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Rating Microsoft Office for the Mac 2008 contains Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Entourage and is a must have prorgam. I was using Claris Works (how old is that) on my PowerBook, but I'm getting ready to think about upgrading to a MacBook and Claris Works won't work on the newer machines.Word is very intuitive and easy to use. I've written several letters in Word and have found it to be fast, though not as fast as that old (and I guess bare bones) software I'd been using. I do use Office for Windows on a Dell, so I really didn't have any problems at all with the Mac Version. The interface for the two prorgams is a bit different and I like the Mac version better, probably because I'm a Mac person at heart.The Windows version of Office arranges the functions with tabs, however the Mac version puts the functions in drop down windows, but the templates and Smart Art Graphics are the same for both versions and that's convenient and I really like the My Day widget for Entourage that floats on top of the desktop. Having all my to do lists right there, that's convenient too. I really feel like I've taken a step into the new Millennium with this prorgam.

I was sexually harassed in Effingham, Il at The Money Place by manager named Jerry. He not only told me his marriage and problems with wife in bedroom, but put my money in his pocket until he got done talking to me. He had my number in his records and said he would be texting me, which he did. My mother was there and sitting at the table and witnessed all of this. There is more information than I would like to put in this or prefer to talk about and relive it. I have done business with your company on 3-4 occasions, once in Mattoon with a female, but each time in Effingham was treated this way, worse being the last visit. I am a good customer and always paid off early. I would like to get another loan but cannot tolerate this kind of treatment, and I know this has to have happened to other women. I have been advised to contact an attorney. This was very degrading, and I actually broke down into tears once he gave me the money he had hanging out of his front pocket. I am and educated woman with long-term full time employment, and did not deserve this treatment; no other women do either no matter what their status. Thank you for you time. Sincerely, DeAnn Cole (217) 774-9601/273-6217

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