent 350 on it n it sucks why would i spend another 100 I have now since BOY-COTTED MOTOROLA N ANDRIOD MY free phone works better

I worked for Motorola from 1991 to 1996.. can you please provide me with the benefits and retirement office number in the USA? I can be reached at cyrilmuyonga@yahoo.com

The DEFY is JUNK... Had it for 1 month... it fell from my husbands lap and the screen SHATTERED... Not with ANY other phone i would be okay BUT not the rugged outdoor GORILLA glass defy... Called Motorola who tells me the glass is NOT covered in the warranty... well my thoughts are... a phone with GORILLA glass should have a totally diff glass warrenty then ANY other phone they sell since the selling point is the GORILLA glass!!!! Dumb @$$ people!

your new phone i1 is very poorly made with all the technology out there how do u bring this junk to the market. u guys need to get your sht together and fire all your tech guys

what is Motorola weekly sales of cell phones?

My droid x has malfunction since I bought it. Verizon sucks for selling any phone that cost so much and and works so poorly on a 3 g net work that hardly ever works right. Motorola quit down loading into my phone( lord knows what ) anytime you want. Its my phone and i want -no- I DEMAND to approve all up dates. Just who the hell do you people think you are. This big brother shit has to stop. Better look around, a revolutions brewing, carefull you don't get caught up in it. The list is growing and I don't think motorola wants to be on it. Its your choice straighten up or pay up!

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