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That insight's just what I've been looknig for. Thanks!

DbPP.This may be one of those, you had to be there presentations. Hope there were cnowls. There are certainly some excellent points here, worth 3 or 4 different presentations. With long coffee breaks between.

In 2003, a judgement (Court File #DV-53-2003-31) was filed at my then husband Robert L. Steele and myself. In 2006, Robert and I divorced after 36 yrs. together. I am a polio survivor and am doing my best to live on my own. I am desperately asking for your help and have faxed my request to two different Morgan Stanley offices and have heard nothing back. After our divorcein 2006, Robert and I filed bankruptcy. We were released of the obligation in 2006, but Morgan Stanley DID NOT RELEASE THE LIEN ON THE PROPERTY. I'm trying to lower my mortgage interest rate and unable to do that until Morgan Stanley signs a paper releasing the judgement on me (CAP Capehart Housing 31-N 40E.32 -- Unit 203-B Ash, St. Marie Condo, St. Marie, MT 59231). Would you please, in writing, release me from the judgement which would then qualify me for a lower interest rate lessening my monthly mortgage. Although difficult for me, I am working two jobs to maintain a decent lifestyle. Please fax your release to me at (406) 228-2149 or you can E-mail me with an attachment to ksteele@mt.gov. This would be greatly appreciated asap. Thanks so much for your consideration. I apologize for the bankruptcy. It wasn't my idea to divorce Robert -- he found another woman.

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